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Neocons Red-Faced Over Obama ‘Red Line’ in Syria


Neocons Red-Faced Over Obama ‘Red Line’ in Syria

Robert Parry

Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic has penned an opus on President Barack Obama’s foreign policy which starts with a long segment dissecting Obama’s supposed failure to enforce his “red line” against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad using sarin gas to kill hundreds of civilians outside Damascus on Aug. 21, 2013.


I thought Cheney said it was his red line and he supportS his favorite DNC warmonger HILLARY.


Perhaps the so-called Intelligence Agencies should receive a name update: call them what they are, Specialists in Speculation (Agencies).

From the article:

"The fact that Kerry had to rely on a new confection, called a “government assessment” prepared by political operatives rather than the traditional “intelligence assessment” expressing the consensus judgment of the 16 intelligence agencies, was a further tip-off that the U.S. intelligence community was not onboard. After Kerry’s speech, I reported on the startling lack of evidence in the “dodgy dossier.”

There’s a pattern here.

When the scientific community comes out with massive evidence indicative of human/industrial caused climate change/global warming, a select group of scientists seeks to contest the Truth.

And recently, when European scientists came out vehemently against the purported safety claims of Monsanto’s Frankenfoods, Monsanto financed its own battery of scientists to supposedly come up with a different “scientific” conclusion.

Not only have the elites purchased significant sectors of academe (to induce professors and scientists to do their bidding or come up with research results that comport with their donors’ interests), in many nations this ilk owns the mass media; and in the U.S. similar funders finance think tanks that direct too many of the so-called News Narratives along with other information the public is made to take for the real thing.

A climate of disinformation, lies told often, propaganda, and outright deception allows for no good outcomes in foreign policy or anything else.


Naïve conclusion there, Mr. Parry:

“After all, admitting that another neocon “group think” was dangerously misguided – after the Iraq War WMD fiasco – might finally topple some of these self-important pundits from their endowed think-tank chairs. Americans might finally recognize that these pompous know-it-alls are really just vacuous know-nothings.”

These individuals are America’s homegrown “Curved Balls.” Their job is to carry water for the weapons’ salesmen, weapons’ producers, and M.I.C. Their concern isn’t what’s true; it’s whether or not they can be “successful in selling war as product.”

A more diabolical, Machiavellian proposition would be impossible to conceive of.


Four and a half decades later, Mister Silver Star/Herr Hairy Kerry, is still at it!


Back in the '80s, there was an infestation of fruit flies or some such pest in Southern California. The ag interests insisted that only a region-wide spraying of a pesticide called malathion would cure the problem. This was approved for the area including greater LA. We were treated to a parade of “scientists” in white lab coats assuring us that this was completely harmless to humans, but…on the scheduled spray day, keep your kids indoors and, uh, cover your cars if they’re parked outside cuz the paint might be damaged. But it’s safe, believe us, it’s safe! There was actually a civil war for a few hours as the city of Glendale sent up police helicopters to intercept the state copters which would do the spraying. Of course this only lasted a few hours; Glendale backed down and the spraying proceeded.