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Neoconservative Comeback? They Never Left

Neoconservative Comeback? They Never Left

Mike Lofgren

Just as with entomology or botany, foreign policy analysis is largely an exercise in taxonomy: is some politician a realist or an idealist, a liberal internationalist or a national-interest proponent, an interventionist or an isolationist? Although thinking in categorical terms is a convenient way of sorting out and appearing to make sense of the turbulence of the real world, it can lead to seeing artificial distinctions where none exist.

NeoConservatism, in short, is just another Con-Job on the American People, an ideological bent, created, nutured, and presently thriving within the parties of the Duopoly.

These parties use your allegiance to their named parties to pay for the agendas they believe benefits them and their benefactors in business, industry, and most regretfully, the military, while robbing you, your children, and future generations of a country where Peaceful Coexistence with all nations is drowned out by the Hatred and Aggression that keeps us constantly on a war footing.


My only beef with these stories about the neoCONS is that they (the CONS) are neither new nor conservative. The technical term from Poly Sci is “reactionary,” but somehow that bland word is insufficient to describe what is happening.


“There are, of course, some reasons to think that Trump is not a neocon.”

I find it humorous that anyone would take trump’s intellectual capacity serious enough to try to fit him into any coherent economic theory. trump simply goes with whatever catches his fancy at the moment, and then moves on to the next shiny object…all the while doing everything he can to stay at the center of attention. Neocon, indeed.


Wilkerson is one of many actors playing good cop/bad cop roles to distract us from the neocons’ draining the US Treasury at an unprecedented rate.

With Trump as distractor in chief the GOP is more unified than ever in transferring wealth from the 99% to the 1%. Not to mention the Vichy Democrats aiding and abetting the GOP.


Exactly, the videos I’ve seen of Wilkerson, he seems to cheerlead his time under Bush.

“the blame properly rests with the guy in charge, and with the voting public that pulled the lever for him”

You can’t blame the public too much when their only alternative was Hillary Clinton, and even she won the popular vote. Look somewhere other than at the manipulated and dis empowered voting public to find the culprits for the political shit-hole we find ourselves in.

Roughly 19% of the American people actually voted for Trump.