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Neoliberalism Is Dead—But the Neoliberal Elite Didn’t Get the Memo

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/03/neoliberalism-dead-neoliberal-elite-didnt-get-memo


I found this wonderful article down in the cellar of the site. In fact, it was only visible after having chosen and clicked on a different article, where it became visible as one of a few stories underneath that article. Yet, on the main page, they are still placing older stories ‘above the fold’.

Please, make it easier on us to find the new articles by placing them on the front page!


Atcheson sez:
“Democrats are gearing up for an instant replay, complete with the inevitable surprised forehead slaps and embarrassed pundits asking, on November 4, 2020 ‘How could this have happened, again?’”

But we know exactly how it happened: Russia, Russia, Russia!


I had hopes earlier in the year but as time goes on the plutocratic leadership dig their heals in further and further. I am convinced they’d prefer Trump in the White House over a progressive or even a wannabe progressive like Warren.


In the 5th paragraph from the bottom, shouldn’t it be that low voter turnout will result in a Republican victory?


Democrat “leadership” doesn’t care whether they win or lose. They just want the gravy train to keep rolling. They’re like the Washington Generals, who—after enduring another humiliating “defeat” at the hands of the Harlem Globetrotters—pick up their paychecks and go out with them for drinks.

But that’s just a harmless entertainment, while this is about real profound suffering, and eventually omnicide.


There is still a good chance that Biden will implode. I’m concerned about Buttigieg. He is so like Obama it is almost unreal and his meteoric rise is anything but accidental. His instant rise in popularity is most certainly a money backed strategy. Here is a link to a Truthout article:


Are we too stupid to govern ourselves direct democratically as is now possible with technology and Blockchain secured voting via smart phone?

The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations ,


If voter turnout was over 90%, would we get the likes of Biden or Trump?


Probably not—especially if we had open primaries.


Mr. Atcheson repeatedly makes clear that he doesn’t understand the role of the d-party.

Their primary mission: Remain the only (fake) alternative to the r-party and cash in along the way. And frankly, until Mr Atcheson catches on and stops sheepdogging liberals into a big tent where big donors get the big attention, he’s a big dope. This is the last time I read his defense-of-the-status-quo nonsense.


" If voter turnout was over 90%, would we get the likes of Biden or Trump?"

That’s a very big IF NB. We would get higher turnout now IF we actually had people worth voting for, but the two party charade calls the tune - who would under DD? Many candidates? Only the richest? Most powerful or ambitious? What about the corrupt media not informing/educating? - the entire system must change, not just direct voting.

I am very skeptical of the “wisdom of the crowd” NB - I doubt they would be all that smart, and likely NOT, given what “the crowd” does and focuses-on now on many other behaviors, subjects. Crowds are likely to be idiots.- it all depends on how educated and informed the crowd is. A dedicated much smaller group of educated and already smart people would likely function far better.


As in the past, the DNC would rather lose the presidential election than see Bernie Sanders win. Why? Because under the status quo, the’d maintain their power and position. If Bernie wins, they’ll be out.


So what do you think Hillary was? Still much better choice than Trump any day of the week.

He, like Obama, has deep ties to the intelligence community.

"NeoLiberalism or NeoConcervatism, it doesn’t matter, as 95 to 97% will vote for one or the other in the next election."

And the next election after that…

And after that…

“At a time when neoliberalism is all but dead, Democrats and the mainstream media are pushing Joe Biden, a neoliberal with a track record of supporting corporations and financial interests above the people’s interests;”

The reason the Chuck Todds and Rachel Maddows of the mainstream media push the neoliberal dem is because they wouldn’t have a job if they favored Bernie, Tulsi, Gravel or any other real progressive. The media is owned by large corporations, controlled by rich individuals. They don’t like taxes, regulation, single payer, unions, REAL green initiatives or… did I mention taxes?

The Todds and Maddows have interests as well - their careers. With major media success comes wealth and fame. They, like Trump or any other navel gazer, have no allegiance other than themselves. If corporations somehow suffered collective brain trauma and became progressives, Maddow and Todd would be singing the praises of Sanders and Stein. Doesn’t matter to them - whatever you need, Boss. As long as the vast minority control the message, real change benefiting the majority will be difficult. Powell knew.

The talking heads on every single major network are busy setting us up for the next election with the ‘equal evil’ narrative. They portray themselves as neutral fence straddlers, assigning the word ‘extreme’ to both Trump and progressives. “We need to come together in the middle,” they’ll say. We know the extremes of Trump, wealth and big business, but what are the sins of progressives that’s turning everyone off? Cheaper health care for everyone and no more bankruptcies or claim denials? Ending the ME fiasco, cutting defense spending and pulling back on empire? Breaking up big banks and legitimately regulating Wall Street? Taxing obscene wealth? Taking climate change seriously?

The truth is, most don’t hear that comparison. Just label both sides extreme and move onto Joe Biden for president! The only place I’ve ever seen the list of progressive ideas is on Fox News. And those idiots didn’t even realize their viewers were in favor of just about every issue.

So the next time you see Neera Tanden, Tom Daschle, Howard Dean or any other pseudo liberal blabbering on TV, keep in mind they have a multi-billion dollar propaganda machine backing them. And screwing you.


It’s real simple. The Neoliberals that Atcheson speaks of couldn’t care less whether or not it’s Trump again, or Biden. So framing it as “if they want to win” is really beside the point. They just know, they would much much rather have Trump in power than Sanders or any other “leftist extremist”, who might “take away people’s insurance”. That last quote, yes I actually heard one of the “centrist” Democratic candidates say that. As if people are just in love with their fucking insurance companies. The ones that rake in profits on their misery, hand over fist, far beyond rates of inflation and make all kinds of cruel determinations and denials along the way. But that same candidate (I have forgot his name like a bad memory) offers up the “public option”. Yeah right.


Atcheson’s article doesn’t mention that anti-green conservatives did well in places like Australia. I guess folks preferred hard right anti-environmental conservatism instead of neoliberalism there.

Well, I mean Clinton backed fracking with the power of the State Dept, so just shades of a difference. Hard to distinguish for some, that humongous difference between the environmental impact of neoliberal economics and those hard right anti-environmentalists. I’m not arguing there wouldn’t have been differences between Clinton and Trump relative to environment, but the ball has been kicked down the pro-corporate road so damn far in the last 40 years, at this point those differences are necessarily perceived as not exactly so stark.


I think some progressives simply refuse to see the real world, where the FHWA makes it more difficult to fund environmental impact mitigation and EPA moves to deregulate types of particulate matter. That’s big stuff, it does matter, but because a shiny object policy, magic words—“ban fracking!”—weren’t said by a candidate, nothing matters. It’s stupid because the majority of fracking happens on private land, which the federal government can’t control, and Trump is back to opening more federal land to it, which Obama actually made more difficult.