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Neoliberalism’s Children Rise Up to Demand Justice in Chile and the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/06/neoliberalisms-children-rise-demand-justice-chile-and-world


Come on America! Reach that tipping point too!
The more I learn of America’s past history-------the more disgusted I get with most politicians----and no doubt Harry Truman has been spinning in his grave since the time he first regretted having approved the establishment of the CIA . America ----read more ancient history-----perhaps you don’t realize that nothing lasts forever, once the the people are on to you! : (


well you are giving “neo-liberalism” too much credit, or defining it down as everything, as protests in Hong Kong are against China’s rule, in Egypt against a military dictatorship where there is no liberalism of any kind, as in Lebanon and Iraq against Iran’s Shi’a influence and corruption, in France against a gas tax increase as a strategy to reduce carbon emissions, in Venezuela against a socialist economy, in parts of Europe against immigrants…

Protests that have gripped Chile for nearly three weeks to demand better salaries and pensions, and a more equal distribution of the wealth, shrunk in size on Tuesday, drawing just 2,000 to 2,500 people, according to an estimate by Felipe Guevara, mayor of the Santiago metropolitan region. The same square earlier hosted 1.2 million protesters.

Bastian Marín, 29 and a business executive, attributed the smaller protest to the fact that people have to work. “It’s hard to have the same number of people every day,” he said, adding that a march planned for Friday is expected to be much larger.

We’ll see what happens, but the Chilean people are much more into protesting and standing up for their rights than here in the US, despite what happened down there less than 50 years ago. Pinera was part of that regime.

There’s plenty of neoliberalism’s inequity in Egypt. Don’t confuse neoliberalism with liberty or liberalism: Neoliberal is neither neo nor liberal. It’s neoliberalism’s suffering of the many for the benefit fo the few, (along with corruption) that people don’t like.

Iran has helped Lebanon being destroyed militarily by Israel. That’s not corruption by Shia influence

The protest is against neoliberal austerity of which the gas tax is only a symptom

the protest is not about a socialist economy. It’s about mismanagement, and an undemocratic attempt of elites to take control. . We don’t see protesting where socialism is managed well, such as in Denmark.

Immigrants are scapegoats, as the people suffer under neoliberalism’s austerity

The scourge of neoliberalism is seen across the countries you mention, agitating the masses.

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