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Neoliberalism's Dark Path to Fascism

What are those in the military trained to do? Kill. Therefore are they then nothing more than trained killers. And if the die in pursuit of their trade they are then considered heroes? Not i my mind.


Virtually every famous name known to the American public became known as the result of criminal/depraved action of one sort or another by their ancestors. You don’t get filthy rich in this kind of society by following the rules.


Economics is a pseudo-science. Like history and political science it is designed to create a professional class of praise singers, praising and justifying the status quo. If economics were any bit scientific (like what Karl Marx attempted and for which he is forever vilified) it would be a damning indictment of the so-called capitalist system. Since the advent of neo-liberalism (aka quasi- or neo-fascism) economists have given up almost entirely on describing actual reality - how the economy really works - in favour of pure theory almost devoid of practical value. It’s like theology but with the latter at least people know it’s BS; with economics they think it’s science.


I was attracted to the title but paid no attention to who wrote this. About half way through, I started to think “Paul Buchheit and some of the other economic writers here are good, but this is a great article; this sums up so much of what I’ve been reading, writing and saying to people for years. Who wrote this?” Made perfect sense when I saw it was Chris Hedges.

The only missing piece–and unfortunately it’s the crucial one that almost everyone misses–is the psychological cause of capitalism and all our other relationship problems. For that, Jung, Reich, (The Mass Psychology of Fascism) and other psychological writers are OK.

There is an adage which says - “Behind every great fortune there is a great crime.”


To make an overarching analogy to what Hedges is getting at: " The practice of Medicine is a Social Science, the practise of Medical Care for everyone is a Political Science ".

Thanx. Leaving you with a Bell Curve on fuel/energy efficiency: Theme, the car as weak link in global trade.
5 scales of economy:
Local, metro-regional, state, nation, global.
4 scales urban/suburban travel device:
Cars/trucks, fixed route transit, pedestrian, bike/trike.

Place local & global at ends of Curve, too small to maximize production. Too large to maximize transport. Metro-regional high point on curve when supported by state and national economies. Just as the car disempowers other travel modes, global economy disables lesser, though most fundamental, scales of economy.

First things first means money matters do not top list of concerns, in my book. Jeff Bezos is indeed perpetrating a fraud with self-driving car lies dressed up as BS hype. None of its claims are true.

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