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Nepotism Strikes Again: Ivanka Trump Joined Call With Argentina President


Nepotism Strikes Again: Ivanka Trump Joined Call With Argentina President

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Nepotism continues in the Trump administration, as the President-elect reportedly let his daughter Ivanka sit in on a call with neoliberal Argentinian President Mauricio Macri.


With DJT the lines will always be blurred, stomped on and stepped over.. There is no "normalizing" the devil and we are seeing his disregard for the law, decorum, rules of order, diplomacy, decency, etc. everyday since his "selection" (and during the horrific campaign). As for the Constitution, he will simply give it the middle-finger and then attempt to re-write it, dontcha know. He has assumed the mantle of emperor and he has not even taken the oath of office. After all, Ivanka may need to contract another sweatshop for her merchandise line. (Snark, snark) For T family, it is BAU (Business As Usual). Ivanka is the second coming of Imelda Marcos.

And they have only just begun....


Cannot be denied! We American citizenry do not matter. "Don't let your deal go down!" A warning in Americana country music lyrics! And this aphorism stands the test of time. We are watching the making of an ownership-oligarchic-dynasty (Kennedy, Bush and Clinton tried and failed.) Now the Trumps take seed with full control over the US triumvirate of POTUS, SCOTUS and Congress. A stranglehold on the 4th Estate is tightening. Trump will play this nepotism gimmick 'til we get used to it, so he thinks - you know - like the invasion of Iraq, Slavery and nukes. Fortunately, Spirit has final Word.

Fascism has been brought upon us, most completely unaware, distracted by the petty differences that are easily stirred-up among us by the corporate puppet masters. Their ownership of broadcast media, print media, talk radio and their ownership of social media's instant, circulating texts, pics, videos and 'tweets', between ordinary working people, have produced the virtual fertile ground for despots. The menacing and meticulous, cunning ruthlessness of certain people is the reptilian genetic code raising its ugly greedy head - AGAIN!.


Yes, nepotism and conflicts of interest are flying around everywhere he is. So is anyone going to enforce the laws or are they going to sit and do nothing as these outrageous things he does pile up? WTF


Is there any difference between nepotism concerning a wife or nepotism concerning a daughter?

Direct Democracy


I don't see a problem with Trump including any adviser he wants to in his calls/conversations. Having an adviser who is a relative is not nepotism. It wasn't nepotism for JFK to consult with RFK.

Nepotism would be if Trump appointed a relative to an important position in the government, as happened when JFK appointed his brother RFK as Attorney General.

Give it a rest, guys. There will be plenty of real issues ahead.


Actually it was. It was their relationship that was one of the driving forces underlying the 1967 nepotism law we are working under today.


If Trump's daughter is not appointed to a paid position in the executive branch of government, it's not nepotism. Here are some interesting discussions of nepotism:

Nepotism and the Cabinet


Oh fer pete's sakes! Does it depend on who is doing the nepotisming (sic)? Don't forget this is a country that elected two Bushs and nearly two Clintons, that their offspring believe they have a rightful place next to the throne should not come as any surprise. I think Daddy Trump is grooming Ivanka for a presidential run herself. G-d knows the mail order bride doesn't want it herself, she ain't even gonna move into the White House (and I can't say I blame her).


President Bill Clinton appointed his wife to head up the Health Care reform Commission under his Presidency. Given she received no salary this was deemed legal under Nepotism laws.

If Ivanka receives no salary paid for by the Public any position he appoints her to would be very much the same thing.

Is it right? Nope. I think every country should have rules against such but the rules and outrage over such should apply equally to whichever party is in power.


Uh . . . you realize that the Clintons' quid pro quo weapons-for-dollars tax-free charity pays Chelsea nearly a million a year right?


Not true. She gets no salary whatsoever from the Foundation.


Nepotism was ruled illegal during LBJ's presidency based on JFK tabbing RFK for Atty General during his presidency. "In 1967, LBJ signed into law a nepotism statute that, among other provisions, appeared to make it impossible for a president to appoint immediate family members to the Cabinet or, some argue, to the White House staff. (The law explicitly prevents “public officials” from promoting a “relative” "to a civilian position in the agency in which he is serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control.”

Read more here:http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/11/1976-nepotism-law-lyndon-johnson-bobby-kennedy-trump-kushner-214465

"The Bitter Feud Behind the Law That Could Keep Jared Kushner Out of the White House"
By Josh Zeitz
November 17, 2016

Guess you have no problem with the wink-wink that went on during DJT's meeting with the Arg. Pres so the path would be smoothed for DJT to get the materials he wanted to come into Argentina (that have been barred from entering Arg) for another "hotel" he is building there. Nor do you have a problem with any national security issues being compromised and/or jeopardized by someone like Ivanka being privy to international affairs. Conflict of interest?....nah, who cares as long as DJT and family make money on the backs of all Americans.