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Net Neutrality Activists Take Civil Rights Fight to Doorsteps of Telecom Giants



Perhaps someone else can articulate it more succinctly, but the necessity, as I see it of the internet being classified as a utility is essential to free market principles. I think specifically of municipal ISP systems and the fact that the monopolies have an ongoing push to outlaw yes, keep it illegal, for municipalities to form internet services.
If, say, a community of 10,000 (or whatever number) people determine that the empirical evidence indicates that their capacity as a municipality to provide the needed service above and beyond the monopoly's model, why is that democratic freedom of choice slammed shut by a monopoly that does not satisfy that community's needs?
There are undoubtedly thousands of municipalities that have no interest whatsoever in even approaching this, hence there is the 'monopoly's' market niche.
It is like a virtual imprisonment by an overweight parasite on creative energy, human evolution, inclusion, and ultimately strength of local economy - precisely the ostensible market principles slammed shut by the revolving door lobby scams.
Any claim a la Atlas-shrugged that this represents whatever it wants to claim it represents, with the idea that a local government provide utility services being somehow unacceptable is a laughably sloppy ideological solipsism given the conflation of the monopoly with government, ALEC type shenanigans, buying positions in regulatory agencies... hellloooo?????