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Net Neutrality Advocates Not Buying FCC's Claim that Hackers Crashed Site


Net Neutrality Advocates Not Buying FCC's Claim that Hackers Crashed Site

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is claiming that it wasn't a flood of comments from consumers furious over the agency's efforts to kill the open internet that crashed its website, but rather hackers with malicious intent. And net neutrality advocates aren't buying it.


Even if it was hackers, I'm perfectly happy with that. Direct action get's the goods....


Yesterday I had a comment on the item “John Oliver Leads Net Neutrality Fans to Crash FCC. Again “

My response was “Every time I see John Oliver, I think of the hatchet job he did on Jill Stein. I detest the limey SOB, him and Thom Hartmann for essentially the same repugnant reason.”

Am I becoming obsessive? Today we can indulge ourselves again in Oliver's gaming of the serious issue of access to open internet addresses and their content. The sardonic Englishman and his ability to lampoon the idiotic behavior of the run of the mill Yankee is an easy endeavor. He has no business mixing himself up in US politics in anything other than an informative way. If he wants to lampoon the political circus, he has plenty of material back in Merry Old England. The fact is that he is here (there) in the good Ol’ USA is that he can make a lot more money here than there. Rather than me delving deeper into US politics, share with me this Oliver nasty foray into the presidential contest of 2016.



Honestly that seems to be a pretty xenophobic viewpoint. John Oliver is a U.S. citizen. And just because he was born in a different country doesn't mean he doesn't have a legitimate viewpoint on the state of U.S. politics. Like you I am irked about what he did to Jill Stein during the general, but I don't think that automatically makes any past or future episodes he has done null and void. Isn't it a good thing that he raises awareness to these disastrous public policy issues where M$M normally wouldn't even pay it lip service?