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Net Neutrality Bill Gains Enough Support to Force Floor Vote, But 17 Senate Dems Still Uncommitted


Net Neutrality Bill Gains Enough Support to Force Floor Vote, But 17 Senate Dems Still Uncommitted

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Supporting net neutrality should be a no-brainer for members of Congress, whose constituents from across the political spectrum are united in their opposition to the Trump FCC's attack on the open internet."


It is very SIMPLE: VOTE 'EM OUT!!!

Of course, since many SIMPLETONS:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: are eligible to vote, maybe it ain’t that SIMPLE!!!


Here we go with all of the Blue Dog schtick. Just like the public option the Dems will find a way to defeat net neutrality while maintaining sufficient deniability to give the press something to report in that never ending search for bipartisanship.


Well this issue is the bellwether we needed to flush out the corporately owned blue dogs. If these so called legislators care more for corporate profits than they do for threats to our freedom of public discourse then they deserve to be moved into the private sector they support, Good luck with that lobbying job.


Before Ajit Pai destroyed Net Neutrality Senator Feinstein was a big supporter of it. Now all of a sudden her name is not showing up to support the CRA. If you live in CA see that you don’t vote for this woman in November.
As an activist in CA I see she does not represent the people. She likes money like a Republican.


If there were no money involved in politics, why, I believe we might have a democracy in this country!


All of the usual suspects.

Patty Murray, some may recall -sided with the banksters on foreclosure relief -and consequently, her constituents now face some of the highest rents and housing prices in the nation.


I live in Washington state. It is very telling that my sellout senator, Patty Murray, will not commit to this bill as she has a list of telecommunications donations like so many others in the Congress. However, her reluctance is particularly egregious because the governor, Jay Inslee, has already stated that this state will observe net neutrality even if that whore and former Verizon lawyer, Ajit Pai of the FCC, gets his way.
Shame on you, Patty Murray. You’ve been in political power too long and you resemble a Republican more every year.
I didn’t vote for her last time and she just confirmed my decision again. I hate these “Third Way”, incrementalist, corporatized “New Democrats”. Fuck them.


I’m one of them. At least I don’t live in Seattle that increasingly resembles the housing market in the Bay Area which is appallingly expensive.


How utterly pathetic. Sorry, but so called “centrist” (center of what exactly? Donor cash) Democrats are, to a person, corrupt. They look at our society, a society where wages for most haven’t grown in a generation, where inequality has exploded, where infrastructure is crumbling, where private debt has been growing exponentially, where the costs of healthcare, education and housing have been far outpacing wage growth for decades, and they think they system doesn’t need any structural changes, of course unless those structural changes enrich their donors. So, no to single payer, cause the healthcare system is apparently fine at its base and only needs, at most, superficial changes. However, yes to privatizing and ruining the internet as we know it.

The sad thing is, this type of bullshit was the bees knees in the 1990’s, and it sucked then too. It is outright tone deaf and outdated at this point. We’ve had 40 years of this bullshit and the country is crumbling. Throw the bastards out, and if the Democratic Party backs them over incumbents, run third party candidates. There is no excuse for this and allowing this to continue is asking too damn much from the victims of these policies. If the Democrats continue to back these people then the Democrats must also be confronted. They must be confronted.


“Net Neutrality” is a false flag. The only choice is whether you want Verizon (no “net neutrality”) or Facebook (“net neutrality”) to determine what you get to see.

There is no “free net” - it’s just a question of whether you want to bow down to the pipeline or the content aggregators


LOL! Maybe research what it is, then comment. If you do know what it is, try having an honest conversation.


So give up then? Sounds great!


I emailed her office, you should too, especially if you are from California. She’s facing a primary, make her accountable. Commenting here as if all is lost isn’t letting her know how you feel.


it looks like that list is just sort of hanging around to see how the vote will shake out to see if they can vote tactically. Lobbyists understand these things, and if a bill’s passage is a foregone conclusion (like the tax bill) they’ll forgive an otherwise bought out legislator for switching positions simply for appearances. They only want to get their way.

So I’m guessing several Democrats are making sure no GOPers flip first before they decide how much room they have to maneuver, as well as taking the temperature of their own voters to see how much this matters to them.


I call her office a lot. I told her aide today it was hypocritical to say she was a big supporter and then not sign on to the CRA. I sign petitions to her all the time. Now that she has decided to run again she replies to many of them. Before that I never heard from her. She can be the last female senator on earth and I will not vote for her. I was involved in the GMO fight for a long time and she never did anything to help out. I was to her office, called her all the time. She had to get hundred of calls from people on the last labeling bill and voted against it. She is a corporate girl.


These “sell outs” can get away with this because the unfair biased media will not address the Net Neutrality issue in an honest way. I believe the numbers are way in favor of Net Neutrality.

We need a third party, one that is not beholden to corporate money like these blue dog “centrists”.

The media also distorts the term centrist. There is nothing centrist about going against the interests of a majority of your constituents. But the biased TV media will continue to characterize these legislators as centrist and above criticism.


Well, give her a ring on this. She’s facing a primary now. Tell her you will support her opponent unless she signs on. That is what I told her. Some fights carry more weight at times than others.


No, not give up, just realize that it is a classic “heads they win, tails we lose” situation. The system is not about taking care of the people.


Why does Jake Johnson think US politicians care what people think?