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Net Neutrality Can Still Be Saved


Net Neutrality Can Still Be Saved

Timothy Karr

A future without net neutrality is here. Well, almost.

The Federal Communications Commission will take away the rights of internet users on Monday. Officially, the repeal of the 2015 net neutrality protections ― a repeal that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a Trump pick, had pushed for ― will take effect.


Ajit Pai, may a perpetually spinning beach ball vex you into your days through eternity. Move over Sisyphus, you shall have company.


How about THIS as a possible option: NATIONALIZE THE INTERNET!!!


HOW ABOUT THIS? We all sit down and write letters and drown Congress in paper letters that need to be answered. All complaints to ATT Comcast, Verizon are in paper. All letters to the editors of creepy corporate news places–get PAPER requests for help that needs to be sent back in paper.

Remind them what the days of yesteryear are really like, and it will help the post office too. NO on- line buying-or political donations either Mail a check : )


“Ajit Pai’s attempts to strangle the free internet exemplify a Washington where corporations dictate policy, and the people aren’t going to take that sitting down. Not today and not ever.”

Corporations “dictate policy” and “the people aren’t going to take that sitting down.”

They can stand up, sit down, lie down or jump up and down, corporations will still own the politicians and the politicians will still take dictation.

I imagine that “the people” aren’t too happy with Citizens United, either, and it’s gotten them zilch, because neither “major” party will oppose it. They know where the money comes from…