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Net Neutrality Defenders Announce 'Epic Final Protest' to Demand Congress Repeal FCC Rollback Before Fast-Approaching Deadline


Net Neutrality Defenders Announce 'Epic Final Protest' to Demand Congress Repeal FCC Rollback Before Fast-Approaching Deadline

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Fight for the Future announced Wednesday that on Nov. 29, supporters of restoring nationwide net neutrality rules—which the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rolled back last year—are planning "an epic, final protest to pressure lawmakers before a crucial deadline to save the internet."

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Sometimes, when I am trying to connect with Common Dreams, I can’t connect, and a notice says I am not online—but I am online. I have no idea what this is. Sometimes, for certain sites, it takes forever to load. That is a denial of equal access for me and for the website.

Free speech is also like free thought to me, and if I can’t access it all equally, then my thoughts are diminished, and so is knowledge. The NY Times loads very quickly, but smaller news organizations don’t.
If I am not allowed equal access to all sites and at similar speeds—then my access to information is compromised. Besides, once there was only one phone company in America, and then people, and even in the government realized that with a monopoly, there is no competition. Without competition there can be no new ideas, in learning, or science, or climate. or employment, or believable news ------when a corporation has more power than the people of a nation, then the corporation has made itself into a king -------and that’s when the people realize public airways are not public after all.


Perhaps evolution accelerating at an accelerating rate will activate a bionet that operates without computer assist.

The military empires cut themselves off from the focused intelligence of cosmic powered biology manifest as human. They have a desperate dream of the final automation; artificial intelligence. One percenters are hallucinating as they descend into cannibal capitalism eating each other, the only ones who have anything left to steal.

Stand back. This could get ugly.

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HI Garrett_Connelly, well there is a surprising upside here----if artificial intelligence takes over, the why would we need any politicians or generals? Of course there is that worry from that old 2001 Space Odyssey-----when HAL takes over. : 0

Just watching how quickly that artificial intelligence learn games and learns chess is amazing—as that kind of brain grows and learns really fast. Sadly, even while they appear to be human, they also might have inherited the desires of their makers------so yes, human like skills going on beyond human, YES, as you say it could get ugly! : (

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Well, it took almost 14 billion years for regular biology to get here. Transistor based life may be on the horizon. Machines that can play chess and scan x ray photos better than people still don’t dream stuff up.

When the upper class starts fighting itself because there’s nothing left to squeeze is the part that doesn’t look good in my book. Maybe there will be more homeless and less medicare and schools but that won’t fund capitalist growth and war. People making $15/hr can’t fund it either. The goose that laid the golden egg has been cooked and already eaten.


I have a lot of the same experiences. And from Yogi Berra, “It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you.”

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As usual, it’s up to the people. Cancel! If we ALL cancel internet they will come back to us.


One of the issues I’ve had with the Title II push is the media hasn’t been telling this story correctly. The fact is 100% of people are for net neutrality and there is not a net neutrality side. If you ask anyone if you are against improper data discrimination on the internet, 100% of people would say yes. Now the story is told incorrectly and there are people that are against Title II and some of them might say they are against net neutrality but not really. The story has only been told incorrectly and they are confused.

Also most of the instances of data discrimination have been told incorrectly. People hate their ISPs and this has led to stories that push a black and white narrative. There will always be some data discrimination at times dealing with congestion and security issues and many stories were dealing with those very issues and were told wrong. A big example was the Netflix/Comcast transit issue of 2014 which was improperly told as being malicious and the need for rules. Nothing could be further from the truth. This was a normal transit issue which will always be present.

IMO given the history of improper data discrimination is very limited. Transparency with the threat of Title II is enough to keep ISPs in line and will keep the regulatory creep that you would get with Title II from happening.


Yes, its all so frustrating! We actually got this thing passed in the Senate, even though the R’s hold a slim majority! And now after the midterms, we have the majority in the House. But we don’t have the House until next year. At which time, due to some silly rule, we can no longer vote on this Congressional Review Act (CRA)! ARGH!! Of course, even if we could now get it passed by the House of Representatives, it still has to be signed by his highness, the POTUS. So I guess there was no chance of it passing anyway. But I still can’t believe we are going to have to put up with this highly unpopular Non-Net-Neutrality-regulated Internet.