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Net Neutrality Defenders Issue Alert as Telecom Giants Ready to 'Sic Army of Expensive Lawyers' on States


Net Neutrality Defenders Issue Alert as Telecom Giants Ready to 'Sic Army of Expensive Lawyers' on States

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Underscoring the importance of protecting net neutrality at the national level rather than relying entirely on state-led efforts, Verizon, AT&T, and other massive telecom companies are threatening to "aggressively challenge" states and municipalities that attempt to establish their own open internet protections in the wake of the GOP-controlled FCC's


The only reason the corporate fascists haven’t already totally destroyed net neutrality is the fact that there are other large corporations that are against it. That is why the struggle hasn’t totally been one sided. But the attraction to control the internet is too powerful a temptation for the Oligarchs, for them not to ultimately succeed. They are relentless and they will do whatever is necessary, including spending the money to assure their final success. That will be a very sad day my friends.


The GOP has paid lip service to supporting states’ rights ever since POTUS candidate Goldwater made it an issue in the 1964 campaign, however, the GOP has never actually allowed states to have rights.

The Dimcritters don’t even pretend to support states’ rights.


And you wonder why your bill’s so high … ?


This puts to rest the internet companies saying that they won’t slow down their speeds if net neutrality is rolled back, doesn’t it?

The fact that the democrats haven’t all signed up to defend it also puts to rest that they are any different than the republicans. This also puts to rest that if the democrats take back congress they will reverse the legislation that the republicans have passed.

Looks like inverted totalitarianism is here and things are going to get very bad very quickly. The upper class is in an all out assault on the lower classes and there isn’t much we can do. Protests will just bring out their goon squads that they have been arming for just this reason. The only thing that will work is massive work stoppages and boycotts, but if we can’t organize them on the internet it’s going to be hard for people to organize them. Which is why this is happening.


You will learn to love Big Brother (or Big Brother will cut your tongue out)


I suggest we take up arms and violently overthrow the oligarchy should they succeed in taking control of the internet. We can’t let this corporate take over of our lives continue like this.


Well, If the “net” is just going to be another gutter for bs is there much sense in keeping an internet service provider at all. One might argue, “How ar’ya gonna watch porn now”? Well, if pornography is considered by the government as a major health hazard it will probably be eventually eliminated by net monitoring anyway. If the user hazard of falling victim to internet fraud/theft is included, I think the FCC should consider everything carefully. Especially unintended consequences of their actions such as reduced net membership and so reduced revenue (income) stream.


I admire your passion but you need to be more careful what you write in these comments. These streams are monitored. I feel your pain my friend.


I don’t care if we are being monitored. This talk of pacifism that the people have is why the fascists win. People talk about defending the second amendment yet they don’t use the second amendment to protect their other rights. The taking away of our right to use the internet freely is something we should all be willing to use violence to protect. Where do we draw the line as the government continues to fuck is over? You either fight the good fight, or die like a dog.

Hopefully we won’t need to get to violence though. The case is going to the D.C court who made the Net Neutrality rules to begin with. I hope they will see through Ajit Pai’s bullshit.


I agree my friend.