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Net Neutrality Defenders Pressure California Senate Ahead of Crucial Vote


Net Neutrality Defenders Pressure California Senate Ahead of Crucial Vote

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

With the California state Senate on the cusp of voting on a net neutrality bill Wednesday, its advocates are urging constituents to grab their phones to demand their legislators stand up for an open internet.


If EVER there was a glaring example of the 99% up against the 1% this is it!


Okay, I confess to being in denial and turning a blind eye towards my fellow man. There was a time when I really did think we all were stake-holders in our Republic. I truly thought that that “dream” could become a reality and we could all have a slice of the pie. I have been waking-up over the last 67 years to the fact(s) of the matter. It is a rude awakening to be sure. Just reading the headlines now produces anxieties I never thought possible. America has become a shit-hole country where even the basic things like dignity and respect are MIA. From what I see in the headlines is that dis-ease is spreading into a global pandemic. I’ll stop here so my head won’t explode.


For anyone unfamiliar with San Francisco politics: Don’t walk away from this article with a starry-eyed view of Scott Wiener. He’s a full-blown elitist who works overtime for his masters in Real Estate to attack the homeless and make life for tenants as difficult as possible.


Even WITH net neutrality , America is being ripped off by providers , with Slow speeds, erratic and limited usage, etc.
Here in Germany, i have over 100MBs ,with unlimited usage,( i’m on the net over 12 hours a day) on a glass fiber cable transferred into wifi in the house. The speed never varies, i check it often. i also have cable tv and a land line phone with flat rate, ALL for only 100 euros per month.