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Net Neutrality Fight 'Not Over': Groups Launch Internet-Wide Campaign Pushing Congress to Overrule FCC Vote

Net Neutrality Fight 'Not Over': Groups Launch Internet-Wide Campaign Pushing Congress to Overrule FCC Vote

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The internet has given ordinary people more power than ever before. We're going to fight tooth and nail to make sure no one takes that power away."

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Since when has calling/mailing congress critters made any difference when there is massive greed involved?

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It may seem like an act of futility but it saves and heals the soul. My Congressman is way ahead of me on this so I don’t have to worry about him but mccain is in the hospital and flake is, well flake. I don’t have many options here but you might?


How dare the FCC! They’re treating the entire country as if we’re women!

I think along with corporate greed, that is the whole problem!


Yes - I agree. It was just a matter of time before something like this happened, and there is, I am sure, more to come.

This way of life is crumbling.

It would be a mistake, I think, to forget that all of the issues now gathering in a perfect storm, not just net neutrality, are connected to an empire in decline - to an overpopulated world and scarce resources, including food and water - climate change and ocean acidification, crashing biodiversity, endless war, hierarchy and inequality - morally injured people just trying to get by…

a ‘civilized’ people - weakened by that very lifestyle.

There was a reason the Mongols under Temudgin so easily conquered all, I repeat, all civilizations they encountered - civilized people are soft, they are in denial that they are soft, and hubris is their claim to infamy.

Once the loot began to pour into Temudgin’s Mongolia, the end was nigh, as they say, and softness, avarice and hubris saw the end of the Mongols within two generations.

It is an old story - repeated endlessly thru the ages.

Now it is our turn to live tragedy.

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Me, I’m just trying to live till tomorrow.


Yes, but what gives me hope is the majority of the people in America are good and could still turn this tragedy around, but it is getting to a point where we are reaching critical mass…for the masses!


The Mongols live on - it was their empire that crashed.

A more human time is here I think.

For me averting tragedy would mean, not a return to normal, but a ‘new frontier’, as envisaged by JFK.

I see our potential, in my opinion wasted - that’s the tragedy.

There are asteroids to mine, energy to be collected, people to be given purpose.

Instead, we enable and empower these money-mongers, called businessmen, by our very smallness. A true ‘enterprise’ encompasses all - sees to their well-being - exactly the opposite of this ‘civilized’ model.

Ditch it - find another.

What is the timeframe? How will this affect other countries? Online keeps me connected with the US from China.

Net neutrality is important to citizens. It is not important to consumers. Referring to citizens as consumers adopts the language and thought patterns of the current administration and loses the battle before it is even fought.


JFK was assassinated a long time ago and ever since the Coup d’ Etat of 11/22/63 when the cabal of criminals like Dulles among many others, were not prosecuted and whitewashed by the corrupt Warren Omissions, Amerika, in my opinion, has become the #1 terrorist regime in the world. And I do not see much hope of a “new frontier” because the people in political power will never let that happen. Good thought, but in my view, never going to happen.

This deregulation scam is similar to other trump&co outrages in that it claims to spur “innovation” absent any real studies, or independent analysis. This FCC deregulation justification claimed by the astonishingly arrogant Eejit Pie is similar to the BS claims made when Glass-Steagall was rescinded amid the bank “deregulation” - same BS, supposition, lies and false claims absent any real evidence or independent analysis. The people who know the truth and advocate for the people - the 99% - are in near unanimity that this is yet another gift from the trump regime to profit wealth and power at the expense of the little guy and gal who will wind-up paying more!

The airwaves were given away for pennies on the dollar by Congress to the uber wealthy - for campaign-contribution bribes - that should have belonged the peoples!WHY are the people’s assets always given away by politicians/Congress to create wealth and power for a few??

Instead of “innovation” from the bank “deregulation” we got predatory financial “instruments” like “derivatives” of which the Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) was one. Also in that deregulation scam were predatory mortgage lending schemes and much more, all designed to increase profits at the expense of people AND our republic!

We all know how that deregulation scam turned out, falsely termed an “economic downturn” - it was a robbery by pirate scum who didn’t give a damn about others! Millions were destroyed and robbed while the banker parasite scum made-out like bandits (a very accurate description) bailed-out by a corrupt/complicit Congress screwing the taxpayers they had robbed!

I have no doubt this FCC Net-Neutrality “deregulation” is another scam perpetrated by the same swine and designed to serve the same parasite scum that profited from the banker deregulation when so few made so much from the suffering and robbery of so many!

They are all greedy scum and should swing for their crimes!


You know, just this am I was thinking - maybe it’s something like a big cycle - like a waveform.

We’re on the downstroke now, heading for a trough. But there will be an upstroke, and a new crest.

Timing - don’t know.

Never is a long time. If I read the situation at all correctly, there are an awful lot of people sick and tired of this no man’s land we’re in. That would be a pre-condition I would think, before a new surge of energy comes aboard.

There are lots of young people - and they are growing up in the trough of this waveform we’re in.

Trump is old - and he and his old guard will pass away, along with the Rex Tillerson’s, etc…

Perhaps time does heal all wounds.

Naturally we’re impatient to have it happen now - because of us - our activism.

But that’s a kind of hubris too, when you think about it.

Luck will play its part - we do need to be lucky. The British chief of staff was on the BBC this morning - worrying about Russia cutting the undersea trans-continental communications cables, which he said would be a real show stopper. But if you look at his face - he’s old too. And there is a lot of other threats completely out of our control, such as a massive coronal mass ejection, like the Carrington Event, which will certainly occur, as sure as the day is long.

JFK was at death’s door many times in his brief life - it affects you. He was, in a sense, a fatalist.

What would he think - if we were all to give up?

E.O. Wilson wants half the Earth set aside for biodiversity to flourish - he has numbers to back up his proposal - but that’s not really as important as his philosophy. He says mankind need a positive, big and important goal to gather around - the tougher and more impossible the better.


I think because it indicates that we do have potential - and the only thing holding us back are our own fears.

Fear can be disabling, but fear, being a powerful emotion, is the very epitome of the warp drive we need to harness.

We need to control our fears - and proceed.

Those asteroids are right there - what are we waiting for?

Interesting reply.

Lady K is obviously beginning to understand the USian fantasy of “our democracy” has become the most self-destructive Big Lie in our species’ history. But her mindful astuteness – the acknowledgement of total defeat that is the essential precursor to effective action – tragically remains that of a tiny minority oppressed to futility by Moron Nation’s Moronic Majority.

For the past year I have hoped – foolishly it turns out – that some Trump/Pence Regime atrocity would finally provoke enough outrage that We the (ever-more-subjugated) People would at last pull our heads out of the sands of denial and recognize USian democratic process has in bitter truth been dead since 22 November 1963. But the far more hideous truth is we are such craven cowards, we steadfastly, even fanatically refuse to acknowledge the lesson of abject powerlessness so painfully obvious in the eight-decade succession of fascist (aka Neoliberal) victories that have afflicted us since the end of World War II – the most recent of which is the Federal Communication Commission’s sneering reduction of the Internet to nothing more than another element in the Capitalist propaganda machine.

Though only Marxists and a very few genuinely honest historians dare admit it, we of the 99 Percent are also sorely victimized by the destruction of the Soviet Union, which despite the USSR’s failure to create the worker’s paradise to which it aspired, was nevertheless our sole (and soul) defense against the infinitely murderous savagery of unrestricted Capitalism. As a result, global Capitalism is well into the final stages of its inevitable metamorphosis into fascism – into theocratic JesuNazism here in the imperial homeland – and without the courage and determination of a Red Army to protect us from the serial-killer malevolence of the Capitalists and their political, professional and executive puppets, the terrible downpressing weight of our shackles long ago become overwhelming. That’s why even the white population is cowed to abject submissiveness by justifiable fear of the empire’s police-state terrorism.

Thus, precisely as our masters have concluded, We the People will do nothing more allegedly revolutionary than participate in the pro forma sorts of protests that like the failed efforts to save net neutrality or halt genocide by tax “reform” merely underscore the uselessness and therefore pointlessness of protest already proven useless by the regime’s oft-protested but defiantly, relentlessly perpetrated atrocities against women and minorities. Now in the form of the far more devastating program of genocide disguised as tax “reform” and the total suppression of freedom of information and discussion implicit in the death of the Internet, our overlords are grinding our faces in the reeking dungheap of tyranny and corruption beneath which they have buried all our humanitarian aspirations.

In this context the end of net neutrality is scarcely more than a capstone victory for the forces that long ago began reducing us to de facto serfdom and/or slavery. As members of the 99 Percent, we are already a totally conquered, totally subjugated population. The FCC decision, like its companion Congressional tax proposal, should obliterate any remaining doubt as to our true plight – that our opinions are of no more significance to our overlords than the opinions of plantation slaves were to their antebellum masters 151 years ago. Our “sweet land of liberty” – a realm rightfully infamous for its white-supremacist exclusion of racial and ethnic minorities and its patriarchal exclusion of females and sexual minorities – no longer exists even as an oft-scorned ideal. To reiterate a point that cannot be made too often, our liberty has been slain by our Capitalist overlords and their vassals to facilitate global Capitalism’s inevitable transition to global fascism and to theocratic, most likely apocalyptic JesuNazism here in the USian Homeland. That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of our circumstances, and with the Internet now as subjugated as the rest of the nation’s mass media, we are denied any means of organizing effective resistance even were we so inclined – which obviously we are not.

Symptomatic of the selfishly self-protective dementia that spawns our denial, the magnitude of our hopelessness is revealed by the spate of utterly nonsensical, woefully false reports with which we are deluged on the day after (another) of our total defeats, each report engendering false hopes (and the nosedive into permanently alienated depression the final refutation of such hopes invariably brings) by claiming the net neutrality fight is “not over.” Save for symbolic protests (which because of their already noted ineffectiveness are politically and historically meaningless), the fight is indeed over. As Lady K says, there are not enough votes in Congress to restore net neutrality (which would require two-thirds majorities in both houses to overcome the veto of whichever JesuNazi ends up wielding the imperial scepter). And as I must add in support of her stance, even if there were sufficient congressional votes, the JesuNazi Gorsuch Supreme Court combines with JesuNazi domination of the lower courts – a prohibitive reality locked in place for at least the next 30 years – to guarantee any such legislation (or any judicial quest for such remedies) will be defeated.

Thus the notion the net neutrality fight is “not over” is not just a falsely comforting Big Lie, the clandestine purpose of which is to discourage any sort of genuinely revolutionary thinking. It is also a selfishly self-protective delusion deliberately intended to relieve each of us of any individual responsibility for reflecting on the fact literally all the (sorely limited) democratic processes that sustained the imperial homeland in the past have now been rendered nonfunctional and are therefore not only obsolete but meaningless. Hope in such a context becomes not only folly but an ultimate act of suicidal blindness, rather like knowing a venomous serpent has slithered into your sleeping bag but bedding down there anyway because you are more afraid of the temporary discomfort of a chilly night than you are of the deadly fangs of some intruding viper.

The ultimate lesson – the very lesson too many of us are obviously too deluded to ever learn – is that we are no less conquered and subjugated than the people of France were after the German Nazi conquest of 1940. Like the World War II French, we will eventually be tyrannized by our Capitalist slave-masters to an extent most of us cannot at present imagine. But unlike the French, our unbridgeable and ever-more-violently expressed divisions of race, gender, sexuality and religion combine with our infantile clinging to the monumental deception of “our democracy” to deny us even a fraction of the solidarity and insight prerequisite to mounting any effective resistance. In short, before we can begin to climb out of the cesspool in which we are being drowned, we must first recognize the true depth of our powerlessness. But our inability to do so is repeatedly confirmed by our collective history – especially our pathetically submissive response to the long decade of political murders, 1963-1974, that prefaced our present-day fate.

Thus it is increasingly improbable we will ever do anything more than (continue to) surrender to the One Percenters and their Ruling Class vassals, all the while hiding our surrender behind demonstrations and petitions and pseudo-Left election campaigns that are emotionally fulfilling but politically amount to nothing more than the proverbial farts in a windstorm. Meanwhile we are ruled by an ever-more-brazenly omnipotent cabal of Capitalist despots which, let us not forget (and as irrefutably proven by the Obama years and the outcome of the 2016 presidential election), most assuredly includes the Democratic (sic) Party. Thus too our submissiveness will always be encouraged by some variation on the meme the fight is “not over,” never mind the increasingly undeniable likelihood our subjugation is forever – whether the “forever” is defined by our species’ extinction in thermonuclear apocalypse that reduces Earth to a bug planet, or by the somewhat slower process of total environmental collapse that will in the long run prove just as terminally deadly.

Indeed the question of our survival may already be moot. The mysterious advent of patriarchy was more than anything else our species’ declaration of matricidal hatred not just for the female gender but for Mother Nature herself, and while the Earth Mother is demonstrably tolerant of her children’s misbehavior, she has no room in her household for those who, like the Abrahamic religionists, perpetually declare themselves her enemies. With the probability of our species’ extermination now weaponized by the JesuNazis’ life-hating, better-dead-than-Red yearning for the malignantly sexless oblivion they call “heaven,” the inevitability of apocalypse approaches 100 percent. Our choice was never socialism or barbarism; it is and always has been socialism or extinction. And with the advent of JesuNazi control of the Empire, extinction has a gained commanding lead so overwhelming that it, like its microcosmic representation in the murder of the Internet, will never be overcome save by the (infinitely improbable) occurrence of a genuine miracle.

Some of us, myself included, will undoubtedly fight on as best we can. As for me personally, at this writing only three months and nine days away from my 78th birthday and afflicted by all the life-threatening physical disabilities engendered by congestive heart failure, I will no doubt be among the first victims of the Trump/Pence Regime’s deliberately genocidal “reforms” of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security – a euphemism-cloaked brand of murder by abandonment the Democrats themselves have repeatedly endorsed. But now after the FCC has enabled our Capitalist overlords to banish us from the Internet, destroying our social-media networks and thereby imprisoning us in isolated silence, all of us who dare continue to resist the JesuNazi juggernaut will do so knowing – as did the indescribably courageous Soviet men, women and children who died defending Fortress Brest against the German Nazi onslaught – that our greater cause is lost, and that the very best to which we can now aspire is our own individual and collective refusal to disgrace and dishonor ourselves by submission to the moral imbecility (and therefore absolute Evil) of our conquerors.


Loren, that’s quite a treatise… first of all, I hope you get some relief from your medical maladies. That in and of itself is a horrid burden to bear today.

Unfortunately, everything you said resonated with me…and it might with all the rest of us senior citizens on this site…if they bothered to read the whole thing.

Can you operationalize what you mean by “our own refusal …by submission to the moral imbecility…of our conquerors”? E.g., you might mean protesting to politicians, signing petitions, even being in the streets if possible, or boycotting and divesting from certain businesses…I dunno. My financial situation doesn’t give me much power, but I’d like to stop paying any income taxes. So what are you suggesting people DO…or don’t do, as the case may be?

I’m very scared for the generation after us and the generation after them…and not simply here on the US continent but everywhere. I know life isn’t just, but in a just world, innocent people and animals shouldn’t have to suffer and pay the price for what the Evil Conquerors have done…

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When does it become obvious to us all that trying to overturn pipeline
rulings and FCC rulings doesn’t work …

Women are still fighting to keep abortion legal after 50 years!

All of our liberal organizations continue to fight alone for the last $1 contribution.


Why aren’t we all together fighting this Fourth Reich fascism that has hold of the country?

WHY aren’t all of these liberal organizations working together?

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Thank you, ToniWintroub. “Operationalize” is a new word for me, but from its context I take it as a request for summary and simplification, and if my understanding is erroneous I (A)-apologize and (B) beg the indulgence of a corrective message from you. Ergo:

I trust you are familiar with the Marxian concept of building “dual power,” a big part of which is the deliberate construction of real public-service institutions to take the place of the alleged public- service institutions the Capitalists and their puppets have maliciously weaponized into mechanisms of oppression.

A primary historical example of weaponized institutions is the welfare bureaucracy, which was originally intended to help people access essential stipends and services but now exists entirely to deny us access to those same programs. As I discovered during my final investigative reporting project c. 1995-1996, transformation of the welfare bureaucracy began in the 1970s, largely fueled by the hostility of white bourgeois feminists to the growing proletarian power of the Welfare Rights Movement. By1990 this tacitly Ayn Rand bureaucracy had increased welfare’s administrative costs, which include its own salaries, by 5,390 percent (not a typo) even as it had reduced stipends and services by 66 percent.

Another example of a weaponized institution is public education, which formerly sought to produce a well-informed public capable of rational thought but now functions as a kind of boot camp for those of us doomed to the lifetime sweatshop serfdom of low-wage jobs and/or the actual slavery that characterizes Capitalist prisons.

Probably the best historical examples of dual power are the breakfast, tutoring and self-defense programs the Black Panthers organized during the 1960s, all of which were initially successful in serving the people both in the obvious ways defined by their stated purposes and in the much larger revolutionary function of raising proletarian consciousness and thereby fostering proletarian solidarity, which is why the Panthers were so quickly targeted, assassinated and otherwise crushed by our Capitalist overlords and their law-enforcement agencies – agencies that behind their euphemistic camouflage typically function as Capitalism’s Gestapo.

Another historical example of dual power from that era was the less ideologically formalized effort by the Back-to-the-Land Movement to construct an entire alternative society, which though relentlessly targeted by the authorities (especially by the Central Intelligence Agency via its Operation Chaos), nevertheless failed mostly because of the malevolently selfish anti-intellectualism by which the white bourgeoisie and its imitators defend their moral imbecility and in which they are literally drilled from birth. (It should be noted the Occupy Movement fell prey to the same [probably incurable] white bourgeois mental disorder that killed the Back-to-the-Land Movement.)

Present-day dual power operations most often focus on feeding the growing number of USian 99 Percenters who can no longer afford the deliberately prohibitive (i.e., genocidal) costs of food, housing and healthcare. As cadre in the Communist Labor Party, my own particular focus, the legacy of a 55-year journalism career, is cultural work, specifically helping document, maintain and expand Dual Power operations and on more general propagation of Marxist analysis – the only genuinely accurate explanation of what is being done to us and the only ideology sufficiently disciplined to have at least a small chance of withstanding the ever-more-savage oppression that now under the Trump/Pence jackboots is obviously our inescapable lot.

As to demonstrations, petitions etc., I regard them as a colossal waste of time simply because, with the advent of the Trump/Pence Regime, our overlords have made it clear they will no longer maintain even the sham of democratic process that has characterized USian politics since the murder of President Kennedy. So doomed – precisely as illustrated by the death of Internet neutrality and the now-certain enactment of our species’ most deliberately genocidal taxation measure since Hitler’s Third Reich – demonstrations, petitions etc.are nothing more than exercises in feel-good futility. But building Dual Power – the construction of genuinely humanitarian alternative institutions that might eventually replace the oppressive institutions of Capitalist governance – does indeed offer those of us who are inclined to resistance a fruitful realm in which to operate.

Alas I must end this here as I have to photograph the wedding of two comrades this afternoon, but please do not hesitate to ask for further clarification if you so desire, as I promise I will respond as soon as time allows. Meanwhile you might find my blog, Dispatches from Dystopia, of some interest. Its comment thread would also offer you another alternative for continuing this discussion.

Again my thanks for your thought-provoking response.