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Net Neutrality Is Far From Dead as Senators Line up to Fight FCC Decision


Net Neutrality Is Far From Dead as Senators Line up to Fight FCC Decision

Evan Greer

Voters from across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support an open internet.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai released a video to defend his stance on net neutrality. (Photo: Daily Caller)


Evan Greer is to be congratulated, for a forceful and upbeat post. The organization she represents, Fight for the Future, likewise deserves our wholehearted support. Judging from the reports thus far, they have accomplished a great deal already.

If there is one thing I could wish for, it would be that the millions of small businesses, whose very lives hinge on an open, unfettered internet, could be mobilized in their campaign. Small business owners are vested in the results, and they have resources and political clout at the local level individual voters do not.


Ironic really how few posts are here, 12 hours later. Everyone do what you can, this is a big deal.


This was one of the better articles about the issue too. Did you catch the bullshit about AT&T and Comcast giving bonuses now that Trump gave them massive public subsidies (that’s what the tax bill is)? Or this crap:

This shit is not normal. In 2018, progressives need to think long and hard about what another two years of unchecked power could mean. If you live in a swing district, and it comes down to an imperfect but sane Democrat or a sycophantic Trump Republican, I urge everyone to consider where this country could be.


As an almost 60 year-old man who has been frustrated for years over the apathy of so many young people, I actually have realistic hope that this issue finally wakes them up en-masse.

Repealing NN is a in-your-face, kick-in-the-balls to something millenials hold sacred. It may even garner enough extra votes to overcome the structural GOP advantage with paperless ballots, gerrymandering & voter suppression. Young people who normally dont give a shit about politics will do so this time.

Of everything Trump & his cronies have done so far, this is the scarriest.

So to all the 20-something internet savvy youngsters out there, please do something to make the later part of my life bearable in these neo-fascist times.

I am depending on you !