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Net Neutrality Repeal Is Only Part of Trump’s Surrender to Corporate Media


Net Neutrality Repeal Is Only Part of Trump’s Surrender to Corporate Media

Reed Richardson

Repealing net neutrality has drawn a huge amount of public visibility—and rightly so—but that decision is just the latest in a string of ominous, industry-friendly giveaways by the Trump administration’s FCC.


Trump’s political capital is getting so low that Mussolini will have to be moved over to make room for him.


No question that Dumbf is horrible but don’tcha think the blame needs a MUCH wider swath?


“[A]n extreme, right-wing ideology that thinks an unfettered free market is the cure for all evils.”

I think that should be “is the incubator for all evils”.


Michael Copps is, of course, right. Taking the FCC over is just one aspect of Donny’s plan to gut everything that stands between the people and our democracy. Donny has made clear (as has Bannon) that he does not believe in democracy itself, that he admires Putin, ad nauseum. We are in very big trouble and still, our politicians sit on their hands and hope that (somehow) their careers will survive.


FCC Net Neutrality ruling is the communications equivalent of the SCOTUS Citizens United ruling which destroyed any semblance to campaign finance neutrality.

Turning over the processes of freedom and fairness to the monied and ever-greedy corporate executives.

Not with a bang but with a — ?


Well of course. For one thing, it is industry - corporate lobbies- that pushed this. And it’s the steady capture of all governance by concentrated private capital, amplified by the Citizens United vs FEC decision, that allows it. And, though a certain poster here will no doubt shake his head screaming in denial if you mention Obama in a critical way, the prior administration helped this process along, by appointing Pai (whose agenda and allegiances were crystal clear) and even Democrat Tom Wheeler, another industry lobbyist. Net neutrality was only saved back then by the public outcry against its dismantling… forcing Obama to change the course that he had already helped set in place. With Trump in the WH, they could pursue that agenda without being concerned about public pushback. Yet we shall see.


“Public pushback”. Yes. I have heard rumors of that but it seems like a rarity. At least in a quantity needed to actually EFFECT change. We have the numbers. Too bad we don’t use them.


“SURRENDER to corporate media” ???

Although Trump has a poor track record in brick and mortar business, the Trump brand has been a huge money maker and he has been super successful as a reality TV star. Being so entwined in the corporate media, Trump is just enhancing a long standing mutually beneficial relationship, not “surrendering” anything.

Alleging “surrender” validates the fake news that Trump is an “outsider”.