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Netanyahu Admits Sabotage of Iran Talks Primary Mission


Netanyahu Admits Sabotage of Iran Talks Primary Mission

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged on Tuesday that the purpose of his upcoming visit to Washington, D.C. is to do "everything I can" to prevent a nuclear deal between global powers and Iran—an admission that critics say reveals he is pushing for military escalation and potentially war.


Looks to me like Netanyahu has just admitted that he is a psychopathic, war monger which we all knew, but now…
he has just come out and said it in plain language.


I did not realize Bibi had any international legitimacy. Natali Cohen has a message for you and other insane war mongers in the US Congress and beyond:


Netanyahoo has done more to damage the reputation of Israel than to enhance it. He is now spitting in the face of the only country that has provided unfettered support to Israel in the UN. I used to be an unabashed supporter of the country of Israel but no more – and I know there are many other people who feel the same way. Keep it up Netanyahoo – you will soon lose all the friends the country of Israel has in the world – which isn’t too damned many.


“The willingness by leading political figures—including the president, vice president, and secretary of state—to simply refuse to meet with the Israeli leader is a huge breakthrough that was made possible by the years of organizing by human rights activists working to expose and end U.S. complicity with Israeli war crimes and violations of human rights,”
said Bennis.

What a load of crap!

First, there has been no “huge breakthrough” in any area of US-Israeli relations. This kerfuffle is the result of Obama being a lame duck and having nothing to lose. Our Prez has ignored activists in so many other areas (trade agreements, for example) that it’s difficult to believe that activism is the prime mover behind the actions of a few Dems.

Second, nothing has arisen to indicate a change in US support of Israeli crimes against humanity. Does anyone really believe that the US military would listen to Obama if he ordered an end of weapons shipments to Israel?

I know that Bennis is supposed to be on “our side” but she can be so full of shit sometimes.

On the positive side, at least this article has a headline that fits.



Why do we let Israel tell us what to do. I don’t like Iran’s government, but I don’t like Saudi Arabia’s either.

It’s better to have Iran in the tent pissing out than out of the tent pissing in.


“It is my obligation as prime minister to do everything that I can to prevent this agreement.” (As a lifelong pugnacious Zionist who favors violence in the name of Hebrew hegemony…is his underlying message. The years change but the religious and hubristic purposes remain and grow exponentially while playing the “martyr” gambit at every turn.


How would Netanyahu and/or Rivlin look at and respond to the prospect of President Obama and/or Kerry or Biden making a trip to Israel to address the Knesset without first approaching either man via established acceptable diplomatic protocol? They would probably deny Obama exit from the airport and force Air Force One to return home.


Israel is now a police state, and a “democracy” only for those with certified orthodox Jewish grandmothers on their mother’s side. Must have a rabbi vet it. That is not democracy as we know it. It is actually closer to what the third Reich was trying institute, had they won.


Well said! Judaism is passed down through the mother as you so aptly put it.

Pots and kettles…black is their color as the saying goes yet neither looks at themselves through anything other than prismatic lenses…distortions and all.


The USA has scored a lot more than that since its inception through genocide of the indigenes and enslavement, psychical genocide of the African and mass incarceration of them today. Astounding is it not that two nations, USA which actually dropped two atomic bombs and initiating true global terror, and Israel which is the only nuclear power in the ME, have ANY say in what Iran does.


A better strategy for Bibi and Israel would be: Acknowledge the existence of their nukes and put them under international supervision. Then, having taken the moral high ground (so to speak), urge that Iran comply with international requirements as well. This whole issue is so one sided, and as far as I am concerned, Iran has every right to be a key regional player, and if they are foolish enough to decide to build nukes–albatrosses that require inordinate maintenance and only provide symbolic value–then so be it. Iran is not an existential threat to the US. But unstinted support for Israel may become an existential threat to America’s future.


Let’s remember that Bibi fights for “Greater Israel”, which territorially, greatly exceeds Palestine. The ejaculations of this warmonger are inspired by a vision that is rarely discussed and would truly disgust, if it were.


So now I see where Bibi has made a deal to use Saudi airspace to launch a strike against Iran:

I certainly hope Bibi will give all the details of this “special arrangement” with Saudi Arabia during his speech before Congress.

And to think of all the “ring” kissing Obama, Kerry and Biden did recently in Saudi Arabia.

With “allies” like Israel and Saudi Arabia I am beginning to wonder who the “friends” of the US really are??


“…urge that Iran comply with international requirements as well.” You say that as if Iran wasn’t complying with international requirements, including the enhanced additions imposed over and above the NPT. Please cite reliable sources for your claim.


I know that it is popular to perceive Israel as the “dog” wagging the US tail, but it is really the opposite. All of this is really just a variation on the “good cop, bad cop” routine designed to frighten Iran and further Kerry’s “ultimatum negotiations” with that state.

Neither Obama nor Netanyahu want those negotiations to succeed. They (they US) wants regime change in Iran (through their nefarious NED activity in that country as well as economic sanctions). The Saudis want that oil pipeline and transhipment terminal in Syria which that nervy Assad refused to allow in deference to his Russian allies (who are no longer as concerned with all these manipulations now that they have their China deal and pipeline for all the petroleum they can produce for sales to Asia).

Israel wants the neutralization of both the Iranian and Syrian arsenal of missiles (non-nukes) sure to come pouring into Israel in numbers too great for all the Iron Dome and Patriot batteries they have to intercept. This barrage will happen when Israel starts its final push to destroy Hamas in Gaza with Egyptian cooperation and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and the Golan with US support.

After that this perverse alliance will have replaced the regimes in Syria and Iran and destroyed Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank and replaced them all with compliant puppets.

Then all sides will have been sufficiently bloodied to finally seriously negotiate a peace deal with Israel. Such blackmail never works though, and the peace deal will fail with disastrous consequences for everyone concerned with its creation as well as the rest of the world economically dependent on the stable flow of petroleum from the Mid East.

Expect future blow back from Europe especially as a culturally, politically, and economically strangled Europe must pay the greatest price for this “peace” (or as Vickie Neuland would say…well you know the rest of that little ditty).


BiBi’s main problem is this…Iran has signed the Nuclear non proliferation treaty while Israel has not. So legally, Iran has the right to pursue nuclear enrichment for peaceful purposes and Israel is in VIOLATION of international treaty as THEY illegally posses Nuclear weapons. Can you say hypocrisy ?


Netanyahu, Bill O’Reilly, Eddie Carbone, John Boehner, Rudy Guiliani, Archie Bunker, Rush Limbaugh, Father Coughlin, the bad McCarthy (and many others) are all the same “person.” Person has to be in quote marks since some of these are dead-- the ones that aren’t dead-while-alive. And some are commentatoes in radio or TV. And one, Eddie Carbone, is a character in VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE by Arthur Miller. Some are supposed to be “real” persons but in fact all exist in fiction. They are made up. They are fragments of a human being, each one. They are all one fragmentary person.

Do you, reader, love that SOB? Me neither.


Neither Israel or Saudi Arabia is really our friend. At this point, I trust Iran more than I do either of the other two.


I agree with you completely. I have Jewish friends and when I see them I think of this evil man.