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Netanyahu and Trump: A Shared Focus on Terrorism


Netanyahu and Trump: A Shared Focus on Terrorism

Naomi Dann

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit with President Trump at the White House this week. It will be a true meeting of minds. Both leaders are bombastic and rely on false claims, fear-mongering, and stereotypes to pursue discriminatory, racist, and violent policies.

"Trump's invocation of terrorism as the basis of his discriminatory executive order targeting Muslim immigration also draws on a deeper discourse that has roots in Israel and with Benjamin Netanyahu himself."


" Israel’s use of the term to describe terrorist violence as both irrational and illegitimate in both means and ends"

Now about the King David Hotel and Haganah and Irgun in the run-up to the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs in 1948, Mr Netanyahu.............you mean it was irrational and illegitimate in both means and ends?


Trump forgot to put Saudi Arabia, the 9/11 perps, on his travel ban. That's puzzling. I don't understand the complicated political entanglements in the Middle East well. But I wonder why we give Israel billions and US and the billionaire Arab monarchies give the Palestinians zilch?

Its hardly racism or xenophobia behind the pogroms that Palestinians and Black Jews suffer. Its economic inequality. Rich people of all countries understand each other and coexist very well.


When the President does it, it is not illegal. Likewise, when the "chosen people" do it, it is not terrorism.



A shared pathology, racism, ignoring the rule of law and mental illness between these two scum of the Earth.........Netanyahu guilty of crimes against humanity and terrorism for decades, give trump time, he's only been emperor for weeks.............


Goddess that apartment is tacky .... fits the twit perfectly!


Meanwhile back in the Occupied Territories/West Bank/Jerusalem, Netanyahu's racist ethnic cleansing and terrorist evictions/home demolitions, ramps-up his/its crimes against humanity and contempt for International Law............two pathological liars, perfect together!



A very interesting and informative piece on Israeli subversion of US interests.

How Israel Out-Foxed US Presidents
February 12, 2017


The Israeli subversion of the US continues.....

"Israel launched an attack on its Arab neighbors on June 5, 1967, claiming that the conflict was provoked when Egyptian forces opened fire. (The CIA later concluded that it was Israel that had first fired upon Egyptian forces.)

USS Liberty (AGTR-5) receives assistance from units of the Sixth Fleet, after she was attacked and seriously damaged by Israeli forces off the Sinai Peninsula on June 8, 1967.
On June 8, at the height of the conflict, which would become known as the Six-Day War, Israeli fighter/bombers attacked the USS Liberty, a lightly armed communications vessel sent on a mission to relay information on the course of the war to U.S. naval intelligence.

The attack killed 34 Americans sailors, and wounded 171 others. Israeli leaders have always claimed that they had mistaken the U.S. vessel for an enemy ship, but a number of U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Dean Rusk, believed the attack was deliberate, possibly to prevent the United States from learning about Israel’s war plans. [See As I Saw It by Dean Rusk.]

However, in (craven) deference to Israel, the U.S. government did not aggressively pursue the matter of the Liberty attack and even issued misleading accounts in medal citations to crew members, leaving out the identity of the attackers."

http://www.ussliberty.org/findings.htm - Commission (unofficial) chaired by Admiral Thomas H Moorer on the Israeli sneak attack on the Liberty and cover-up by the US and Israel - over 200 US sailors dead and survivors have been muzzled and never had their "day in court", justice, or the truth from either the US or Israel!


I'm with you on Netanyahu. He is filled with hate. Trump operates from vanity and greed, qualities that most humans share to varying degrees. Hate is far more dangerous to the world. Giving power to haters is extremely dangerous. Don't like to mention Hitler in such a delicate context but it seems like Netanyahu would like to exterminate Palestinians. Where should they go?


T and N...instigators and fomenters of terrorism. Certainly not ones to diplomatically or humanely approach the problems and their sources while providing any workable solutions. Theirs is to ram it down the "others" throats with a poker and build 3,000 more housing units on their land...then wonder why all the violence. Or roll in the tanks, lob missiles, build walls, and isolate entire villages...that's peace inducing....

Narcissists on parade talking over each other not hearing a thing that the other has to say.

A sordid joke....