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Netanyahu, ‘Censored Voices,’ and the False Narrative of Self-Defense


Netanyahu, ‘Censored Voices,’ and the False Narrative of Self-Defense

Marjorie Cohn

On March 3rd, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued an impassioned plea to Congress to protect Israel by opposing diplomacy with Iran. Referring to “the remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States” which includes “generous military assistance and missile defense,” Netanyahu failed to mention that Israel has an arsenal of 100 or 200 nuclear weapons.

The Six-Day War


There seems to be no limit to the barbarity that can be developed in the name of religion and/or patriotism. Perhaps that is the true purpose of both.


Thank you Ms. Cohn for this. Didn’t know this history and believed the lie that it was justifiable self-defense. Which of course doesn’t make sense in that the IDF was apparently fully prepared for that war and Egypt was not.


Iran professes to need nuclear plants to produce energy. Since Chernobyl it has been obvious to rational people that nuclear plants are too dangerous to build, but this point is never made by US negotiators because the nuclear industry has such a strong lobby in DC. The logical answer to Iran’s need for non-fossil fuel power sources would be to offer to help build a solar and wind network - but this is another point that can’t be made because of the power of corporate donors.


I’m still waiting to hear why Israel torpedoed the USS Liberty during the Six-Day War. Some of the surviving crew members are clear that it was a deliberate attack, and Lyndon Johnson’s investigation was hardly thorough. Some of the survivors are still alive today, and I believe they deserve a credible explanation.


Very true. Add in the fact that nuclear power plants require access to water bodies to provide for the necessary cooling of their otherwise dangerously irradiated parts, and factor in what climate chaos means (or will mean) in the way of reliable water-based cooling systems, and in a desert-based topography like the Middle East, it makes nuke power that much more insane.

Ms. Cohn’s analysis is on the mark; however, Israel is hardly the first or last nation to use the illusion of defense to launch a war. How about the Tet offensive or a very recent all-American inside job (that may or may not have used Saudi or Mossad assistance).

To keep planned wars-as-products on schedule (in order to move all the martial inventory that supplies these monstrous operations), if a trigger doesn’t show up in time–to be exploited, then one will be engineered.


That needed water can be supplied by nuclear POWERED desalinization plants in front of the nuclear POWER plants. Gee, I wonder in which part of the atom the SUN derives its POWER? Now if I can just find a way to make an everlasting buck off of the SUN, I would have all the POWER! From a sustainability standpoint, it boils down to can a solar supply/storage economy keep itself in gear? I don’t know the answer, but am sure that some are doggedly pursuing it.



What is it good for?

“Getting reelected!”,

Says Bibi Netanyahu.


The answer is simple: the Israelis mistook the Liberty for an Egyptian ship. From World War II through the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 there have been numerous war time incidents in which a country’s warships have been mistakenly attacked by its own aircraft. In the case of the Liberty, the ship and the aircraft were from different countries, and the US Navy had placed its own vessel perilously close to ongoing military operations.

Those who suggest the attack was deliberate have yet to come up with a convincing Israeli motive.


The situation is more complicated than the article suggests. By early June Nasser had responded to increasing Israeli-Syrian tensions by closing the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping, removing the UN observer force from the Israeli-Egyptian border, and sending major troop reinforcements into the Sinai. It appears that he wanted to maneuver the Israelis into attacking first, and knew that (a) Israel considered the closure of the straits a casus belli (b) the IDF could not keep its reserve forces mobilized indefinitely. What he did not count on was having the war start with the destruction of the Egyptian air force.

When Jordan began shelling Israeli territory on the morning of June 5 the Israelis sent messages via the UN asking the Jordanians to stop. Because King Hussein believed that he would be overthrown if he remained neutral in an Israeli-Egyptian conflict, the shelling continued and the war spread to Jerusalem and the West Bank.

As for Netanyahu not mentioning the Israeli nuclear arsenal (which probably contains fewer than 100 warheads), it’s been US-Israeli policy since 1969 to maintain ambiguity/“opacity” about the Israeli nuclear capability. I doubt Obama or Kerry really want to see that policy jettisoned at this particular moment.


There’s a lot more duplicity behind that Zionist curtain of lies. If you want a good easy, yet embracing start on those lies, The Battle For Palestine" by William R. Polk is only 50 pages (by my printer) over 3 parts, that can be access for free on the Internet.


Sorry, Mossad’s own records say differently, All the pilots recognized that it was an American ship carrying an American flag and equipment, repeated queried command, which insisted on taking the attack forward to sinking the ship and killing everyone on. It was clearly false flag, and not a case of mistaken identity which is absurd.


What Mossad records are those? (The Mossad has no operational control over the Israeli air force or the Israeli navy). The Israeli jet pilots did not recognize it as an American ship; the Israeli helicopter pilots who arrived after the torpedo boat attack did.

If the Israelis were intent on sinking the ship and killing everyone on it, why didn’t they? And what evidence is there that the attack was “a false flag.” The aircraft involved had Israeli markings, and Israel informed the US that it had mistakenly attacked a US ship within hours of the incident happening. What evidence is there that Israel ever tried to blame the attack on Egypt or the USSR?

Finally, why is mistaken identity absurd? In 1940 the German air force sank a German destroyer in the North Sea; in 1944 two US PT boats were sunk by US aircraft off New Britain, and two Royal Navy minesweepers were sunk off Normandy by RAF aircraft; and in 1974 a Turkish destroyer was sunk by Turkish aircraft during the invasion of Cyprus. It happens.


Does “that Zionist curtain of lies” pertain to my post? If so, I’m curious as to which of my statements you consider to be lies.


By Tet offensive, do you mean Tonkin Gulf incident?

Dare I ask “what ‘very recent all-American inside job’”?


The whole history of Zionism is covered by a curtain of lies. That’s why I gave that one title free on the Internet as a suggested start in examining them. There’s a lot more available.

Remember, any history that is based on the merciless invasion conquest of a people from foreigners from another continent has to be covered with a curtain of lies by these foreigners to avoid arousing the world’s disgust and anger.


A false flag operation would be coordinated with Mossad. In fact, the whole surprise attack on the Egyptians would be coordinated with Mossad.

The Israeli pilots couldn’t see that the flag was American, that the ship and equipment was American, not Russian as it would be for an Egyptian ship? Are you claiming that the Israelis used exceptionally stupid pilots for this attack?

Finally, how can anyone believe that the Israelis didn’t know that a ship spying on them regularly was American? Are you suggesting they didn’t they didn’t consider it important enough to know? Especially before a surprise attack on Egypt?


Convincing motive? For you nothing would be adequate. But Shamir thought the Americans shafted Israel when they refused to join the Israeli-French-British attack in 1956. A successful false-flag attack blamed on the Egyptians could remedy that for the Israelis if it brought America into the war on the Israeli side against Egypt.


Does decades of immigration and settlement under the Ottoman Empire and the British mandate really qualify as “merciless invasion conquest”? Also note that Israel is full of people whose families were living in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen in 1948–i.e., the same continent–as well as people from Africa and North Africa: Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, etc. The idea that Israel is some purely European colony is nonsensical. Not to mention the fact that Hebrew is a Middle Eastern language and Judaism a Middle Eastern religion of long standing.


Shamir? As in Yitzhak Shamir, the former Lehi commander and future Israeli prime minister? What does he have to do with the attack on the Liberty?

You still haven’t offered evidence that the Israelis ever tried to blame the attack on the Egyptians. Plus, on June 8 the IDF was closing in on the Suez Canal. What did they need US help for in fighting Egypt?