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Netanyahu, ‘Censored Voices,’ and the False Narrative of Self-Defense


The Mossad certainly played a role in the 1967 war, but it is not responsible for controlling Israeli combat aircraft and recording their conversations with ground command.

If flags and ships are always easily identifiable from the air, what accounts for the sinkings from 1940, 1944, and 1974 that I’ve mentioned (plus all the other mistaken attacks I haven’t cited)? While I don’t think the Israeli pilots were stupid (one of the men involved was credited with 13 air-to-air kills during his flying career), I also think ship recognition drills weren’t high on their priorities. (Another case: in 1941 an entire formation of British carrier aircraft mistakenly attacked the cruiser HMS Sheffield while it was shadowing the German battleship Bismarck. The aircraft came from a carrier that had been operating in the same task force as the Sheffield for over six months.)

The Liberty hadn’t been spying on Israel regularly. It had been converted into a spy ship in 1965 and spent the next two years operating off West Africa. In May 1967 it was sent to the eastern Mediterranean for the first time. The Israelis IDed her correctly early on the morning of June 8, but when the ship was spotted again shortly before noon, the IDF mistakenly believed the Liberty had left the area. ‘Fog of war,’ the same fog that prevented the Liberty from receiving in time message sent from Washington telling it to move 100 miles off the Sinai coast.


Yep, that’s what the terrorist destroyer of villages and murderer of U.N. Negotiator, Foulke Bernadotte, said. What precisely he had to do with the attack on the Liberty, it doesn’t matter. The Zionist ranks are and have been full of accomplished terrorists that could do the planning and arranging for any particular atrocity.

After the Israelis blew the false flag attack, there wasn’t much good trying to blame it on the Egyptians, was there? After all, there were inconvenient survivors and the Zionists had been publicly ratted out, so Lyndon Johnson, who had ordered back the relief missions, couldn’t cover for them.


You’re actually claim that an integral part of the Zionist enterprise of conquest was kept in the dark? That makes no sense.

The examples you give to show how common are mistakes of identification causing attack occur at sea actually shows how rare they are, especially ones that are continued with implacable ferocity. They wanted to murder everyone on board, so there would be no witnesses to contradict their coming false narrative,

Your blaming blaming the failure of all electronic communication on fog and “fog of war” makes no sense. Are you claiming that the fog shut down the electronic communication by which the poor men on the Liberty were frantically trying to communicate with the men that were murdering them? Are you claiming that the fog shut down this highly organized attack by boat and planes from communicating with base command?

On what basis do you make the strange claim that the IDF mistakenly believed the Liberty left the area? Because they were able to launch a coordinated attack when they wanted at the precise time they wanted, the beginning of the surprise attack?

How do you know that the Liberty was ordered to move 100 miles off the Sinai coast? Are you saying that Lyndon Johnson knew beforehand of the Israeli ambush of conquest? Are you saying that this hypothesized missed order to move some how justifies the IDF attack on a ship they had previously identified?


I understand. The gradual invasion of colonialist foreigners with the open intent of taking over you consider okay.

I never said that Israel was purely European now, especially since the savage manipulations of the Mossad against the Sephardi in other countries forced them to Israel.

What I have said and which is historically true, is that the Zionist invaders were almost exclusively European Ashkenazi by their own admission bent on ripping an alien country from the people living there. They invaded by the hundreds of thousands, most of it illegal, and none of it wanted by the people living there for many centuries - Muslim, Christian, and Sephardi. The Ashkenazi thugs messed it up for everyone. The British have good records of this.

But don’t feel bad. The European white men were always finding excuses to murder the Indians and seize their land too.


They attacked because they were taking the Golan Heights and did not want the Liberty (spy ship) to report that fact to the American government.


They have built one, I believe. They want to be able to sell more oil. It is their decision to have nuclear & have invested a lot to own the reprocessing cycle.


The Liberty was cruising off the Sinai coast and was not in a good position to intercept signals between IDF HQ in Tel Aviv and the IDF Northern Command. The ship carried Russian and Arabic linguists, but no Hebrew speakers.
That Israel was considering an attack on the Golan on June 8 was not a secret. The US consul in Jerusalem reported that day news of heavy Israeli air and artillery bombardment against Syrian positions. In Tel Aviv the CIA station chief reported seeing tanks being moved north from the Sinai through the streets of the city. And the chief of IDF Military intelligence told the US ambassador that Israel was considering an attack on Syria. But in fact, the final decision wasn’t made until dawn on June 9, when Defense Minister Dayan gave the go-ahead to the head of the Northern Command.
In any case, if you’re Israel, which action do you think will do the most harm to your relations with the US:
A. Seizing the territory of an anti-American, Soviet-aligned Arab nation
B. Attacking a US Navy ship
I think the question answers itself.


If the attack on the Liberty was a false flag attack meant to be blamed on Egypt, why weren’t the Israeli aircraft painted with Egyptian markings? Why weren’t the Israeli torpedo boats flying Egyptian flags? Why didn’t the Israelis generate fake Arabic radio traffic implicating the Egyptians?

And if the intent was to sink the ship and leave no survivors, why were the attacking aircraft armed with 30mm cannon and napalm canisters–deadly weapons to be sure, but not the kind of weaponry that does lethal structural damage to a ship? If the Israelis had planned to sink the Liberty, they would have attacked it with 500 pound bombs. The nature of the aerial attack is evidence that it was an improvised response to an incorrect battlefield report saying that IDF troops were being shelled from the sea, compounded by the error of the Israeli torpedo boats inaccurately interpreting their radar information and calculating that their target was moving at 30 knots instead of 5.


By “fog of war” I meant the confusion inherent in military operations, not literal fog. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

An Israeli reconnaissance aircraft spotted the Liberty about 70 miles west of Gaza at about 6AM local time on June 8, 1967. By 7AM the ship had been correctly identified at the naval intelligence center in Haifa. At about 8.50AM the Liberty reached its initial patrol position and began slowly sailing westward about 13-14 miles off the Sinai coast as per its orders. In fact the National Security Council had decided that the ship was too close to the war zone and should be moved 100 miles off the coast. At 12;30 AM the first of five messages were sent from Washington telling the ship to change course and fall back. Because of the seriously flawed naval communications system, none of these messages reached the ship before the attack.

At 11AM a new watch officer at the Haifa center removed the Liberty from the operations plot, believing that in the five hours since it had been spotted, the ship had sailed to the west of Port Said and was no longer in its 6AM location. Because of the secrecy of its NSA mission, the Israelis had not been told of its location, and the US had previously told the UN Security Council that no US navy shp was within hundreds of miles of the fighting.

At about 1 PM the Israeli army HQ in Tel Aviv received a false report that its troops near El Arish were being shelled from the sea. The army asks the navy in Haifa to investigate. The navy sends three motor torpedo boats (MTBs) to the vincity. They spot the Liberty on radar, incorrectly calculate its speed as 30 knots instead of 5, and decide it is an Egyptian destroyer escaping toward Port Said. The navy asks the Israeli air force to intercept the target ship. At 1.58 PM two Mirage jets begin strafing the ship with 30mm cannon shells. After they exhaust their ammunition, two Super Mystere B2 jets attack with 30 mm cannon and drop four napalm canisters, one of which hits the ship. By 2:11 the absence of any return anti-aircraft fire raises suspicions about the ship’s identity. One of the pilots notices that the ship has Latin, not Arabic, letters on its side. There is concern in Tel Aviv about whether the ship is American or Soviet. At 2:17 this uncertainty is reported to Haifa.

When the Israeli MTBs approach the burning ship they flash the international code for “Identify yourself.” The Liberty responds with .50 caliber machine gun fire. The Israelis receive permission from Haifa to launch a torpedo attack. They fire five torpedos at 2:35. One hits the ship, killing 25 Americans. By 2:20 the MTB commander has become uncertain as to the identity of his target. The Israeli attack ends, after 34 Americans have lost their lives.

Every official US investigation has concluded that the attack was the result of mistaken identity.


Since their plans were to sink the ship and leave no witnesses, why would they need to do all that and chance confusion among their own? Who needs to do actual fake Arabic traffic signals when they can make up all the fakes they need later?

Obviously they attacked the way they did, because they miscalculated on the ease of their success. After all, the Liberty was supposed to go down with that first torpedo. This was a surveillance ship and wasn’t supposed to be that tough. Maybe the pilots who recognized the ship was America had much more conscience that their commanders who insisted on the attack. Those pilots really didn’t want to commit the multiple murders.

And this is simply total bullbleep of unsupported speculation arbitrarily out of a vast mass of possibilities:

The nature of the aerial attack is evidence that it was an improvised response to an incorrect battlefield report saying that IDF troops were being shelled from the sea, compounded by the error of the Israeli torpedo boats inaccurately interpreting their radar information and calculating that their target was moving at 30 knots instead of 5.


The claim that Israel is now full of Sephardic/Mizrachi Jews because of the “savage manipulations of the Mossad” is nonsensical.
As for the “Ashkenazi thugs” who came to Eretz Israel during the Ottoman and Mandate periods,legally and illegally, ask what would have happened to them and their families if they had stayed in Europe? What, for the most part, would have been their fate–an unmarked mass grave, a pile of ashes? In the eyes of much of the contemporary bien-pensant “progressive” world, this would have made them Good (Dead Victim) Jews, instead of Evil (Living Fighting) Zionists. But not in my eyes.


I asked these questions to point out that you have offered zero evidence that the attack on the Liberty was a deliberate false-flag operation designed to make the US believe that the Egyptians had sunk the ship.

For those interested in the actual facts regarding this tragedy, I would recommend reading A. Jay Cristol, The Liberty Incident Revealed (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2013), an updated version of a study first published in 2002.


I understand that you believe that the European Zionists had a reason to do horrible crimes to other people to avoid suffering horrible crimes in Europe. Why couldn’t the unscrupulous moneybags who made the little Zionists the foot soldiers of their money making enterprise based on crimes against humanity spend all that money to get you homes all over the rest of the world instead?

Moreover, I stand on “Ashkenazi thugs” as a precise description by what they have been doing for over a century.


So we’re supposed to believe the nonsensical argument that it was a “mistake”, when it has all the earmarks of a false flag attack?

What you’re really saying is that we have no outright confessions yet? Just the preponderance of circumstantial evidence plus the false flag attack is standard Zionist procedure.

Thanks for offering me another official white wash approved by the right people. I guess you would also be recommending the Warren Report to find out what happened to Kennedy.


Once again, you offer no evidence, only your factually irrelevant dislike of Zionism.

The Warren Report is an incomplete account, but since its essential findings are supported by the evidence–Oswald killed the President, he acted alone, so did Ruby–it’s far more worthwhile than the endless conspiracy nonsense.


If you’re asking if I’m glad that hundreds of thousands of Jews were able to live in Israel instead of dying in Europe, the answer is yes.

I don’t know who “the unscrupulous moneybags” that you refer to are, but I’d guess you’re aware that it wasn’t easy for European Jews to find “homes all over the rest of the world” in the 1930s and 40s.


I’m supposed to like a movement that supported the invasion of aliens into another country that destroyed the lies of hundreds of thousands of people already living there for many generations? Only psychopaths support crimes against humanity like that.

Again, you point out that you scorn heavy circumstantial evidence, when you aren’t faced with confessions. Good for you when you want to believe the innocence of those following what for them has been established by normal conduct. After all, the zionists were fighting an ambush war of conquest against countries not in any position to menace them. Moshe Dayan himself admits this.

The Warren report is an obvious cover up written to seduce the gullible and those ignorant of CIA conduct. but your unworldly, arrogant scorn of “conspiracies” guarantees that you will preserve your ignorance and the arrogance by which you declare it truth.


That wasn’t the option at the time of the conquest, except for a few short years. The Zionists were guilty of many of those deaths, since they were indifferent to helping the escape of Jews from Europe unless they came to Palestine to become foot soldiers in the Zionist conquests. By many actions the Zionist showed they didn’t care at all for the lives of Jewish people, but only for the cause of Zionist conquest to which they were fully dedicated. Even the Haganah bombed a ship leaving Palestine with 1800 Jewish people killing 260 of them.

All that money shoving Ashkenazi into Palestine came from billionaires who could easily afford sending them elsewhere, like the Germans spread all through North and South America. Why not the Ashkenazi Jews? Why channel them all at Palestine and the hundreds of thousands of people living them. You have no excuse to demand innocent Arab lives to be ruined and immiserated by invaders that could have been spread elsewhere.


Here’s some documentation I had immediately available on what the Zionist did to the Jews of Morocco,


You don’t consider this to be savage manipulation? The Zionist attacked the Sephardi all over to force recruits. Your ignorance of this does not make it untrue.


Remember always that Judaism is not Zionism, except as a propaganda ploy of the Zionists.