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Netanyahu Comes to Trump Meeting Under Pressure to Kill Palestinian State


Netanyahu Comes to Trump Meeting Under Pressure to Kill Palestinian State

Allison Deger

As soon as today, there will likely be some clarity over President Donald Trump’s ever-evolving stance on Israeli settlements, and whether or not he will pursue moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.


Israel = Neoconistan, Homeland to Terror forever and ever.
(or at least ~6,000 years...)


I'm reassured by these quotes, which didn't get coverage in the US. Suggests to me that djt is at least learning a few of the practicalities of his position. I'd like to know where Kushner stands in this development and process. But I'm guessing the real practicality that matters may be that there's no money for the T organization to make in West Bank settlements. It's not his kind of real estate.

My big question about "Palestinian State" is what alternative anyone can promote? If no Palestinian State, what do you do with the Palestinians? Just squeeze the West Bank down to a smaller and smaller Gaza-like concentration camp and wait for them to die out? And you still have those few established within Israel proper. What do you do with them? Even Netanyahu must see how poorly the alternatives play in the world, and that to some extent Israel does have to acknowledge the existence of the rest of the world.


Relations with Israel is something that corporate America shies away from. Though Big Oil is counting on support in a variety of ways from Israeli intelligence and its military to assist them in securing Middle Eastern oil fields, they are also acutely aware of how much Israeli racist policies are despised by all of the countries in the region. Big Pharma, the health care insurance industry, auto makers, retail giants, fast food conglomerates, communication companies and even defense contractors have little or no interest in Israel. That is why Big Oil will be calling the shots on this one.
The first option for Palestinians has always been to live in peace, side by side with Israelis enjoying equal rights and equal respect in a one State, ecumenical society that ignores racial, religious and ethnic differences. But most Israelis are not willing to abandon their deep rooted hatred of their islamic neighbors, therefore the real "One State" solution is off the table.
Now the Israelis want to remove the second most appealing solution to Palestinians by creating a "Two State" solution in which all Palestinians would be shoved into a tiny corner of the desert where they would be strictly controlled by Israeli military forces while slowly starving to death in an open air prison similar to Gaza right now.
If the "Two State" solution is also rejected, then we must assume that option three is being considered, the permanent removal or elimination of any islamic presence in Israel and all of the occupied territories. While many Israelis in private routinely express their desires to exterminate every last Palestinian on the planet, officially they have refrained from stating their 'preferred option' and instead dazzle the media with vague pronouncements of Jewish victimhood and Palestinian aggression.
Much of the media has focused recently on the alleged interference of the Russians to undermine the last election, but all of this pales in comparison to the open bribes that the Israelis use to purchase virtually every U.S. Congressman and Senator in government. These political "donations", that amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars handed out to individual politicians in exchange for their unconditional support of Israeli policies, exposes just how biased the media is when they're demonizing the enemy du jour for interfering in America's broken down electoral system.
Trump must be aware of the undue influence that AIPAC has on the U.S. government and therefore he must be acutely aware of the hypocrisy the media has shown towards outside influences on American elections. Yet Trump also knows that Israel is America's best ally when it comes to waging war against their oil rich neighbors which should intensify over the next four years. On top of this, Trump most likely shares Netanyahu's racist views towards muslims and arabs in general and will probably appease Israeli hardliners anyway he can.
The losers here will be Palestinians, muslims everywhere, American democracy, justice and humanity. The winners will be Israeli racism, the MIC, Big Oil and Sheldon Adelson. While Trump will move to the right of previous administrations, it will only be by a hair as the U.S. government has always trumpeted Israeli demands over American public opinion. For all of those Trump voters that thought their president would stand up to Israeli aggression and their interference in the American government, they will be sorely disappointed.


You left out two important factors tugging on the djt45 WH, and in somewhat different directions regarding Israel: in-law Kushner, and evangelical Pence. Evangelicals of Pence's ilk expect Jesus to return to Israel for the Rapture. But there are specifics that must be set up (an unblemished cow, for one, which Christies in Texas have been trying for years to breed and get shipped to Israel). And what the Christies don't say to their Israeli "friends" is that any of the Jews who haven't converted in time are to be slaughtered. I'm not sure how much Kushner and Ivanka look for a different messiah to pop up, but these have got to be disturbing currents for a mind that doesn't really want to have to think.


The extremist, terrorist, theocracy Israel and its current regime are a threat to the US, ME and entire world - a state devoted to exceptionalist racism and arrogant/brutal expansionism. http://ifamericaknew.org/history/origin.html

The wars Israel has fought have been intentional and provoked to take territory by force in violation of International Law, UN resolutions and Charter to create the Eretz Israel (greater Israel) of their mythological fantasy creation.

Even viciously attacking an "ally" in a false-flag op to gain advantage was not beyond the arrogant madness of Zionist pathology - that attack was of course on the USS Liberty killing or wounding over 200 American sailors - that attack has been covered-up, witnesses silenced by both the US and Israel ever since!. Read the truth http://www.ussliberty.org/findings.htm

A nuclear-armed nation intent on fomenting more war, brutal ethnic cleansing to expel the Palestinian people from all the Occupied Territories and further, to create their dreamed-of pure racist state!

Israeli leaders worked for decades to subvert US politics and government to "get America into our fight" - a premeditated subversion, tolerated by a treasonous congress, centered in the AIPAC Israeli foreign agents.

https://consortiumnews.com/2017/02/12/how-israel-out-foxed-us-presidents-6/ - another view of Israeli subversion of US interests


Actually, it just means "Land of Israel." The reality is bad enough without inflating it.


Actually the term is used for both meanings - this definition from a zionist site.

"Eretz Yisrael Hashleimah - (Hebrew). "The Whole Land of Israel" or "Greater Israel". An Israeli ideology that believes Israel should expand to take up all of the "historic" land of Israel, sometimes viewed as all of Palestine west of the Jordan river, sometimes including all the land of the original Palestine Mandate, including Transjordan, and sometimes including all of Israel as promised by God and never fulfilled - from Homs in Syria in the North and from the Euphrates River in Iraq to the Mediterranean."


It's that 3rd word that makes it "greater." "Eretz" is just "land." Don't get carried away with the zionists. They're plenty inflammatory on their own.


I've seen it used as the contraction, but fair enough, I defer to your erudition..........


The trump - nuttyyahoo press-conference is now being broadcast and is truly a loathsome and vomit-inducing concoction of propaganda BS and pro-Israel terrorist blather...............Israel is NOT American's friend - nor actually a friend to any nation or people in their racist madness..............


Since when do we hold the press conference before the meeting? Oh yeah, when the content of the meeting is already settled.


But, but, but - Wasn't Isreal our friend when it attacked the USS Liberty and killed 34 US naval officers, seamen, marines, and civilian during the six day war?


Need to get me a clip of the audio of Bibi's chuckle when djt said "whatevs" about 2-state/1-state. NPR (I was out this evening) kept interpreting it as 'I'm not wedded to the 2-state solution,' but I (and I think for once Bibi heard the same thing I did) heard 'Not my circus. You guys figure it out and let me know.' And in the context of telling Bibi he should stop the settlements ('OK?'), it seemed to me pretty disengaged. I hope I get to see Kushner's face at that moment, unless he's the most reasonable person in the family.


Well they are our friends just like the saudis who fund radical islam to the tune of 300 million dollars every year. Plus the funding of ISIS. Our friends are good to us.


These diplomatic meetings are choreographed in advance, down to what to wear. The only thing in doubt is the weather. And they would fix that if they could.


Bibi's party and he himself have stated that they want the greater israel of the bible. That would include Gaza and the west bank. It is a stated goal of the party. It has been the desired goal of the conservatives since the founding of Israel. When they talk about the greater Israel, that is what they mean, all the land including what is held by the palestinians. It is why Israel does not support a 2 state solution.
The problem with a 1 state solution is what to do with the palestinians, who if they are incorporated into Israel could vote. Which means they could swing elections to favor them. And Israel can not go for that. The only viable solution is to keep grabbing land in the west bank and hope for a palestinian uprising which can be counter with enough force to eliminate the palestinians. Either by killing or driving them off the land.
It is the solution the US used on native americans. Sure Israel will be hated and condemned. But the way they see it, they are already hated and condemned for what they have done. So what is a little more hate?


I believe I made just about those points. Emphyrio and I were just talking about the words.

And yes, I'm sure Israel would like to run the Palestinians into impoverished reservations, are doing that as much as they can (I believe I noted the situation of Gaza). But this is not the 19th century. The world does not view the Palestinians as savages. The Israelis' dilemma is that they can't get away with it. BDS is a thing.