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Netanyahu Deserves the Israeli People, and They Deserve Him


Netanyahu Deserves the Israeli People, and They Deserve Him

Gideon Levy

The first conclusion that arose just minutes after the announcement of the exit polls was particularly discouraging: The nation must be replaced. Not another election for the country's leadership, but general elections to choose a new Israeli people – immediately. The country urgently needs that. It won’t be able to stand another term for Benjamin Netanyahu, who emerged last night as the man who will form the next government.


Dear Likud voters, what the hell do you say “yes” to? Another 50 years of occupation and ostracism? Do you really believe in that?

I don’t believe that Likud expects it to take 50 years to exterminate the Palestinians.

The tone of this article is angry and bitter and rightfully so. For once, the headline is spot on.



Much has been made about the financial contributions of Adelson to the Likud linked coffers. There is something to be said about a system that holds as its lifeline the dregs of societal inversion. Gambling houses of today, raking lives over the perverse coals of the impoverished mindset of profiting from algorithms designed to always enslave the equally perverse systemic impoverishment of human hope gone awry. But in the notion of the silo, the resulting ‘shekels’ aggregated within circular walls go to the missile silo of internalized perversion of plausible deniability as it swirls what is not of itself - down the drain.
I cannot help but think about the english word ‘addled’. I don’t know when or where the extra ‘d’ was added to etymological root ‘adel’ but it retains something of the original meaning: filth.


Egads! What is this, General Boykin’s diatribe on the one true god of patriarchy. As if.


Now that the two state fantasy is buried, the only position for supporters of democracy to take is a single state with full voting, property and legal rights for all residents of the area under Israeli control. The two state idea allowed the USA and the West to support Israel for nearly fifty years, while ignoring the profoundly undemocratic nature of the state. That will no longer be possible. To support Israel from now on will mean supporting an apartheid regime, and that will be come impossible. A Jewish state might have once been possible, but that day has past - thanks to fanatics like Netanyahu.


And that’s the rough and the smooth of it. The psychopaths gain and keep power by never hesitating to betray, and never feeling remorse after they do it. It’s just another tool in the toolbox, along with lies, threats, and violence, to be used whenever convenient.


“Netanyahu deserves the Israeli people and they deserve him.”

This could easily have been said about people here in the U.S. after Bush was reelected. The problem is that fear-mongering works.

It worked for Bush and it worked for Netanyahu.

And we didn’t have a captive nation next door we could kick every few years and then complain about when they responded.

Fear makes people crazy and there are always those willing to take advantage of that to get and keep power.

Fear won. Reason, peace and prosperity lost.

I don’t think anyone deserves that.


Hmmmm…They don’t want posters who are too agreeable… That explains so much. :wink:


Who says that he didn’t?



Why bid the Israeli people do this. I asked my self the same question with the reelection of Barack Obama.


The world and the Palestinians in particular do not" deserve Netahyahu." Just as Liberman helped unite the Left Block winning Palestinians and progressives more seats in the Knesset, Netanyahu may be doing the world a favor by breaking the stranglehold of US support and showing the world what Zionism actually is. It’s time for all of us to demand an end to US economic underwriting of this racist settler state. If enough of us write our “reps” they will listen out of sheer opportunism. We must also strengthen the divestment campaigns and the boycott with the demand of an end to apartheid. One state for 2 people with equality for all. Together we stopped it in South Africa. We can stop it in Israel too.


Would we be having such a discussion if the US wasn’t being blackmailed every month into making payments to Israel? Now don’t get me wrong here, I do believe. in theory, that democratically governed, capitalist-economically structured societies are to be preferred over the alternatives. I’ve been to Israel, and it was a nice place to visit. While there I learned that we make monthly payments to the state of Israel, A) in direct support of their Zionism, to the tune of (in the '90’s about $30K per person), and B) in direct support of their military. I wondered if they would behave as aggressively if we stopped doing this? Why can’t they make it without our money? But to suggest they try is ‘anti-israel’? No it’s not. What the current situation is like is a parent giving their kid a switch and telling them to go hit other kids with it if that kid thinks that they have been wronged. And all the while this goes on right in front of the parent. The parent sees their kid get bumped on the playground and sees their child lash out at the offender and there is a collective cringe as the parent does NOTHING to stop the child. This collective cringe is where we are now, and the behavior needs to stop.

I believe it would stop a whole lot quicker if we withdrew our money. Israel we like you and wish you well, but you need to make it in this world without me having to tax my widows & orphans to keep giving you money to wantonly (given you have apparently re-elected BN, and who will surely) make more in this world.


This is more bad judgement on the part of CD’s owner: he chose another “amateur hour” commenting system, and this “too agreeable” judgement, like the idea that a comment must be at least 10 chars long to be acceptable, is just another case of people who’ve no idea what they’re doing taking decisions.

I posted a comment in their (the kids’ who’ve produced this system) forum about a couple of easy improvements they should make. My post was hidden! And the one “co-founder” who responded to me said “what are you on about, this reads like a different language to me.”. I replied that it was about their user interface and that I’d used industry-standard terminology, and I’m a retired psychologist who’s trying to give him for free what I usually charge a lot of money to provide as a consultant, so could he please tell me what he didn’t understand so that I could be more clear. He didn’t respond.

Boiled down and with the fat skimmed off, we’re hosed again. Or still.


Because "solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant "


Arby and Mairead, couldn’t agree more. Concise reiteration of the “House of Card’s” plot.


Maybe we can get a whole lot of folks to “like” your comment! Or are there limits on how many “likes” one can get as well as give (smile) - (I hate those silly smiley face thingies …)


Well here’s another way to react - refuse to vote for anyone that AIPAC funds, approves of or endorses, or even goes to their conferences …


And how about the mandatory use of those &*%#@$ smiley faces - grrrr …


I wonder how many would jump all over this guy if he talked the same way about US voters instead of Israeli ones … but the fact is the same could be said of us, we get government we vote for … and when it is rather clear to anyone paying attention what that gov’t stands for, apparently that is the gov’t we want - and, hence, the one we apparently deserve …


Yup, yup, yup …