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Netanyahu Faces Another Possible Indictment for Bribe to Get Glowing Media Coverage

Netanyahu Faces Another Possible Indictment for Bribe to Get Glowing Media Coverage

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing calls to resign after Israeli police on Sunday recommended indicting him and his wife on fraud and bribery charges.

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Major corporate media is the penultimate ‘invisibility cloak’ serving up plausible deniability by the $#!tload full - so full in fact that it vies with murder and genocide for ultimate sociopathic/psychotic bulldozer status. But it is after all Sooooo civilized, ain’t it?


Not making it much into the news… Nov.29 - at BDS website

Chilean Congress Votes to Ban Products From Illegal Israeli Settlements
18 Highlights of BDS Impact in 2018

  • Airbnb decided it would no longer profit from most illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land. This followed an international campaign led by the #StolenHomes coalition of organizations affiliated with the BDS movement for Palestinian rights and human rights organizations.
  • Earlier this month, Ilhan Omar made history by becoming the first sitting Congressperson to publicly endorse BDS. Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American woman elected to Congress, praised the BDS movement and supported cutting U.S. military aid to Israel.
  • Mobilizations across the world convinced Argentina’s national football team , led by Captain Lionel Messi, to cancel its exhibition match with Israel.
  • Celebrity singer Lana Del Rey became one of 19 artists to withdraw from Israel’s Meteor Festival, after thousands of fans and activists from around the world urged her to respect the Palestinian picket line. Shakira and Lorde were among other top artists to cancel their concerts in Israel this year. More than 100 DJs and electronic music artists joined the cultural boycott of Israel under #DJsForPalestine.
  • Chile’s Congress overwhelmingly voted to ban products from illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land.
  • Major organizations from the Indian women’s movement , representing over 10 million women, endorsed the BDS movement and demanded the release of all Palestinian child prisoners.
  • Amnesty International called for an arms embargo on Israel . It slammed the United States and the European Union for their military deals with Israel and held them responsible for “fueling mass violations" of Palestinian human rights.
  • The UK Labour Party recently voted to freeze arms sales to Israel. In Ireland, a Minister of State and 50 Irish lawmakers called for Ireland to stop arming Israel. Earlier, Dublin became the first European capital to endorse BDS for Palestinian rights.
  • Parliamentarians from Spain and Portugal took a stand for Palestinian rights and denounced Israel’s war crimes and racist “Jewish Nation-State Law.​” Several cities in Italy and the Spanish state called for an arms embargo on Israel.
  • The Movement for Black Lives released a powerful statement of solidarity with the Palestinian people and called for the United States to end its $38 billion in annual military aid to Israel.
  • 40 international Jewish social justice organizations recognized that the BDS movement for Palestinian rights has a proven commitment to “fighting antisemitism and all forms of racism and bigotry.” They condemned attempts to stifle criticism of Israel’s policies.
  • A 2018 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Professor George P. Smith, expressed support for the BDS movement and for cutting US military aid to Israel.
  • Adidas stopped sponsoring the Israel Football Association (IFA) , which includes teams based in illegal settlements built on stolen Palestinian land, after appeals from more than 130 Palestinian sports clubs.
  • Trade unionists and human rights activists in Tunisia and across the Arab world forced Israel’s Zim shipping line to suspend its routes to Tunisia.
  • The Canadian Federation of Students , representing more than 500,000 students, just voted at their Annual General Meeting to back the BDS movement.
  • Leeds became the first UK university to divest from firms involved in Israel’s arms trade, following a BDS campaign by Palestine solidarity activists. The university has divested more than $1.2 million in holdings from corporations that trade military equipment with Israel.
  • Quakers became the first church in the UK to say they “will not invest in any company profiting from [Israel’s military] occupation.” Recently, several US churches have also voted to divest from Israeli and international companies complicit in Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights.
  • From South Africa , Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela, a member of parliament and Nelson Mandela’s grandson, has affirmed the critical role BDS is playing to end Israeli apartheid. Earlier BDS highlights from 2018 and 2017:
  • Top 70 Moments of Solidarity & BDS for Palestine in 2018
  • Top 30 BDS Moments of 2017
  • BDS Movement Turns 12, Marks Anniversary With List of 12 Wins in 2017

A Nazi with a Jewish following


“I want to forcefully speak out against a foreign government like Russia meddling in US elections. Something we Israelis would never do.”


Hi FascistFokker-------well Mr. Netanyahu seems to play his politics like he wears his hair–A BIG COMB OVER. It would be more fun to hold him down and delete the ridiculous hair style, and doing that would probably hurt his self esteem without wasting the gasoline. : )

AIPAC may not meddle in US elections, but they certainly meddle in US politics, and if donating money to political campaigns counts, then it would definitely appear that AIPAC has much broader influence in US politics then Russia ever did, and indeed more influence in US politics than any other International body or organization ever.


he was sarcastic, AIPAC owns the U.S. congress , lock, stock and pork barrel.


You’re probably right, but I still hope someone gets him, one way or another.

If there is an afterlife place of torment (like Hell), it’s too nice for a wicked, vile creature like Netanyahu.

Most of you have probably seen the video, The Occupation of the American Mind. It outlines the combined efforts of the US and Israeli governments and the pro-Israel lobby to influence American media and public opinion. Here’s a link to the video for those that are interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP0-YohJR-g

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The good ole days of “scuds away.”

This man is guilty of murdering unarmed Palestinians protesting the inhumane treatment they are receiving from their occupiers, the Israelis.

It is not difficult to imagine that such a cold blooded killer like BiBi can also be guilty of stealing and cheating from his own people.

Israel, wake up and stop electing right wing politicians that denigrate your morality and ethics.

The world is watching and it is not hard to understand why anti-Semitic acts of violence is on the rise around the world.

Stop treating your neighbors the way you were treated in concentration camps. Your behavior toward our fellow human beings is disgraceful and barbaric.


Disgraceful, barbaric and very Hitlerish.


I wonder, did anyone reflect on AIPAC’s logo because it is very telling?


I read that Temple University is considering firing Lamont Hill.

Hill’s full speech:

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From Chris Hedges:

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Thank you for your post. The condemnation and firing of Lamont Hill by CNN (and potentially Temple) is deplorable; he was merely speaking the truth. See the link to the video, The Occupation of the American Mind (link in my post above). It describes the history of the use of this tactic to support Israeli crimes. I can’t decide what is worse, the silencing of truth and free thought by a “news” agency or an institution of higher learning.

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Speaking righteous truth has gotten way too many people killed, hurt, fired, demeaned, shunned, blacklisted, and martyred.


The man is an example of phlegm animated.