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Netanyahu Is Meeting Trump To Push For War With Iran


Netanyahu Is Meeting Trump To Push For War With Iran

Trita Parsi

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with Donald Trump at the White House and push the U.S. to withdraw from the nuclear accord with Iran. Netanyahu will present an argument that Trump already has come to accept: America’s adherence to the nuclear deal cannot solely depend on Iran’s compliance with the agreement, but also whether Iran’s other policies challenge U.S. national interests. It’s a more honest argument compared to the slogans Netanyahu has used in the past.


Just-another-yahoo and Drumpf should be kidnapped, flown out to a little island far, far from any humanity, each given a small nuclear device in a suitcase which each can detonate, drop them off with a weeks worth of food, and left to fulfill their destinies.


Serving Israeli interests hasn’t been working out to well for any except Israel.


If you want to see a picture of the real axis of evil, just look at the picture above!


After receiving the 10 Commandments and years wandering the desert, God promises to give the land of Palestine to the Israelites IF they Kill all its people. With the Commandment to not kill, how could God condone this massacre? Could it have been a test? Did God hope the Israelites would say No. Was the original establishment of Israel the result of a failure to perceive the mind of God and the difference between right and wrong? Did God not give up on Israelis because they could not bring themselves to kill everyone? The most important question along these lines - Is God disappointed again to see Israelis murdering Palestinians?

A caveat in this question is another biblical standard: The sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons, a tenet I disagree with because we’re all born innocent. This caveat is taken to mean that once a fertile land is for many generations grandfathered in by one people or another - Palestinians in this case - their right to that land is not challenged by the history of a previous culture.

This scholarly premise is not at all meant to be taken as anti-Semitic.


De acuerdo, the evil leaders, sic; of the 2 biggest/worst terrorist nations; most of the World’s people see them for the war criminals that they are! With that Truth, there is Power to overcome!


We need to suspend the war powers act and return to the constitution that stipulated that only the Congress can declare war.


When the world must ban together to solve the greater challenges for our human and global survival and stability, Iran will be there with its principles of humanity and genius to help others. By Israel’s behavior toward others and frankly belligerence and lowly and immoral attitude, I would not bet on such a country to be there or have any value to the rest. Junk the Zion fanaticism and go back to investing in being humans.


nutenyahoo is truly an evil human being. drumpf is an idiot tool whose ass is hanging out all over the place so people can kiss it and make him think he’s human…or god in human form.

thanks for the information in this article. but i need something else. there are individual people, and i don’t mean lobbying groups like AIPAC or cabinet departments, pushing, bribing, or whatever else to bofos like nutenyahoo, drumpf, to take the paths they’re taking. i would like to know the specific people so that their businesses, their banks, their whatever can be boycotted and otherwise targeted for public action.


Trump also met for dinner with leaders of Peru,Brazil and Columbia to discuss Venezuela ----“eye on Venezuela” kind of interesting how this is reported ----Is the US about to start WWIII?


Trump and Netanyahu are two murdering scumbags. Israeli nukes are the big threat to the middle east, just like they turned the WTC to dust. High treason runs the US, Trump the latest while false flags are legal. The American people are completely powerles, proof positive the last five presidents. Nutty yahoos financial crimes will be swept under the rug.


Yup - the two most dangerous individuals on the planet right now. Sure, there are lots of other vile scumbags around the world, but none have the capability of doing a fraction of the damage that these two nuclear armed and dangerous extremists can.


Well, I’m all for peace and friendly relations with Iran and cooperation with Iran on all sorts of issues, but I would not exactly call the current government one that upholds the principles of humanity for its citizens.


He should be taken to the highest point in Puerto Rico and tied to a tree a tree, facing southeast while there is still time before super-hurricane Maria arrives.


I’ve felt that the deal Obama did w/Iran was a rather sane checkmate on both Iran and Israel.
I have Israeli and Iranian friends and they have voiced a similar view.

The problem is that that allahtolas (sp) and the zionists are both nutters. Add to the mix the apocalyptic nutter Xians (way too many in our govt at the moment…)and the brew gets utterly toxic.
Twitler and the phucking R’s are hell bent on undoing everything that Obama did.


Name one of the major world powers where they truly do!


You could say that about many other governments as well, but that is an internal matter for the Iranian people to resolve, which they eventually will. Except for extreme cases such as genocide, I think we would be well advised to mind our own business and free ourselves from the “regime change” madness.


All people want the same thing in life: Good health, Good job & PEACE!!. My message to BB: Please STOP coming to my country to manipulate American politicians to send non-Jews to kill innocent Muslims on Israel’s behest.