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Netanyahu Makes a Case for the JCPOA


Netanyahu Makes a Case for the JCPOA

Paul Pillar

Benjamin Netanyahu’s display of a cartoon bomb before the United Nations General Assembly nearly six years ago received much ridicule but at least was grounded in some facts about uranium enrichment levels and how they relate to the ability to make a nuclear weapon. These days, Netanyahu doesn’t reprise that part of his General Assembly speech, and it’s not because of the ridicule. It is because the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—the multilateral nuclear agreement that restricts Iran’s nuclear program and that the Israe


The “Russian” oligarch “election meddling”, is nothing compared with the decades-long overt subversion, warmongering, political/electoral manipulation/meddling, AIPAC Israeli foreign agents, and fabricated lies fomenting war and conflict all over the ME/NA as Israel and netanyahu! The actions of many American politicians, elected and appointed official, that apparently and demonstrably hold first-loyalty to a foreign power’s interests and agenda is a treasonous reality that should NOT be tolerated!


“NA” is what, north Africa?


Much appreciated, Paul Pillar. Thank you!

Forgive me for turning over every rock around looking for a rebuttal to the JCPOA critics. Please forgive me.

Another wasted hour on the internet? You may ask why anyone would even do a Duck search for such a thing. I’ll tell you. I had read in a Robert Aldridge book that satellites could detect laser light bounced off submarines…submarines under the water! This was years ago.

If there was such a thing, I should have figured Google wouldn’t find it. And it ended up the Duck only found it in an article at a source I had always deemed questionable, still do for some reason…“rense dot com.” Re another claim at the beginning of the article, I don’t believe all “suitcase nukes” require an 18 wheeler to tote’em around. I don’t believe it, but that’s just a guestimate.

A series of satellites planned to begin deployment in 1989 (temporarily delayed by the Shuttle explosion) are now aloft (2nd phase of the MILSTAR Program) They carry special sensor devices (Developed by SAIC) that can detect high-velocity spin-off particles from enriched uranium (necessary for nuclear devices). Due to the small size and velocity of these particles, no amount of shielding can block them: not lead, not earth (sub-terrainian). Radiation hazards from these particles are minimal due to limited quantity. Our satellites are fool-proof in detecting and pin-pointing the locations of enriched uranium throughout the world. http://rense.com/general16/nucla.htm

Note, it’s ENRICHED Uranium. Find myself questioning “no amount of shielding” [Lead, Pb] though.

Shipping moon Ur back to Earth, HA! Good one. And, I know…no atmosphere to obstruct. Nevertheless…

“Uranium Found on the Moon” https://www.space.com/6904-uranium-moon.html

"Clerical Error"? Trump White House Forced to Retract False Claim Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Program

Netanyahu is a fascist and a warmonger.


Yes and our politicians fall all over themselves to kiss his a$$.


We have Trump/ Boss Hogg in the White House and Netanyahoo/ Top Hole from Fiddler on the Roof.