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Netanyahu, Obama, and the United Nations

Netanyahu, Obama, and the United Nations

Gwynne Dyer

Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is very, very cross about last Friday’s United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the creation of illegal Jewish settlements all over the occupied West Bank and in East Jerusalem.


Thanks for truth in your words Gwynne! It would be astonishing if Obama would recognize the Palestinian state as others have suggested, in his final days - that would stick a very sharp stick in Netanyahu’s lying eyes! It might also stymie plans for more war - or speed them up…

“Netanyahu avoids any actual peace talks with the Palestinians because a peace deal would mean the end of the settlement project.”

The settlement movement was begun by Ariel “the butcher” Sharon, responsible for the Sabra & Shatila massacre - the settlement " movement" was begun to intentionally “put facts on the ground that will be hard to change” - a premeditated state policy to sabotage any peace deal, lock-in endless occupation, and further the "greater Israel’ of Zionist and “settler”/illegal squatter mythology and extremist racist agenda.

Such open pre-meditated contempt for world opinion, International Law, UN resolutions, and justice/security for both people must not be allowed to succeed!

"This is why Netanyahu has to lie all the time, and it drives Obama crazy. In a conversation caught on an open mike in 2011, France’s then-president Nicolas Sarkozy told Obama: “I can’t stand him (Netanyahu). He’s a liar.” And Obama replied, "You’re tired of him? What about me? I have to deal with him every day.”


Wasn’t Bibi caught on open mic or quoted as saying that a two state solution would never happen under his administration? He never has had any intention to make it so.

There is a very easy solution to all of this and that is to quit arming Israel (along with arming the rest of the world). In reality what we are allowing in Israel is what we did to first nation people in our country (and are still doing - as in N Dakota). Without war and arms sales the US empire economy dies. Face that fact each time you look in the mirror.


Yes Dede, you remember accurately. Netanyahu said openly prior to his re-election he would never allow a Palestinian state under his “watch”. He is a master manipulator and pathological liar as well - very typical of the Israeli right-wing pathology generally…

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Sadly, as Ross Perot might say, Israel is our country’s “…crazy Aunt Betty who lives in the basement that no one talks about.” Israel is the big big problem we can’t discuss. Who are the people so skilled at brainwashing that this is what we’ve become?

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Let me run this by you. After the war. was there not an agreement between Israel and the US to give Israel the land, cut out of Palestine, in return for Israeli promise to not pursue the Nazi war criminals that were brought to the US under Project Paperclip? Is this not the secret that gives Israel the power to continue in the extortion of the US? Von Braun, the rocket scientist, was the head of NASA for many years, he was one of the many the US brought home.

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The question to be asked at this point, as the settlers get their wish, and end the two-state solution, is this: what do they propose? Ehud Barak can quite rightly point out the flaw in annexation. But there’s an unstated component to the settler plan, one that is ignored in the standard analysis. It’s true that Israel can’t be a democracy and remain Jewish. Not if there’s a majority Arab population.

But the leaders of the settler movement are not stupid. They do have an answer. They have a plan, and it’s the same one Ben-Gurion had. They don’t intend to have a majority Arab population inside the borders of Israel.

The Arabs have to go.

This is the question that needs to be put to Netanyahu, and Friedman, and the others. You are comfortable with the prospects for Israel after annexation. How do you intend to resolve the Arab problem? Will it be with negotiation, like the occasion when Mubarak reports that Netanyahu tried to persuade him to take the population of Gaza? Will it be through artillery fire, as Martin van Creveld, Israel’s most respected military historian, only half-jokingly proposed? Or will it be through some other means of elimination of the problem?

These people have a plan. They need to be encouraged to state it aloud.