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Netanyahu on Steroids: What a Gantz-led Government Means for Palestine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/24/netanyahu-steroids-what-gantz-led-government-means-palestine

it seems as there were only ever two ways this could end: full withdrawal of international (including US) support for the Zionist project or the virtual extermination of the Palestinian people. You get the sense, with the rise of BDS and Israel’s extremely low popularity internationally, that Zionists are figuring that they’re entering a sort of “end game” phase with the project: that it’s now or never in terms of a “final solution” to the existence of Palestinians on “Israeli land”.

I’m hoping against hope that there isn’t that one final push to drive Palestinians out of the region entirely at the end of a gun, but I can’t say it would shock me if that as the game in play. Take the entirety of the West Bank and then literally try to drive Palestinians in Gaza into the sea.

It could also be that I’m just being overly pessimistic and grumpy, too.


Wrong is just plain wrong, someday may that crazy country in the ME see the light that they have become what tried to exterminate them.

Gantz is from the Stone Age. He’s a classic Testosterone Fueled Dinosaur Fighting Extinction.

Actions by a self-proclaimed Jewish state against non-Jews can stoke anti-Semitism, explain its rise, but never justify it.

you certainly are pessimistic, the Arab population of Israel/Palestine has grown enormously since Israel’s founding, and Arabs in Israel are doing relatively well and haver little intention of leaving, in fact some were worried they would be swapped into a Palestinian state in a land swap. That’s why their joint list in the Israeli parliament is active and most prefer Glantz even if the writer does not.
Can’t you see posts like this that demonize and reject Israel and all its Jewish leaders, have done the Palestinians no good? Its destroyed the Israeli peace movement for now and made life harder for Palestinians while contrary to what you may want to believe Israel is relatively prosperous and is even has good or improving relations with India, China, Russia, Africa, and even some Arab nations. Its not going away. If you really care for Palestinians its best to promote human rights within the Palestinian territories and promote reconciliation and compromise by all. Its the only way to really help.


For true “compromise” to work, both parties must perceive some benefit from compromise versus war. The party that can get everything it wants by force doesn’t want or need compromise.

Israel’s monopoly on overwhelming force has allowed it to take whatever it wants. Their idea of "compromise” has been little more than dictation, with the inevitable rejection of such dictation becoming an excuse for more war.

It’s much like the “compromise” of the heavily armed thief, who now wishes for “peace” with you, without having to make redress or amends.

Combined with US cover, this has created an Israeli mindset of war being easier than good faith compromise.

While this has led some to advocate asymmetrical warfare in order to level the negotiating-playing field (as utilized throughout history by the militarily weaker party), others have decided that international pressure similar to that brought upon apartheid South Africa might be more effective:

Want to do more than condescendingly lecture and patronize the dispossessed about “reconciliation,” “compromise” and non-violence, while Israelis continue destroying the two-state solution, one illegal settlement at a time?

Then be part of the non-violent solution: support BDS.

Otherwise, don’t complain when the only remaining option for peace is a one-state solution.

Demographics being what they are, it won’t be a Jewish one.


So one of Trump’s pollsters has been caught monkeying around.

thanks for saving me the time. :))

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