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Netanyahu’s Dreary and Menacing UN Speech Provokes Internet Mockery


Netanyahu’s Dreary and Menacing UN Speech Provokes Internet Mockery

Rania Khalek

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s mean-spirited and angry address to the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday was mostly as predictable as it was desperate and creepy.

But it did contain one surprise.


Israel: Armed thugs, propped up with American tax dollars.


I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. The Israeli government is a thorn in the side of global peace and security. Only the government of the United States of America can be considered a worse threat to long term human survival.


Bibi: The petulant poster child for BDS

Thanks Bibi!

BDS: People Powered Economic Diplomacy


"Increasingly unhinged" is a great descriptive for this person. Netanyahu is a pathological liar, tribal racist, and warmonger - his many speeches and actions confirm that. The really dangerous part of a pathology like his is that Israel is armed with 200-300 nuclear weapons and at least three different means of delivery. Add to that the Samson Option that is named after the biblical Samson who killed himself to kill his enemies. Belief in ones own exceptionalism coupled with paranoid delusions (or ordinary desire to steal the land of others to fulfill some cultural mythology) and possession of many nuclear weapons is not a good combination.........


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No one is listening............. hot air


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