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Netanyahu’s Victory Is a Victory for Palestinian Solidarity Movement


Netanyahu’s Victory Is a Victory for Palestinian Solidarity Movement

Ajamu Baraka

The cover of respectability that obscured the brutal and immoral reality of the Israeli colonial project may have been permanently ripped away by Benjamin Netanyahu’s angry declaration that if re-elected, there would never be a Palestinian state and his racist rant on election day against his own citizens who happen to be Palestinians.


So far, there’s been a great deal of discussion about Netanyahu’s remarks but no substantive action (unless one counts the criticism of the Israeli occupation made by McDonough the other day).

As far as I’m concerned, we’re watching a mass exercise in self delusion. There has not been even a hint of an indication that AIPAC’s absolute control over the US Congress has diminished in the least. Not a single US politician noted for supporting Israel has switched positions.

As the article notes, the only thing striking about Netanyahu’s hate-mongering was its candor. Nothing - and I mean nothing - has changed.



The “shock” in those Western nations is a pretense and means little until there ACTION. The majority of peoples of Europe and here in Canada were always well aware that Israel was not bargaining in Good faith EVER. The respective leaders of those nations also KNEW this just as they did in the USA.

There no possible way they could not have known yet even with that they went along with the charade .

The shock and pretense is to cover their own backsides. It akin to some CEO of bank expressing “Shock” that some of the banks senior officers were committing fraud so as to enhance bank profits . The way they see it if they express their shock in the loudest of terms they must have been innocent of any knowledge of the same not so?


But…he apologized. He…clarified his remarks.

We can honestly say that U.S. and Israeli support for a two-state solution is as strong as it ever was!!!

You naysayers are just…anti-Semitic!!!


AIPAC and friends


Is that a rhetorical question?


Careful, your infantilism is showing in demanding that change occur immediately, fully, and right now! Most things of enduring nature happen in stages that run akin to nature’s processes.