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Netanyahu, the Other Israelis, and Bobby Burns


Netanyahu, the Other Israelis, and Bobby Burns

Ralph Nader

Apart from inadvertently making the case for equal time by his Israeli pre-election opposition, the spectacle of Benjamin Netanyahu’s wild diatribe at the joint session of Congress amidst the feral cheers of his congressional yahoos will be remembered as a textbook case of propaganda unhinged from reality.


Great picture. Says it all. The true leader of America checking in on his employees. Bought and paid for by Aipac.


Thank you for this reasoned and fair commentary and review of history, Mr. Nader.

Perhaps this message will reach out to the farthest ends of this planet and will appeal to rational and reasonable people who can negotiate firmly and resolve differences without resorting to war or violence.

Your statesmanship continues to inspire and guide as a beacon of light in this darkened world.


Wonderful article. Would like to respond to that idea of squarely blaming AIPAC for U.S. Congressional support of belligerent Israeli policy. If AIPAC or some similarly named lobbying group did not exist, would not the U.S.Congress still support a hawkish Israel in compliance with the needs and demands of the corporate-driven military-industrial complex ?


" If AIPAC or some similarly named lobbying group did not exist, would
not the U.S.Congress still support a hawkish Israel in compliance with
the needs and demands of the corporate-driven military-industrial
complex ?"
Well, certainly some would, but without the lobbying efforts, those who are reluctant to speak out now would be free to do so and we would then have a better idea of just who those are. And the fact that someone else will still do what AIPAC wants seems hardly a persuasive argument for wanting to keep them around or perhaps I have misunderstood the gravamen of your argument. As I said elsewhere, it’s late here…


Thankyou Ralph Nader for putting together so much that is true. Your articles are nearly always a beacon, but in this one, you have dared to utter the unspeakable blasphemous truth. No doubt you will be tarred with the label of “antisemetism”. This article is well worth saving for future reference.


What in the hell are they applauding? Idiots. Warmongers.


I always look forward to his wisdom!


Ralph Nader gets it. Bill Moyers gets it.

After the slap in the face to the Dem Prez, more Dems are likely to get it too.

Congress shouldn’t be a 5th column for any nation, whether they call them an ally or not.


the congress of the USA is comprised of spineless people who fear the zionists who control US policies.


And I see consensus based on input from only white males.


The Zionists are but ONE empowered faction. And if they totally controlled the U.S congress, war would have commenced 2 years ago against Iran as well as Syria.


Wake up. No one gets elected to Congress unless they kneel before the altar of Aipac.


Caption for the above picture; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nutsandyahoos surrounded by members of the Amerikan Knesset during his visit to Israel’s largest colony outside of the middle-east! Israel gets 100% of it’s military budget from it’s amerikan colony, who also are required to fight Israel’s enemies that might give the IDF a bloody nose should the Israeli’s have to engage a real military!


Why in the hell does the US government waste billions of dollars a year on 16 separate spy agencies when the 435 amateur spymasters in the US Congress and the big kahuna spymaster in the Whitewash House always claim to have the most reliable intelligence that contradicts what our professional spy agencies tell us! Where do amerika’s 436 amateur spooks get their intelligence, which they always claim is a slam dunk? Well there’s the Amerikan Enterprise Institute, The Heritage Foundation, The Council on Foreign Relations, Amerikan Council for Capital Formation, Demos, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Hudson Institute, Project For A New Amerikan Century (Now Defunct), Brookings Institute, Center For International Trade and Security, Center For National Policy, Center For Strategic and International Studies, Center for National Interests, Center For Transatlantic Relations, Democratic Leadership Council, McCain Institute for International Leadership (Yes, it’s that McCain), Nautilus Institute for Security & Sustainable Development, Progressive Policy Institute, Rand Corporation, Roosevelt Institute, Strategic Studies Institute,Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, World Policy Institute, World Resources Institute! Then of course there is always AIPAC! That is just a few from a list of foundations and institutes over 200 long. On that list are 16 Foundations or institutes with Harvard Kennedy School after their names. Why does the amerikan taxpayer have to pay for two different sources of so called intelligence that usually contradict each other (Because that’s what they are usually used for) . Let’s face it, the amerikan people have way too many intelligence agencies, too many think tanks, too many politicians, too many multinational corporations and banks, too many allies and way too many overseas bases. No wonder we can’t educate our kids, have a single payer health system, build a new national power grid, and replace our way outdated bridges, sewer systems, dams, dikes and roads! Cut our overspending on Intelligence, Military welfare, corporate welfare and welfare provided for the families of amerikan politicians and then amerika can get back to being an indispensable partner to all of the countries around the world!


The point is not whether or not AIPAC, however narrow and reprehensible, should exist. It would seem that AIPAC is merely taking advantage of a corrupt system which corporate interests, including the media, have succeeded in dominating. Fair, transparent elections which prevent the buying and selling of candidates might be a step toward bringing the kind of democracy and lawmaker that we the people and the planet so desperately need and deserve.