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Netanyahu Threatens War


Netanyahu Threatens War

Phyllis Bennis

This was a speech threatening war.

Realizing he has insufficient clout to stop the negotiations, Netanyahu demanded a back-up position: If not “no” deal, than we can have a better deal.

His vision of a "better" deal, however, is grounded in Iranian surrender. And since that is not going to happen, demanding it means abandoning diplomacy in favor of—yes, war.

Netanyahu threatened just such a war against Iran, in his statement "even if Israel stands alone, the Jewish people will not remain passive."


Although the US citizens near-constantly reject science, please go to:
scientificamerican .com/ article/descendants-of-holocaust-survivors-have-altered-stress-hormones/?WT.mc_id=SA_EVO_20150302
where you will discover epigenetic effects of stress (mammals are particularly prone to induced changes in gene expression as a result of stress. The emerging science is not normally the result of experiments done on humans, but the research backing this article comes from good work on WWII jewish concentration camp survivors)
Epigenetic persistence occurs - it is a fast evolution, if you will, and not accidental, but correlated strongly.

The children will find that the changes resulting in stress persist at least through grandchildren.

In other words, there is some scientific backup for a contention that the citizens of Israel can suffer from thing that happened to their forebears. There is no real, significant, rational, reason why Israeli citizens or administrators would otherwise act so much like the Nazis they so revile. For indeed, we now see in the right-wingers there, any rational reason why they force the settlements dispossessing ancient inhabitants, the continuing persecutions and attacks on Palestinians, Netanyahu’s position on any international diplomatic issue, or the hate he and his like bear toward Iran, nor any real present reason why Israelis should persist in hatred, warmongering, or denying the right of other nations to resolve issues diplomatically, or indeed, exist without Israeli/US threat in a worldwide community of nations.


Regarding your urging toward war with Iran:

   "You break it.  YOU bought it."


It is absolutely a threat of war, and the civilized world must not stand idly by while Israel commits Nazi-style pogroms upon the Palestinians.


I’m hoping this is some kind of tango like the US did with Russia against Syria to make them give up their chem arsenal. Let’s see if it works a second time.


In my view, Dwight David Eisenhower made extraordinarily good contributions to the world, and to this county, not only as Supreme All lied Commander, Europe, but as President of the United States. Not the least of those contributions was this one sentence: “If anyone comes to you seeking a pre-emptive war, tell him to go fight it.” To that I would add only, “. . . with your own money and equipment built in your own country”.

As to whether “Israel will not be passive” can be seen as a “threat of war” only by yellow journalists - What does the author of that comment think the gentlemen meant by the remark?


This yahoo is all for wars as long as it is other people’s sons and daughters that die and are horribly maimed. Too damn bad he is not given a rifle and combat boots and told: " Since you are sooooo enthusiastic, we need you to lead the charge".


Bravo, Phyllis. The only one with balls to say the bloody emperor is naked. First one today in my combing the internet to mention the Israeli nuclear arsenal and Yahoo’s big sob that he can’t be the only nuclear bully on the block. I cannot believe that Americans would just roll over as some upstart little madeup state which they finance every year to the tune of $3 billion for war machines tells them what their foreign policy is going to be. Thank you, Phyllis. Phyllis for President. Or Prime Minister if you’ll come to Canada and save us from the sycophant Harper.


The fact that a foreign PM came to the USA to tell our President and its administration how to conduct foreign policy, should be recognized as what it is,“disrespectful” and demonstrates the power of the Jewish community both cultural and political in our country. I am outraged by this! The U.S. has always been Israels trump card when they cause chaos and we have to bail them out with 3.5 billions dollars a year. Let alone the amount of military equipment we provide.

We live in a world of double standards and hypocrisy, and no cultural group does it better than the followers of Israel! But then I am only Native American, what do I know about your land being occupied!


I agree with what you have written, but the study I find most interesting because as a Native American, shouldn’t there be more reason for us to be more outspoken about the genocide attempt by colonialist in the Americas? Unfortunately, the Native Americans do not believe in separation of environment and other peoples. Unlike the Jewish community, who literally believe they are the “chosen ones or people”. The rest of us being gentiles and not worthy of God? I think with beliefs as such, sets ones culture for all types of retribution. In the end, it’s about the culture first and maintaining it against all those who are not of the same culture. Unfortunately, history does continue to repeat itself and there is a reason for it!


There are two important ways to unmask Netanyahu and to put an end to unintentional support for his apartheid and warmongering. One is to remind Americans who wrongly equate “supporting Israel” with supporting this monster that Israel is a nuclear power with hundreds of warheads. Ms. Bennis has done this effectively, reminding us how dangerous it is that the country’s arsenal is an open secret. The other way to unmask Netanyahu - and this should be shouted from the mountaintops - is to remind people that in the last election he got 23% of the vote. With lots of right-wing funding he’s cobbled together a ruling coalition, but the fact remains that more than three-fourths of Israeli voters oppose him. So it’s not “anti-Israeli” for the American Jewish community, of which I’m a member, to oppose this war criminal. It’s compassionate, democratic and sane.


Good!.. let Israel go fight their own damn war…we need not get involved anymore we’ve enough on our plate…I’d sure like to see how they get their mechanized war machine across Jordon and others to attack Iran…jet fighters just aren’t enough…but he’ll learn that!!..if the Israellis are smart they’ll shoot that man once and for all…the friggin’ liar!!..his Mantra the ‘Israelli Way’ or no way at al, doesn’t hold water!l


Nice to read another say Israel and apartheid in the same sentence! thankyou!..I’ve been saying it since S.Africa was accused of it and Israel had to agree w/ the UN while they too were doing it!..what hypocrits and we’re no better as America knew it and kept their mouths shut!..Israel is not our ally, they’re users!..yeah and the attack on the Liberty in international waters was a mistake!!..I’ve got this bridge out in the desert for sale!!..


As you know, many First Nations in North America are coming together to protect the life of the land upon which they are a part. Until this attitude or wisdom is returned, the technology of war will continue to increase, creating continuing “collateral damage”, which is the only real destruction, human factions coming and going forever, wasting all life and Earth.

What is it to heal?
You beautifully recognize retribution as a problem, and perhaps it is THE problem - I remember many ceremonies of healing. Netanyahu did not come to DC to heal, nor consider Teheran. What kind of leader does not seek healing?
Should we ever appoint such leaders?

  • Ever listen to any who do not seek healing?

I happen to do what I do, for Wolf; I wonder if any have traced the travels of humans who disagreed, or followed this part of our nature. Do any know, for instance, that the Mexica take their name from the word meaning Wolf?
What relationship does this imply?
Earlier I spoke of a science article, concerning the products of DNA and RNA, that help make up the way our brains can be shaped. Nature, the Earth, our feelings toward one another, shape our brains, our fears, our thoughts.
Whatever happens, I am privileged to share this time with you. Just as wwith the wrong many who came to this land tried to do to the Wolf, so far no final genocide of native humans was possible. There is reason beyond symbol for this.

Cruelty in the past should teach us of the devastation it brings to the heart. It might be true that until we learn from this, we must remember the ills of the past.

You know that indigenous homes in this land faced the door to the East. Each morning is the way through the door. The new day is our home. Our blood is mixed. We were always, and now, again, are known to be relatives.
This man Netanyahu has forgotten, and no cure except for us, ourselves, to remember.


“Too damn bad he is not given a rifle and combat boots and told:”

Not that it makes any difference, but unlike many American war hawk politicians, Benjamin Netanyahu served in combat in the Israeli special forces. At least according to Wikipedia.


See, Dwight David Eisenhower, a man who knew something about war.


Netanyahu says we can’t trust Iran. Can we trust Israel with Netanyahu as head of state? A lot of Israelis don’t agree with Netanyahu and disagreed with his speech and his visit to Congress. Plus he offers no alternative to Obama’s plan which includes Russia and China in the negotiations. Netanyahu and the his right wing Republican wackos are looking more and more like the isolated war mongers that they are.


While there may be something to epigenetic studies, by comparing Israelis to Nazis you hardly explain what trauma caused the Nazis, or any other rabidly martial “race” to act as they act.

Back to the drawing board, Leonardo.


I want to say that I think it might be better rhetoric in critiquing Israel’s actions to not compare them to Nazis.

I think that doing this is like banging a big bass drum during a string quartet piece. It completely distracts from everything else for a lot of people.

The reality that Jews were horrible victims of Nazi atrocities makes comparing Israel to them seem over the top, I think.

I think it is more helpful to just avoid this. We can critique their actions, in fact do so vehemently, without this bit of comparison.

Note, my concern here is that I think this usage hurts us in convincing others to consider the injustice done by Israel.


The amount of military equipment that “we” provide IS the AID. In other words, the $ channels right back to U.S. defense Contractors.