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Netanyahu Unmasks Israel


Netanyahu Unmasks Israel

Robert Parry

Desperate to win reelection, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stripped off Israel’s mask and exposed the ugliness that has deformed his country over the past several decades. He abandoned the subterfuge of a two-state solution, exposed the crass racism that underlies Israeli politics, and revealed Israel’s blatant control of the U.S. Congress.


.I think the outcome of the “election” was a foregone conclusion. His pre-election statements declaring that “there will never be a Palestinian state” was made so he could now claim that this position was chosen by the voters.


exposed the crass racism that underlies Israeli politics, and revealed Israel’s blatant control of the U.S. Congress.

Exposed to whom? Revealed to whom?

Does the author actually believe that any US politician currently licking Netanyahu’s feet is going to change behavior and start supporting peace and justice in Palestine?

All Netanyahu did was to give voice to what everyone has known since the 'forties but would not admit. Guess what? They’re STILL not going to admit it. The zionists pulling the strings in the corporate media are still there and their strings are still attached.

Israel doesn’t need a mask. They have money - our money.

From now on, there’s no pretending that “standing with Israel” doesn’t mean kneeling in an obsequious acceptance of Netanyahu’s cruelty toward the Palestinians and cooperation in an illegal and aggressive war against Iran.

Wanna bet? The American people have an unlimited capacity for gullibility and US politicians an endless reservoir of cowardice and duplicity.

I’m sorry to have to be so harsh toward Parry. I like him and he has written many good articles. It’s just that there’s a big difference between optimism and foolishness.



Such as the guy who actually turned out to be a supporter of Israel and was caught by CD?



Taking it to the world stage the US and Israel will become increasingly isolated. Israel will soon
face the fate of apartite South Africa, divestment and sanctions. From there only two solutions for one state option, evolve into a secular not religious state that treats all citizens equally under the law, an option which apparently the majority of Jews in Israel, for all there self congratulated status as a democracy do not want, or extermination of Palestinians which a considerable base of the right wing religious Jews say they do want. Up to now the tactic is bit by bit eradication, claiming that it is the intransigence of the Palestinians which is to blame. That strategy will be continued but it will become all it will be all but impossible to maintain this facade. The real intent of the Jews will show through and Israel will be a pariah in all but the right wing USA. Finally even that support will crumble and the Jewish state will cease to be a viable political entity. Good ridance. By the way that sentiment is really all the Ayatollahs of Iran have said, they have predicted the self destruction of the Jewish state. In this assessment I believe they are correct.


The headline is exactly correct. I’m having a hard time seeing Parry’s piece as foolish. The differences between what the captured political class does and what individual citizens see and believe, too big for a post. I don’t believe any society has an unlimited capacity for denial in the face of open injustice and political failure. Not ready yet to shelve optimism completely and replace it entirely with cynicism. I’m angry too at the silence and inaction, but the lies and phony pretexts are wearing very thin, and are getting harder to defend all the time.


Wearing thin with whom?

Can you point to any American public figure who has recently reversed his or her position on Israel?

Has there been any polling that suggests a reduction of support for Israel among the US electorate?

What you say may be true in other parts of the world but zionist mythology is just as strong in American culture as it has ever been.

I’m sorry if you find my cynicism to be bothersome. Hell, it bothers me. I’ve just never been very good at kidding myself.

The headline for this piece is accurate as far as it goes but it is also incomplete. It should read “Netanyahu ‘Unmasks’ Israel? Has Anyone Noticed?”



I’m quite satisfied with the election. Had whats-his-name won we’d be bogged down in the “negotiations” charade for years to come. And he had neither the interest nor power to reach an agreement with the Palestinians in any case.

It’s better this way – King Bibi reflects the real mentality of Israelis. And we all knew Bibi was opposed to Palestinian statehood anyway. The article correctly attributes his decision to put it on the record to sheer panic. It was a mistake and he will pay dearly for it.

Truth be told Israel will never agree to a Palestinian state – the agreement needs to be forced up them by the international community. So let’s get about the business of accomplishing that: BDS, end to the US veto of resolutions at the UN, recognition of Palestinian state by other countries, etc, etc. Gideon Levy summed it up: “The only consolation is that another Netanyahu term ill prompt the world to act. That possibility is our only refuge.”


No need to get defensive, I fight my own cynicism every day. Posting half-intelligible opinions (my own) to a small forum solves nothing, and writing angry letters to my newspaper does little. I know for a fact though that the letters I’ve written over the last 12yrs or so have had exactly the effect I intended. That is, many people here (local community) that don’t accept the endless, seamless narrative of American propaganda, but hear and see no counter, are encouraged when they do, that they are not alone. The letter I put up here last week was once again too late to get into last Sunday’s paper. Good thing, because upon re-reading it sounded more of a rant than anything else, though some here panned it for whitewashing reality. I’ve revised it extensively (won’t re-post it here.) Two weeks ago there was a letter from a regular writer, ultra righwingnut, so full of race-baiting, liberal/progressive bashing, and semi-literate hatred, that I was embarrassed for the guy’s friends and family that the newspaper didn’t have the good sense not to print it.

In a month, when they’ll accept another letter, I’ll write one more. Now that spring is coming and public outdoor gatherings are easier, I’m going to ask whoever might be interested in talking about peace if they would gather at such-and-such place and time to do just that. That’s all. I’m non-religious so it is important for me to do this in a public place, but living in a very religious community I expect (if anyone in fact shows up) that some would be religiously guided. I may spend a spring afternoon on a park bench all alone, but it’s worth a try. We read here all the time that local initiatives and grass-roots organizing is the way forward, for a new dialogue, new paradigms, or for a new party. If in fact some do show up, whatever direction it goes, it will be better than wondering “what if?”


We could have had a good exchange on this subject but then you have to be insulting.



Good point. I hadn’t thought of it.



I only meant to say that I don’t regard your comments as bothersome. Please don’t infer insult where none was intended.


And YOU are a one-trick Pony, regardless of the issue or its relevance, you deliberately turn Israel into the target of wrath.

They don’t have OUR money. Israel is like a depot that processes War Machinery and keeps U.S. weapons’ producers fat.

Israel is a force of aggression. Still, it pales in comparison with the MIC. And Israel’s aggression, while abhorrent, is part of a global picture where–due to such a long-standing, well armed protocol of Aggression, dominators continue to dominate.

You attack ONE facet of the puzzle and this tunnel vision shows that your horror is reserved but for ONE ethnic people.


Too funny! People who shoot from the hip but don’t actually read spell this way. The word is apartheid, genius.


I think he’s assigned to this particular forum today.


Under Netanyahu Israel is experiencing unprecedented poverty and income inequality. A recent report blamed the government for high housing costs. Netanyahu amped up the rhetoric designed to get Israel’s right-wingers to vote because his position on the economy was so weak.

"Israel has experienced a dramatic widening of income disparities. Key measures of inequality have soared; Israel is now right up there with America as one of the most unequal societies in the advanced world. And Israel’s experience shows that this matters, that extreme inequality has a corrosive effect on social and political life.

Consider what has happened at either end of the spectrum — the growth in poverty, on one side, and extreme wealth, on the other.

According to Luxembourg Income Study data, the share of Israel’s population living on less than half the country’s median income — a widely accepted definition of relative poverty — more than doubled, to 20.5 percent from 10.2 percent, between 1992 and 2010. The share of children in poverty almost quadrupled, to 27.4 percent from 7.8 percent. Both numbers are the worst in the advanced world, by a large margin." 3/16/2015

"Israel has the highest poverty rate among countries in the developed world, according to findings released Tuesday by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development…

Meretz chairwoman Zehava Gal-On expressed deep criticism of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yair Lapid on Tuesday.

“The report is a certificate with a failing grade for Netanyahu and Lapid, and illustrates how the policies of the Israeli government are detached and designed to serve the tycoons and the wealthy,” she said. “All the big plans of the government to reduce poverty and gaps in Israeli society have brought about only one outcome, the downgrading of tens of thousands of families below the poverty line and the crushing of the Israeli middle class.”" 3/18/2014


Will the revelation of Israel’s refusal to accept a two-state solution change the minds of Israel’s supporters?

  • May as well ask if people in Congress will turn down money from AIPAC.

No, the blame Palestinians first crowd won’t see this as a revelation of Israel’s long term policy, as stated in the original (1977) platform of Netanyahu’s Likud party:

"The Right of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel (Eretz Israel)

a. The right of the Jewish people to the land of Israel is eternal and indisputable and is linked with the right to security and peace; therefore, Judea and Samaria will not be handed to any foreign administration; between the Sea and the Jordan there will only be Israeli sovereignty.

b. A plan which relinquishes parts of western Eretz Israel, undermines our right to the country, unavoidably leads to the establishment of a “Palestinian State,” jeopardizes the security of the Jewish population, endangers the existence of the State of Israel. and frustrates any prospect of peace."

Supporters of Israel will do what they’ve always done: They’ll blame the Palestinians.

They’ll cite the rockets fired into Israel last year, which killed six people while Israel was slaughtering over 1,400 Palestinian civilians (including 500 kids), as evidence of why Israel can no longer support a two-state solution.

They’ll claim Israel, which likes to announce new settlement building before any ‘peace’ negotiations, has always tried to negotiate but the Palestinians simply refused to be an honest partner in the negotiations.

In other words, Netanyahu’s failure to continue to pay lip service to a two-state solution won’t change anything in their support. They’ll simply wait anxiously to see what Netanyahu will announce next, so they can support that.

The rest of the world won’t see it that way. They were already suspicious about Israel’s actual support for a two-state solution.

Now those suspicions have been confirmed.


Pechorin, Apparently you failed to notice the sources of the information in my post: The Jerusalem Post and the New York Times. You complain about my use of the term “unprecedented.” and Paul Krugman’s use of the term “dramatic”. Both terms are apt. You missed Krugman’s mention of the U.S. and complained about Israel being compared to developed countries - which is done in both the New York Times and Jerusalem Post articles.

I suggest you contact them and let them know Israel should only be compared to undeveloped countries. Careful though, they might accuse you of anti-Semitism.


Please…refer to them as Zionists, because there are many Jews worldwide (as well as in Israel) who do not support the actions of the Israeli government, and you are doing them a disservice by lumping them all together with the Zionists of Israel. Let me quote Hajo Meyer, an anti-Zionist Auschwitz survivor, responding to the law against commemorating al-Nakba in Israel: “To forbid Palestinians to publicly commemorate the Nakba…they cannot act in a more Nazi-like, fascist way. Maybe it will help to awaken the world.”


Actually they do. They get over $3 billion of our tax dollars each year but have to spend them on purchases/contracts with the U.S. ‘Defense’ industry.

Israel wins. Weapons manufacturers win. U.S. taxpayers lose.