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Netanyahu Wants Pardon for IDF Soldier Who Shot Defenseless, Wounded Palestinian in the Head


Netanyahu Wants Pardon for IDF Soldier Who Shot Defenseless, Wounded Palestinian in the Head

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday called for the pardon of an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier who had just been convicted of manslaughter for fatally shooting a wounded Palestinian man last year in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.


Isn't it great to have Prime Minister Bibi recognize that you need to take away peoples' basic human rights, and often murder them, if you are going to steal their land!?!


► That must be why they call Binyamin the Merciful


Bibi is a seriously deranged man.


Also, to make things worse, the radio report today said the soldier is a medic. No Hippocratic oath for him, I guess. Hope he's never a doctor.


Too many world leaders today are.


Netanyahu is a sick man. Too bad he has so much influence. Too bad the US is addicted to using his presence in the region for what some folks imagine to be benefits for the US. This addiction gets in the way of political negotiations which could actually move toward global peace. Good luck


That soldier deserves life in prison for what is nothing less than cold-blooded murder. Bibi also deserves a bullet to the head for his many war crimes and crimes against humanity, and every Israeli soldier deserves a bullet to the brain and every effing thieving Zionist Israeli deserves to have their every-loving a**es kicked out of all of Palestine for stealing it from their rightful owners - the Palestinians.


Jesus Christ.

We are next. The IDF Israeli Defense Force already trained CHICAGO cops at the direction of dual US/Israeli citizen and Chicago Mayer Rahm Emanuel. That's not our only city which hired IsNOTreal to train our city's cops.

it's the Return of the Redcoats!


NO. I reject your post completely. Your idea just perpetuates the hate cycle of violence that's been going on for thousands of years. It proves you are no better than the offending AshkaNAZI's. They deserve a fair trial in the Hague just like all the other war criminals in history. There exist good Israelis, including former soldiers, who decry and protest the genocide going on.

When you paint with such a wide brush, you get a lot on yourself.


Israel, a nation of Gollums.


Minitrue posted the History of the Middle East (this one with historical captions)


Will Trump be moved to pardon Dylan Roof -- maybe offer him a position overseeing civil rights?


Maybe Obama will pardon Podesta, Alefantis, Brock, and... ? ...or maybe Trump will.


I am not surprised to hear Netanyahu call for Elor Azariyah to be pardoned.

What I find disturbing is the degree to which the Israeli right has not only dramatically diminished support for progressive initiatives, but has succeeded in getting much of the Israeli Jewish population to embrace their racist anti-Palestinian ideology. As in the US, the Israeli progressive movement generally had support among only small fractions of the population, particularly among Israeli Jews. Now 92% of Israeli Jews identify themselves as on the Center or on the Right ( http://www.pewforum.org/2016/03/08/comparisons-between-jews-in-israel-and-the-u-s/ ). The population of Israel is 74.8% Jewish, 20.8% Arab, and 4.4% other. A recent poll shows that 70% of Israelis support the pardon of Azariyah.

The latest poll, conducted by the Gal Hadash survey group on behalf of Israel Hayom shows that a whopping 70% of Israelis believe Azariya should receive a full pardon, compared to just 19% who say he should not. - Israeli National News ( http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/222809 )

While Donald Trump is a fool, the right wing power structure that supports him has a great deal of wealth and resources. Without strong grassroots community organizing efforts here in the US, I can envision similar ideological dynamics developing in the US.


Not just Chicago. Israeli forces train with SWAT teams across the U.S.


It's one thing to condemn and take the Israeli Government to task for its occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem and their continued ugly,vicious treatment of innocent Palestinian civilians, and to say that the IDF soldier who did the killing of the already-wounded Palestinian by shooting him in the head at close range, but this:

really goes much too far, and is too extreme. First of all, Israel is a legitimate, sovereign country and has the right to exist, and, secondly, many of the Palestinians themselves, even in the not-so-distant past, have also contributed , in no small way(s), to the predicament of statelessness and oppression that they're presently in.


Some so called progressives have no problem with the bullet in the solution. Self righteousness can be blinding.


Pardon them for?


Well then, this:

speaks volumes for these so-called progressives, and not positively, either.