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Netanyahu's Real Crimes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/25/netanyahus-real-crimes


“In today’s Israel he can’t be found guilty of his most serious crimes—treason, incitement, destroying peace, hate crimes, and war crimes”

Is that because in these actions he has the support of Jews of Israel and here, the Israeli lobby? Is this what the Israeli lobby stands for?


This article regarding Netanyahu’s bad behavior sounds very similar to Trumps awful behavior in Chris Hedges article. How fitting birds of a feather flock together, show me your friends and I’ll know all about you. Both of these crooks need to be brought down with the full extent of the law. No one is above the law, prosecution and conviction is the only proper outcome. You lied? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Peace


Yes. And when elected officials across the so called “free world” defend Israel over the needs of the people that elected them, the feeling is that they can commit crimes with impunity.

Add to that silencing UN criticism by veto… giving 3.8+ Billion a year for weapons purchased from our MIC… pushing laws that criminalize any effort to speak out against the evil… and a media silence since they answer to the same masters…

We need to stop waiting for corrupt governments to end corruption in government(s). They actually do the exact opposite. Prop up the corrupt while tearing down any of semblance of freedom and democracy in the world. Hey, it makes them look bad, right?

Trump wanna-be