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Netflix Raises Executive Salaries, Proving That 'Performance-Based' Pay Always Was a Sham


Netflix Raises Executive Salaries, Proving That 'Performance-Based' Pay Always Was a Sham

Michael Hiltzik

"For nearly a quarter-century, or since the Clinton era, tax deductions for executive salaries have been limited to $1 million per executive. But there's a loophole."

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings


And of course the shape of the hierarchy has had an arm that has been swinging the ax on patents for decades - cutting off the ‘tall poppies’ as the saying goes.
The travesty, to me, is that the true wealth of creativity and the community of cooperative models hasn’t mushroomed. Perhaps like the mushroom metaphor, we’re only nearing the tipping point where the mycelium of reality begins to break down ideological toxins.


The new tax scam; the gift that will keep on giving…to the ones at the top, of course. Regular Americans, the lower 80% get pennies, corporations get $billions and billions… Next comes the chopping of paid for benefits, SS and Medicare. They are NOT entitlements, we paid taxes for these benefits. Mark my words they’re next, Medicaid too. Geeeezzzzeeee


People, you are aware the corporate fascists will take until you have nothing left to give, right?


Correct you are Dan. For they are soulless, marauding predators who will extract anything and everything they can from humans and ecosystems to feed their insatiable greed until nothing remains.

How to stop feeding them? How to stop them from their murderous rampage? Tragically there are too many people that allow (if not enable) this capitalist death machine to keep churning. I know people who claim they are progressives that own stock in oil and gas companies!

And I still have a car and can’t afford to get off the grid. Stuck in the matrix and don’t know how to get out.

And check this out (facetious alert)----as the planet burns and the potential of a blue ocean even looms closer every year it might be a good time to invest in oil and gas! Woo hoo! Let’s do it while we can!