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Netizens of the World, Unite!

Netizens of the World, Unite!

Sam Pizzigati

Step into the world of the awesomely affluent and you’ll find plenty of super rich with a simple explanation for their good fortune. I’m creating wealth, the claim typically goes, with the brilliantly “disruptive” new product or service I’ve invented.

The net speeds up the process over the television, which sped up the process over radio and magazines, which sped up the process over the Sears catalog, which sped up the process over “free” land out west, which sped up the process over slavery and debt prisons…

“There is nothing new under the sun.”

We will never be able to get 100% abstinence from using the net while those who advocate for us all sharing in it’s wealth press for the people’s rights.

Uniting as one against those who would keep it in the hands of the few by organizing boycott days might grab their attention.

I wish you would of went back further or the beginning of the tools for the internet? From my understand we the people really created what became the internet in our tax dollars going to research and development in military uses et al. Just like you and I created insulin, Epic Pens, Peniculin, and other drugs that the drug industry gouges you and I.

Please tell me if I am wrong. I cannot remember the source of what I think any longer as it has been over ten years that I heard that or read about it.
If it is true let’s harp on that. Please someone tell me.

You are correct. The underlying protocol that drives the internet was developed aspart of the DARPA to communicate between missile silos. And were it for the government it would still only be used for that.

Thankfully the private sector decided to use it for developeing the Internet and give us all the free tools and online experiences we have today.

There will always be some people that think they are owed something by other that had revolutionary ideas. What these people forget is that they get all those Internet experiences for “free”.

Here’s an idea: have a paid version of Facebook, Instagram, whatever that does not collect data and does not pop up ads.

Not only are the vast majority of profits going to the top by way of ‘data-collection’, but also due to the overwhelming ‘drive’ to push up and coming developers to give of themselves to ‘open-source’ projects to ‘prove’ themselves. Developers spend far too much time interning and providing free labor to open source projects before they can ever hope to make a living from what requires a long and arduous education. Of course all this unpaid work benefits those who already have resources and money.

I can speak to this via my own experience.