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Network Newscasts Ignore Global Warming’s Role in Canada’s Wildfires


Network Newscasts Ignore Global Warming’s Role in Canada’s Wildfires

Miles Grant

As fast and furious as trailers for a Hollywood disaster movie, network news coverage of the massive fires ripping through Canada’s tar sands hub has missed opportunities to provide real information about the heavily polluting tar sands industry and global warming’s role in adding fuel to the flames.


The big TRUTH black-out:

  1. For years, the MSM failed to mention climate change or global warming at all. Oftentimes while The Weather Channel reported on the OBVIOUS uptick in storms, droughts, floods, fires, et al it neglected to tie the dots together by linking these weather phenomena with Global warming.

  2. For years, Big Tobacco was able to lie about or otherwise hide the truth linking cigarette smoking to Lung (and other) Cancers.

  3. Very few sources today EVER mention the likely link between rising Cancer rates and the constancy of exposures to things ranging from Monsanto's gen-tech concoctions, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, etc.

  4. There's a virtual blackout on discussing the vaccine link to Autism.

  5. There's a virtual blackout on discussing the impact of nuclear radiation STILL streaming over from Fukushima or the decimation of marine life in the Pacific Ocean and now along the California coastline.

  6. There's a virtual blackout on any challenge to the Official Narrative pertaining to the events of 911.

The mass media enters into an echo chamber where specific messages are endlessly repeated as if no other events, views, perspectives, of bases of analysis are valid or viable.

The blackout on linking this horror with oil tar sands AND global warming (both being related) speaks for itself... however, it's one in a long line of many critical omissions.

One of those--being corrected by Dr. Steven Greer's efforts as per "The Disclosure Project" is to uncover the biggest deceptive cover-up of them all: That this planet has had (and continues to have) visitors from other parts of the galaxy and beyond.


It is so sad what the rich and powerful are doing to this pristine planet for money that they don't need.