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Networks Accused of 'Capitulating' to Deceitful President as #BoycottTrumpsAddress Surges


Networks Accused of 'Capitulating' to Deceitful President as #BoycottTrumpsAddress Surges

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what media critics, journalists, and progressive lawmakers described as capitulation to a president who lies constantly to advance his xenophobic aims, all of America's major television networks have opted to grant Donald Trump a primetime slot Tuesday night to deliver an immigration address that analysts pre


what an ego this thing we call trump has. no country could withstand that. now everyone in the world will be able to see how a con man works. we should be taking to the streets if we care about the path this man is leading us down.


Hopefully, no one will watch this baboon display, but if you do, pay attention to which sponsors advertise and then boycott them.


News or propaganda? The answer is clear to me at least; the trump show is pure propaganda to inflame his racist base and other morons, on the need to get a down-payment of $6.7 Billions on a total not yet fully defined of $25 Billions, private lands taken by “eminent domain” or purchased with taxpayer dollars, that is a likely scam itself, and catastrophic environmental consequences.

The posture of our media is supine, and has been to prostrate itself to trumps political pressure and pathology, especially given what little is left of an independent Fourth Estate not sycophants to political pressure,.and free journalism via bought-out mass-media outlets,

The trump regime is characterized by daily - even hourly - overt lies and fantasy delusions by trump himself and his hired mouthpieces. The image yesterday of Sara Sanders being “fact-checked” on Faux News was quite a show - a deer in the headlights obviously trying to lie her miserable way out of being questioned on truth from the unlikeliest source…

I want to add that the Senate is voting today on the anti-BDS legislation to silence critics of Israel in violation of the Constitutional protections of free-speech and rights of advocacy! Make the calls!


Will the networks permit Trump’s lies, all of them, to be called out?


It is much worse than ‘Capitulation’, it’s Collusion.


Exactly my thoughts!


Washington Post’s Greg Sargent sez:
“You are willingly helping Trump spread disinformation.”

WaPo’s Mr. Sargent has either a poorly developed understanding of irony, or a tendency to projection.


Wasn’t it a “reporter” in the Press Room who asked Trump about the possibility of using a “national emergency” to fund the wall ?

What news organization was that “reporter” representing ?


The Ostrich Approach always works.


This is a taste of what is to come, assuming the US trip down the rabbit hole of fascism continues uninterrupted (as I expect it will.) The Press folds, the People get seduced, and Trump wins. This national address is, in fact, a master stroke by a master manipulator.
Did Trump anticipate a sequence of events leading to a national emergency, a sure-win strategy? I think he instinctively anticipated this outcome and configured a strategy that trapped the Democrats, like chess players when they explore moves ahead in a situational context.
Those who doubt Trump’s intelligence, like those who underestimate his immorality and ego-malignancy, do so at their peril.


A GOP straw man posing as a reporter in the Press Room put the “national emergency” bug in Trump’s bonnet.

The national emergency is 100% a GOP construct that they are handing to Trump to test the waters in 2019 so they can see if a national emergency strategy can enable them to suspend the 2020 elections so the GOP can solidify its coup.


CAPITULATION - America’s middle name


Emphyrio, your description of the overall situation is accurate, but you must bear in mind that what you say happens “because” Trump is “made to measure” to suit the American People’s wishes, tastes, myths, and irrational prejudices. If Trump were doing this in Norway, Chile, Botswana, or other civilized nation, he would be laughed at and then ignored.


Yes indeed. I am more frightened of GOP voters than I am of Trump. The only thing that is certain is that whoever follows Trump in the oval office will be worse than he is.


If the advertisers are fossil fuel companies are you going to boycott them?


Now you’re talkin!


Sometimes the good fight simply must be engaged and seen through to resolution.

Monkton: There is an essential part of the equation you seem to dismiss and that is the media, its marketing algorithms, the inherent biases of monopolistic constructs which are inherently solipsistic (self-referential). Ever wonder why the whole caboodle acts as if its in its own little world?
There is a feedback loop that is scrambling to not spin out completely as it reaches overload. Even its hypnosis techniques eventually hit the wall of reality.


In the wisdom of biblical notation… this too will pass. Maybe like a kidney stone, but never give up.


It’s True, what you say, and for sure, a lot of AmeriKKKans still need to recognize this.

However, it is also True that all nations are—all humanity is—in a tight evolutionary bottleneck. No one nation or people has the solution to moving through it, but all have ingredients that are necessary to our moving on as a human family.

The nation’s can be seen as archetypal actors, playing various roles in this play, in which we together seek to find a way through our egocentric habits of moving, perceiving, feeling, acting and thinking.

For sure, I myself would probably find it more congenial to reside in Norway, or Botswana, or Chile right now, probably for all the reasons you admire these places/people.

However, I recognize that AmeriKKKa has an important role to play here, and that it is on those of us whose destinies are tied to this place to turn the ugliness of our previous approximations into beauty.

To do so, we have to know why we have been asked to play the narcissistic idiot on the international stage forever—and where the heart and soul of this land may long to go next.