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Networks Agree to 'Open Debate' Format for Town Hall—So What's Your Question?


Networks Agree to 'Open Debate' Format for Town Hall—So What's Your Question?

Nadia Prupis, staff writer, Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


My question is:
"Why are you two candidates afraid to have the other two contending candidates appear on the same debate stage as you?"


Question for both candidates: What is the distance (in km) between your brain and reality?


Will you end the failed War on Drugs and Private Prison system responsible for the Black Holocaust?


Maybe the better question would be.... Do you agree with the DNC and RNC that no third party candidates should be allowed in these debates?
Asking them if they personally object to having third party candidate included allows them to answer "It isn't up to me, the DNC or RNC makes that decision".



From Jill Stein's campaign email today:

"Yesterday, during the first Presidential Debate, Greens paid dearly for the our
right to free speech. Because, in truth, that “right” isn't guaranteed. With each
passing election, it becomes more restricted.

Our 24 incredibly brave activists put their lives on the line to make sure our
message got out—and were arrested for peacefully blocking a street to make our

After being held for at least 6 hours, each one was processed, given a date to
appear in court and then released in the early morning hours. A jail support team
was waiting with food, transportation, housing if needed, cheers and hugs for these
committed activists.

Legal fees and jail support will take money and that's one reason we're writing you
today—to ask, can you give to help defray these costs?
The protesters, including our brave 24, were up against over 1,000 police, including
a significant number of undercover officers in plainclothes and suits. There were
also snipers from the local police's Bureau of Special Operations were on rooftops,
and uniformed officers lined Hempstead Turnpike.

The police presence included officers from State Police, NYPD, the Metropolitan
Transportation Authority, Suffolk, and Hempstead and Garden City villages. So were
members of the FBI, ATF and Secret Service.

In spite of an intense police presence, thousands of engaged citizens converged on
Hofstra to protest Jill's exclusion Monday afternoon.

Earlier in the day Jill was escorted off the Hofstra campus by campus security and
police even though she was invited into the debate site by numerous media outlets
who gave her press credentials. (ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox News).

It didn't matter. Getting ejected from the site of the debates, in spite of her
credentials, is simply more evidence about how the Commission on Presidential
Debates puts democracy on lockdown and excludes voices outside the 2-party system.

In spite of all of the police and the fact that the “free speech zones” were
purposely located far from the debates themselves, we were incredibly successful at
getting our message out through the internet. Last night, these were the numbers
coming in from our various platforms—and numbers are still rising!

Facebook - over 1 million views; 4.3 million reached
Twitter - 2.8 million impressions 9/26; 7.6 million impressions 9/27
RT America (re-post of our livestream) - 100k views; 800k reached
Periscope - 55k views (Twitter representatives say that this quite impressive given
that this was the very first time we used Periscope to broadcast a live feed.)

Total number of impressions: approximately 15 million. And still rising!

If anyone ever needed proof that we're a movement, not just a campaign, social media
proves the point. More important, the results show that people are starving for a
real choice this year—not the lesser of two evils.

Jill and Ajamu are on the ballot in 45 states, plenty to win the electoral college.
But most voters still don't know about them.

Supporting our "Open Debates" strategy is one way that you can make a very real
impact on how many American voters hear about their platform: a Green New Deal to
create 20 million good jobs and combat climate change, canceling student debt,
moving to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030, an end to police violence and the
kind of militarized police that showed up at Hofstra, an end to institutional
racism, and so much more."


My question is:

Both of you share a Delaware tax 'loophole' address with 285,000 firms. What are each of you going to do to stop these and other offshore accounts to bring the money home?


Took the words right out of my mouth. Without allowing the other two parties to debate it is still not a bottom-up debate.


Don't worry. All online questions will be carefully cherry-picked by the moderators to insure that no embarrassing question about why third parties are shut out gets asked.


Bingo! They are so busted and right after hitting a Syrian Government base, by accident. Ha Yeah they're aiding and abetting.


When are you both dropping out of the race?


What's your plan for getting the money and revolving doors out of politics?


Why ask Clinton a question? She'll just lie.


What I wouldn't give to see Clinton asked this question:

You recently called millions of Trump supporters "deplorable," in part for their racist attitudes. But a Reuters survey in the spring found that a quarter to a third of your own supporters think that blacks are "less intelligent" than whites, are more "lazy," more "criminal," more "violent," and more "rude." Will you now look into the camera and call these millions of supporters of yours deplorables?


Name one living person who is eligible to be President of the US ( over 35, natural born citizen) that you think would make a better President than you? and why?


Jill supporters up against 1,000 police! Looks to me like Jill has scared the hell out of Trump and Hillary! They both know Jill speaks truth to the power, elite and would make both eat crow if allowed in their farce debate.


Hillary, when will you be turning yourself over to the International Criminal Court at the Hague to be prosecuted for war crimes?

Donald, when was your most recent mental health check up?


Sorry... I can't think of a single legitimate question which doesn't start with "have you no shame?"


A vote for Jill Stein is a vote against both Hillary and Trump.