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Nevada County Conventions Win Likely to Net Two More Delegates for Sanders



Positive story about the Bernie campaign, MSM Ignores it! Watch Chris Hayes try to do a number on Susan Sarandon, what a twit! Enough of the nonsense about MSNBC and it being a Liberal outlet. Chris' disgusting display of Hillary shilling, has he no shame?

Edit, I first saw this on Democratic Underground.


Yes indeed----- in solidarity, I too believe this must be the year.


Can't stand Chris Hayes/MSM---the whole lot of them.

MSM had HRC winning Nevada before votes were counted (consistent---that they are).

"She needed Nevada" and she "got Nevada" says WAPO.

Guess what-----she doesn't have Nevada! So much for "commanding" lead" and "convincing victory".

This from February 20:

"Clinton’s win in Nevada on Saturday played completely differently in the press. News outlets (well, most of them) called the race pretty early, as the former secretary of state held a comfortable — if not commanding — lead of about five points with a majority of precincts reporting.
And journalists were much more generous with their praise than they had been in Iowa.
[Give Hillary Clinton a massive amount of credit for winning the Nevada caucuses]"

"On some level, a win is a win. But perception and momentum matter, and the media play a key role in shaping both. Clinton needed a victory in Nevada, but what she really needed was a convincing victory that wouldn't be qualified and diminished in every press account.
She got it. And now the narrative becomes about how she appears to be regaining control of the race and looks to be on her way toward exorcising the ghosts of 2008."


Not quite so quick there. It looks like the Sanders campaign has, again, hacked into the DNC private email for Hillary. The DNC Caucus Chair, a Sanders supporter, was doing some questionable things, and the Clinton campaign (prior to the caucus) asked for her to be replaced with a more "neutral" Chair. In the meanwhile, the Sanders campaign shared the email between the Clinton campaign and DNC with the Chairwoman. There are widespread reports that non-delegates supporter Bernie filled up the caucus venues so Clinton delegates could not even get in to vote. We'll see how it shakes out, but this is not okay, if verified. 2 delegates is completely inconsequential in the overall picture anyway. Sanders will likely win Wisconsin but the remaining Big States are very unlikely to be won by him at all, much less in the landslides he would need to catch up in won (pledged) delegates alone. Bernie has disappointed me tremendously as the campaign has advanced.


I've done a quick perusal and your take on what happened is in dispute. The purpose of my post was to show Chris Hayes as the phony he is, and the videos do just that.


I apologize. I placed my response to the Nevada situation in the wrong place.


Just look of his face tells me no way I'm watching it, why does she do those interviews?