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'Never Give Up': Ronnie Long, Wrongfully Convicted by All-White Jury, Freed After 44 Years in Prison

I agree that anger can be damaging. At the same time, a desire to right a terrible wrong is not out of place. There should be consequences for those who behave in despicable ways.


Started here: 'A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free.
State … from 2nd amendment.

The well (un) regulated militia was the police force of the slave holders to hunt down slaves seeking freedom and shoot them on sight as example to others.
Things seem to move slow in ‘the free State’.

Ronnie Long, the quintessential Andy Dufresne of The Shawshank Redemption.


Ok, I get that - though it is hard for me to imagine I could tamp it down after a year or two.

But what about the rest of us on the outside? I’m fucking furious. I’m more furious than I am at police misconduct because an entire system with plenty of time to deliberate errs so badly. This should wake people up to the fact that we not only need criminal justice reform in the form of changes to police and what is actually illegal and the penalties that go along with it, but we need fundamental reforms of the way the courts work. I like @ReconFire’s idea of single payer for lawyers because rich people would be willing to pay the taxes to make sure lawyers are competent in case they need one just as with doctors and everyone is entitled to the same level of protection. I’d be open to anything. If I had more faith in judges (like if they were all as good as the one here who pushed the case up to higher courts), I’d say maybe the concept of a civilian jury is faulty. At a minimum, a case for juries actually being competent (or more competent than the alternative) should be made.


Seriously !!! What an unjustified excuse for condemnation !!! There are so many injustices in the world it is hard not to be angry. In addition to fighting against them most of us are fighting to keep our sanity and peace of being.

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No doubt about the need for people and systems to be held accountable else the planet would be even more troubled than it is now. I am angry that the country that I live in poisons the water that people need to survive. When will the public not need to fight for our rights??? NEVER the fight must be constant but OTOH anger must be directed into action.

I am also excessively angry that the government that is suppose to represent me is responsible for killing children and adults with weapons of mass destruction.

But on a personal level like Ronnie, it is time for me to live and make use of the short time I have to love and be at peace in my daily existence.


Do what I’ve been doing for some time now, Mary. Get yourself a baseball cap and a Sharpie marker and write the words, “Serenity Now!” on both sides of it. Wear it everywhere you go. I do. ~g

this f–king country and its racist history appears in our lives daily. Mr. Long suffered imho for our white supremacy that has ruled this nation since its inception. It sickens me to think he was imprisoned longer than even Mandela was. the sickness of white supremacy is world wide and it is no wonder that we are coming to the end of it all thru climate change. HAVE A GOOD REST OF YOUR LIFE MR. LONG!

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Perhaps he had a gluten allergy…

Well thanks for the hint. I work in my garden and swim to chill. Having three “frequent serenity” members in the family who often give advice I am familiar with the thesis but I will not wear a baseball cap. I prefer an Che/Fidel style :smile:

I’ve been wanting to tell a family history story. And now is the time. It is about prejudice of white/black or light/dark. All of my grandparents were born in the same very small northern european country and immigrated to oosa and landed in a small mining town in NE PA which had nine catholic churches, one for each ethnic group of immigrants. Naturally you could meet your mate at church and my parents are from the same northern european group (Lithuania). My mother’s mother-in-law objected to her son’s taking up with "that family because they were dark. Her family were had light auburn hair. OMG they were both catholic, the religion of love!!!


The short answer is: YOU CAN’T!


You’re quite right, they can’t with any amount of mere money. But a token of a million or so might be appreciated by a man who’s working life was taken from him. Then at least he might live a few years of comfortable retirement.


they all have immunity. it’s sick and disgusting. google ‘prosecutorial immunity marshall’ project.

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i hope i’m correctly detecting much sarcasm! catholicism, where just about everything is a ‘mortal sin’, including masturbation!

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Julius N Richardson - take his home - those proceeds to Ronnie Long - just for starters! And lock that Trumpian judge up - he’d have been convicted anyway - with or without exculpatory evidence - had his name been Ronnie Long!

Not even mentioning paedophile priests, brothers and nuns… let alone their bishop protectors!

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Here in Australia a judge of the highest degree is being fingered as a serial sexual assaulter…always carefully doing it under tables or in his room after handing over a glass of sparkling white! A noted Australian barrister has just published a memoir The Truth Hurts - and in it he pulls back the curtain on the types of individuals - (not ALL devious, btw) who are appointed to the roles of magistrates and judges - by their “mates” one might say! As Trump appoints uglies like Julius N Richardson! Ugh!

The job of law enforcement and the justice system should be to find the truth. Any who conceal evidence of innocence or guilt - should and must be themselves held to account and subject to punishment under the law.

The intention of my post was to comment on the insidious pervasive beliefs of light is superior to dark even among white on white people. Recently I read a piece from some link here on CD written by a Africanamerican muslim woman about prejudice against dark skinned women while looking for a mate using on-line single services.

But you are correct in my contempt for the catholic church and its harmful dogma and practice since its inception. From the hypocrisy of the Inquisition, the more recent days of the Magdalene sisters in Ireland to the coddling of sex abusers and patriarchy are giant examples of the perversion of religion. The catholic church, the mother of christianity stinks.

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