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Never Have So Few Done So Much to Destroy America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/19/never-have-so-few-done-so-much-destroy-america


Just remember that this was all a CHOICE!! It was a choice to give the treasury a blank check and give actual people nothing, it was a choice to want to bail out lobbyists and debt collectors, and it is even a choice to keep a man who is not in his correct mind, is deeply compromised and has a credible sexual assault allegations against him the nomination and risk losing to Trump. Cause given how bad Trump is, the election shouldn’t even be as close as it is. Any generic Dem candidate should be ahead 30-40 points but this is close. Why? Cause the corporate Democrats would rather see a second Trump term than a Sanders one.

Which is why it is even more infuriating to see people having given up the ONE AND ONLY chance they just had with Sanders to turn things around and instead showed up en mass to vote that corporate stooge who promised his rich donors nothing will fundamentally change under him and that he would veto M4A and who is getting advice from Larry Summers and inspiration from war criminals like George W Bush.


For decades the GOP have used the manipulation of “fear and freedom and bigotry” to control their base. Raygun started this war on working people and it continues to this day. The distraction and dumbing down the of the masses of their base has only helped. This pandemic should have removed the blinders from people’s eyes, yet the very “base” that supports them are the same ones out there waiting in lines at food pantries and are so caught up in their limited thinking of “freedumb” that they don’t even understand how they’re being used by 45 and his corporate cronies!

At some point, there has to be reckoning with real consequences for the actions of these greedy people and the damage that they are doing to our country - and I when I say consequences I mean jail, dis-barment from the bench, legislation and regulations to keep this from happening again!

But first WE have to VOTE because democracy depends on it!


What is the common denominator in the picture of these (sub) humans?

Preach it! Well said above as was your whole comment.
Keep them coming Kaylie!


The difference between post war England and the 21st century United States is the intellect of the general electorate. The hard right in the U.S. was given an agenda to pursue with the Powell Memo in 1971, and the election of Saint Ronnie in 1980. The people of the U.S. today are a lot easier to mold than the English electorate in 1946.


The headline says it all. But not only are they still in office, their leader is actually going to be allowed to seek a second term.


My america’s been destroyed for years, Winship. But good of your upper middle class tush for finally noticing.

Now go out there and get ya masters some votes!


It will all change after the election.
The fake news is going to carry Joe over the finish line.

Even more disgusting than “never have so few done so much to destroy America”, are so many voters zealously supporting those few with eternal loyalty.

Dubya also called himself a “wartime president” which he redefined to mean that the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) gets more corporate welfare than they request.


Trump is merely finishing the job that began on 11/22/63.


Hi Kaylie:
I don’t think all these votes were actual ones. Having watched Biden in the debates, the term brain dead did come into my mind. Doing poorly, and not knowing what to do when Kamala naked him for his " school bussing" work. True too was that Biden threw Anita Hill under the bus, for Clarence Thomas. Wow, I could not believe the black community forget that.
So, Joe won So Carolina? Really, well after that he seemed to win lots-----so from lame, brain dead debater—he wins a lot??? But then with privately owned computers still legal-----I doubt that people suddenly flocked to Joe because So Carolina appeared to do that.
Go figure. I voted Bernie on my mail in ballot, and if the DNC screws Bernie over again----they are also screwing the People over again—and we the People are left with 2 brain dead pussy grabbers. Maybe those 2 parties both see the words, “A More Perfect Union,” and see BOTH political parties forming a UNION of greed. : (


I wanna fucking puke. I didn’t think “conservatives” could read. The only thing they can do is run around in camo costumes carrying automatic weapons. For Christ sake, “W” looks like a fucking genius next to Trump. The next book you will see on Trump will be comparing him to Jesus, which all those fucking crazy Christians will buy up like kids with candy.


" Never Have So Few Done So Much to Destroy America"

i thought the article was about the new Dem coup attempt by starting another impeachment process:


With every self-aggrandizing boast, Trump diminishes himself, shrinking to nothingness. For all who have eyes to see (which does not include his base, of course), his performance during the pandemic has been truly chinchillian, to use an adjective I’ve stolen from an author whose name I can’t recall.


From his pathetic, conventional, liberal perspective, Michael Winship cannot see that the problem is far, far bigger than one man (Trump) or a small cabal of Republican elites. The great mass of people in the United States (and around the world) have been making terrible choices and consenting to terrible things for a very long time. People freely gave Nixon a landslide over George McGovern. Reagan won in a landslide by promising to cut taxes, Hitler’s public passively or actively consented to Nazi rule. It’s easy and simplistic to train your fire at some insane buffoon in power; the bigger problem is human fear, which has generated consent for our misrule over the entire course of human history. See Patrick Colm Hogan’s wonderful book, The Culture of Conformism.


Are you suggesting that Pwesident Twump has done nothing to warrant impeachment?

I just finished recording “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in his own words” to DVD (recording off the air from PBS on a video recorder [had for years, hard to find them now]). The writer, director and producer is Michael Pack, a conservative film maker who started his production company, Manifold Productions, Inc. in 1977. Pack is connected with Steve Bannon who contributed at least $1.6-million to Manifold Prod.
It is well made, nice production values, but I didn’t want to even watch it let alone record it but figured I should get it down for the record (mine at least). Anyway, I did watch it.
As I said, well made and, I assume, conservatives love this. It was done with Thomas’ own words as narrator, so he was an active part of this production (pulling from his memoir “My Grandfather’s Son”).
It starts off with a very sympathetic introduction of his early years in grinding poverty and a harsh upbringing in which as a child he was responsible for working to pull his weight and with hard penalties threatened by his grandfather if he didn’t do the work. So much, I would think of his grandfather as abusive or near abusive but Thomas ultimately holds him up as his standard for life values and his hard working habits.
As you move through this you begin to hear the voice of the man he is today. I’m not sure everyone will catch this (starting with Thomas himself), given the sympathetic hook on the lead in, but what I heard was the still disguised anger and self pity formed into the entrenched self-rightness of his views, going from what he sees as left-sided view from the bottom of the social trench to the hard-line conservative he has been for decades now.
It is a very effective piece of propaganda, as I took it from my viewing. Good example for anyone if you want to see how this works as framing. You can get a flavor for how he deflects deeper examination of many of his hurts, instead, a sort of shrugging, dismissive wave off as “just the way it is.” It reads, to me, as typical for him.
For me it filled in details for my sense of Thomas all these years as a recalcitrant, largely silent, lunk of a judge on the court, still viewing the world with personal hurt and resentment. This is not something you will catch if you are pulled into the film’s gloss.
I’ll repeat again, well made, very subtle the way it brings along its subject. It is a glossy-mag film but very instructive and actually very blunt despite the silky production.
Two hours long but worth watching if you want to see how personal grievances work to produce a hard, heels-digging-in-harder-and-harder-each-time, conservative view.


That’s exactly what i am saying. And i’m not even a fan of his.

Jeremiah 5:21.