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Never Have We Seen Such Chaos and Corruption

Never Have We Seen Such Chaos and Corruption

Eugene Robinson

The ceaseless barrage of news — both real and fake — from the Trump administration can be numbing, so it’s important to step back every once in a while and look at the big picture: Never have we seen such utter chaos and blatant corruption.

None of what’s happening is normal, and none of it should be acceptable. Life is imitating art: What we have is less a presidency than a cheesy reality show, set in a great stately house, with made-for-television histrionics, constant back­stabbing and major characters periodic­ally getting booted out.

It’s as bad as Robinson says. As we learn more and more becomes clearer that Trump has largely filled his administration with liars, crooks, and people without any qualifications for their position. Scandals are everywhere. I am pretty sure there has never been anything like this in American history. As Paul Krugman has said the Trump administration is full of bad people. These are the type of people who are typically screened out when a new president takes over. Instead in the Trump administration they are welcomed in and honest competent people are screened out. There is no pretense of working on behalf of the American people as a whole. The entire administration is unabashedly working for Big Business and white nationalist voters.

I keep wondering about Dump’s security clearance. Robinson writes, “Porter’s job involved controlling the flow of paperwork, some of it classified and extremely sensitive, to the president.” Seems to me Dumps would be the worst possible security risk. I keep reading about everyone else’s security clearance. Nothing seems to get made of Dump’s clearance.
Other than that we’ve never had this much of a full-on run by the business mafia (what else to call them) to steal every last dime and piece of ownership for themselves, just to screw over all the rest of us. All LEGAL! Legal is, anymore, about as illegal as you could get. Just a system for control and theft and economic rape.Whole different meaning of “rule of law” than what we peasants are supposed to believe as an ideal.

They are greedily grabbing every dime because that all they can come up with to do. The president and all his Santa’s little helpers really want to believe that they are in charge of events and have the wherewithal to lead us into a good outcome. They don’t. The ever worsening mishmash of problems that we Earth people are being confronted with, are being emersed by, don’t lend themselves to solutions.

The president sincerely believes in himself and is certain that if he just keeps on keepin’ on, Tweeting his Twitters madly, things will start going his way. He seems to think that they are already doing so. The continuing spate of rats deserting his sinking ship do not cause him to doubt himself – he don’t do doubt – and his worshipful believers won’t lose faith because then they would have to be confronted with he utter emptiness of their hopes for a viable human future.

The opposition, loyal or otherwise, doesn’t have much to offer in the way of effective viable countermeasures other than believing that if he were removed from The Oval things would improve. Things have gone too far for that to happen.

He is a juggler who has dropped all his balls and seems to believe that if he just keeps his hands moving that they will all come back into his illusion of control.

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