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Never in Our Lifetimes Has There Been a Call for Compassion Like This

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/26/never-our-lifetimes-has-there-been-call-compassion

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There is always a cry for compassion. There have been these cries for compassion for all of my lifetime. What is different this time around is that this Pandemic is affecting people in the G20 as well so somehow it becomes more important.

17 years ago millions took to the streets to try and prevent a war against the peoples of Iraq . That war resulted in many more deaths then has happened due to COVID , yet that call to prevent that war was ignored and many of those same G20 countries participated in that war.

The G20 did not suffer the consequences of that lack of compassion when they waged that war on Iraq because they were not the ones having bombs dropped on them. COVID is something very different and now those G20 countries get a feeling of how important having compassion for our fellow human beings is.


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:

Everything you say is true. Earth is a planet with both humor and irony.
America gave Iraq," Shock and Awe." And now Corvid 19 is merely sending back to Earthlings what some designed to show off with their military hubris. The joke’s on America and the world ----but sadly devastation will fall on all------and not just those war mongers responsible for it. : (

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I live less than a mile from my bank.
the gun store in the same parking lot is providing two boxes of free ammo with purchase of an AR 15

Compassion is in full supply.

As above, so below. Governments and individuals always have plenty of money to spend on armaments.

Scarcity is a mirage. There’s plenty to go around when resources are shared. I’ve read that 3% of our annual military budget would feed the world for a year. I don’t know whether that includes the hidden and missing trillions. Why do people compete for resources when they can share, and everyone can have enough? I guess for some people, enough isn’t enough.

The UN is impotent, and fairly well always has been. From contrived tales about gassing in Douma to its failure with US efforts against Venezuela, the UN is a very expensive failure.

Governments will not “save us” from Covid. Some will die, some will get sick and survive, but the government will do precious little to make things better.

With many states illegally enforcing lock downs, from the economic perspective they are only making matters worse.