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Never Mind the RNC — This Is What Voters Care About This Election


Never Mind the RNC — This Is What Voters Care About This Election

Cassady Sharp

This election cycle has been a wild ride so far, and we still have several months before we actually cast a vote for our next president. Candidates come and go, but it’s the issues that remain. As the largest generation making up the U.S.


Empty promises from both the Repubs and the Dems. I'm already tired of this, and it's months until November. #NeverHillary #StillSanders #JillNotHill


Sorry, had to take back a Like because I looked at the study (such as the report is). It says quite clearly that the top-ranked issues were "Jobs and the economy" and "National security and terrorism." You should also have made it clearer sooner that it was an online survey (no methodology given) of millennials in only 4 states, and it was published in May.

Yes, we should listen to millennials, but it's hard to know what they think, and shoddy presentation of unclear results doesn't help.


Yes, the poll does not at all support Ms Sharp's pollyannish claims. In particular, the environment and global warming did not rank very high as a concern.

And the one poll (the "things harmful to democracy") poll that did seen to indicate a progressive sentiment was only from self-identified Democrats of millennial age. Well, what about the self-identified republicans and older people?

I do know that in my area, the big concerns are "jobs", "Obama's war on coal", "Mexicans are coming" and Muslim Terrorists are coming", and, (in E-central WV) "Elitist hikers and birdwatchers and the socialistic US Forest Service trying to stop me from riding wherever I want on my quad".


It's too damned bad that "End US war" is not sharing top billing with climate and the economy.

EDIT: Thanks @bkswrites for pointing out that the poll DOES NOT put "Climate change and the environment" in the top two with "money in politics," despite the writer of the article asserting that these "two key issues reign supreme."


Thanks, your post prompted me to also view the summary PDF linked from the article. Hard to understand how the writer drew her conclusions from the data presented, except that she wanted to conclude what she did.

Also, pollster framing of the questions skews the "results" of the poll. If The Feldman Group had asked "millennials" to rank the "US war on terror" - instead of asking to rank "National security and terrorism" - well it's still a stupid question and a stupid poll which will inevitably produce stupid results.

i always refuse to answer such simplistic polls, since all these issues are interrelated in complex ways, and there is no way to "rank" them without detailed explanations.


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Decades of research have shown that most voting choices are centered on, "It's the economy, stupid." The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, and even liberals have simply ignored the consequences. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the proverbial "masses" -- poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good. The Clinton wing split this base wide apart. The poor, and those who get why it mattered, had voted for Obama in hopes that he could launch a legitimate discussion about our poverty crisis. He raised the issue several times, but it fell flat.

Democrats could not have found a more anti-poor candidate than Hillary Clinton. Older people remember that when Bill Clinton ended actual welfare, he also began similarly "reforming" Social Security, targeting the disabled. There are no doubts that HC hopes to pick up where her husband left off. The Clinton wing in Congress kicked off 2015 with voting to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled (cut monthly allotments from $115 to $10).

  1. Universal Basic Income


It's so disgusting, I honestly think it's possible, even likely, that Hillary and Trump are working together to get the former elected by creating a "good guy, bad guy" fantasy that will get enough people to the polls to justify yet another 8 years of plutocracy. Vote for Stein or don't vote at all. I've had enough.


The point, especially for the millennials of Bernie's revolution, is that we're over partisan politics. We're ready for a government. Watch what happens next week and beyond.


Bernie should have taken up Jill's offer to be at the head of the Green Party for the upcoming election. Now, regardless of who wins in the fall, there will be no leadership on the climate front. And if "runaway" has already begun--which Arctic climate scientist John B. Davies claimed in 2013--it's likely too late anyway to prevent our eventual extinction (by 2040, per Davies).


I tend to agree with your assessment CD readers,,at least based on comments, but has CD ever done a survey of its readers? It identifies itself as a progressive site. What is the definition now of progressive for example. Is it limited to the Green Party? How is it defined programmatically.


This is the first article that I have read that doesn't have the Republican Party rank and file coming off as wacko freaks interested only in destroying Family Planning and same sex marriage as abominations that are offensive to God. Of course these articles mostly deal with the histrionics being displayed in red State houses across the country. I really don't know any people from these states and can only judge from the people they send to Washington and are reported on doing their thing in their local legislatures. You don't want to come off as bigots then don't vote for the jerks. My chosen party is mostly a bunch of fiscal imbeciles with a pretty good record on the social issues they use to placate the rank and file.


From what I have observed none of them are even close to DT in billing, even on "progressive" sites..


I'm an inventor. Here's what I want our government to promise us:

Development of a solar thermal gadget in the back yard that heats your house in winter, that heats your hot water too, that is safe and affordable, and that a local crew can build. Greatest advance since sliced bread.

While we're at it, how about a second gadget for solar air conditioning?

Development of a transit system that costs about 90% less than our car/freeway system. It needs to be automated and needs to run on cables above the street. Rollout might take hundreds of millions of dollars, but we should at least try. Personally, I hate driving.

We have sunny day solar power. Now we need stored solar thermal power for nighttime electricity generation. Our freezer doesn't turn itself off at night.

Some houses are surrounded by large trees, but an affordable solar tracking mirror, a heliostat, can bring both light and power down to any solar target or indoor garden. As a bonus, perhaps directed 4x sunlight can melt snow off of the walkway as needed.

The Arctic methane bomb would be terrible. We need a device, probably a thermal loop, to drain the heat out of the Arctic Ocean and into the Arctic winter, so that the Arctic Ocean's ice pack grows back to its normal thickness. Also, we need more snow cover on the tundra late in spring and early in fall, as things used to be. Wind-powered snow making machines could do this job.

We need affordable biodiesel for a few remaining jobs. Algae biodiesel should do the job.

We still have to sequester hundreds of gigatons of carbon dioxide. This job may be related to algae biodiesel production, and it may also be related to carbon-efficient agricultural methods.

Finally, we are responsible for saving millions of species from a climate catastrophe, just as our great-grandparents preserved the bison and our parents saved species of whales from extinction.

Now, about those corrupt elections: we need to either identify currently used corruption-resistant forms of election or else develop new corruption-resistant forms of election. This is invention too.

I'm not running for President, but I would like to sit on somebody's engineering committee.

In the meantime, I have to go back to Google Sketchup tonight and draw a prototype of that first solar gadget above. See ya around.


Here's an example, about my own misrepresentative. The one piece of legislation he wrote and got passed in the current term was to rename a post office.


Michael Moore fears that the little people feel so much angst which Trump taps into, that he might win. Watching Trump last night, I find myself agreeing with him on NAFTA (start over) and special interests backing of Hillary. Everything else is not just trash but dangerous. Michael, pleeze tell us what we can do!


I'm an old Navy man. This article is an example of pissing into the wind. Greenpeace is better at soliciting contributions than "saving the Planet".

Carlin's take on their efforts:

"I'm getting tired of that shit. Tired of that shit. I'm tired of fucking Earth Day, I'm tired of these self-righteous environmentalists, these white, bourgeois liberals who think the only thing wrong with this country is there aren't enough bicycle paths. People trying to make the world save for their Volvos. Besides, environmentalists don't give a shit about the planet. They don't care about the planet. Not in the abstract they don't. Not in the abstract they don't. You know what they're interested in? A clean place to live. Their own habitat. They're worried that some day in the future, they might be personally inconvenienced. Narrow, unenlightened self-interest doesn't impress me."


Ol' BW out there stirring the pot. Where did you're old avatar go, your old nom de plume, "lrx"?