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'Never Seen Anything Like It' as 2015 Set to Be Hottest Year on Record


'Never Seen Anything Like It' as 2015 Set to Be Hottest Year on Record

Jon Queally, staff writer

"It’s just incredible to me. I’ve never seen anything like this before."


Anybody else figure that the best chance we will have to keep it below 2C will be to elect the front runner candidate who hasn't accepted the oligarchy money and doesn't owe them any favors, who wants to revamp our infrastructure and get us off fossil fuels, to create a carbon tax that will encourage a reduction in current emissions and dissuade new ones?

Or aren't we scared enough yet to start thinking with common sense?


Don't worry, fellow Easter Islanders!!111

I've got just the snake oil you need. Only 140K for every bottle.

/k, well that's out of the way.

I wonder how Whut's up with that is going to be talking about this hottest year? By selling oil stocks, I presume.


Recall that the perpetrators of the 2008 financial meltdown kept repeating "nobody could have seen this coming". Will it be long before we hear them saying the same thing about climate change ?


Warning: Graphic Bullshit Enclosed
(I am no denier, so don't even go there, please.)

The graphic should have the beginning of each year marrying up to the end of the preceding one. There is no such concurrence. Something is wrong with this graphic. This is a bad presentation of science and science is calling bullshit on this graphic.


When it comes to global warming it is always a good idea to look at trends and not focus on a single year but 2015 seems so far off the charts that it deserves extra attention. Clearly the strong El Nino that has occurred accounts for much of the additional warming. But even with the El Nino this year has been remarkably warmer than last year which set a new record for warming. A good bet is probably 2015 marks the reverse of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. This Pacific Decadal Oscillation has been used as an explanation of why the rate of warming from the late 1990s to recently was less than during the 1980s and 1990s. If the Pacific Decadal Oscillation has indeed reversed it is likely that rate of warming over the next two decades will be greatest yet seen. There are predictions that we will hit 2C by around 2035 if drastic mitigation measures are not taken and this would mean that warming would have to increase by about 0.5C per 10 years starting now which is more than twice the rate for the 1980s and 1990s. It is not unreasonable to believe that global warming has really taken off and climate change will be occurring at a much more rapid pace over the next two decades.


I believe the data is tabulated monthly not daily. Therefor end of dec 2014 and end of January 15 would not connect.
The year line is just for visual of month or month data averages.


You missed quite a few as you implied by "you get the drift". But thank you for connecting THAT dot.


I am sure that they are monthly, too. But please note that the year end to next year beginning changes tend to jump more than other month to month drifts. Given that there is both a northern and a southern hemisphere, seasonality gets ruled out from the get go. I would have never let a student of mine present this graphic.


Each line connects 12 points plotted at the anomaly of the average monthly temperature versus month. Connecting the points at all is only for ease of visualization purposes and there is no reason to "marry" the lines connecting the points.

About the only bit of potential deception on the graphic is usual trick of not starting the ordinate at zero and also not plotting all the years since, say 1998. If that were done, the anomaly of 2015 would be even more dramatic.


That was my thought, Wiseowl.


If you look to the right you will see that they aren't sequential years and in the instances where they are sequential the terminus lines do match up within a tenth of a degree that is within a plus or minus variability in reporting.


Ice ages are always preceded by record high tempretures. The cold melt eventually lowers ocean tempretures leading to lower temps over land masses.


Umm.... in the IPCC report, it states that we are on the path to 4C ..... and the only way to NOT go there is to use Geo engineering... and most climate scientist say no to that and I agree.... (except for very natural forms of that... ).... So, well, I think it's obvious... we are not going to stay anywhere close to 2C.... It's too late... and here, we haven't even started yet... because, we have to reduce emissions by 5-6 % every year from now on... up to 2030 I think... and then to 0 emissions... and well, we are still RAISING EMISSIONS... I'd like someone to come up with THE YEAR we will start to reduce emissions.... I really do not think that will happen....Why?.... because... the Earth has already started to release her own emissions on a large scale....AND we have now killed off some of the biggest carbon sinks.... like THE AMAZON.... it is no longer a carbon sink... it EMITS more carbon than it takes in now.... and now the Artic permafrost and Siberian and the methane hydrates.... are all melting and releasing methane..... and WE are releasing more methane than ever.... because we FRACK..... now... how to hell are we going to reduce emissions?...
With a spike in emissions from a RAMPED UP production of renewables.... we will have a bigger problem... because we are TOO STUPID ... to stop doing STUPID STUFF....like flying for stupid reasons, like going to professional sports shit..... and letting rich people fly all over the place for the hell of it...
We won't stop producing stupid stuff either, because people want to buy plastic pet toys for Kitty....
I am sorry... but, unless industrial civilization falls apart in the near future.... I do not see any thing positive happening... oh, wait ... then we still have to worry about the damn nuclear power plants....
So, you see folks... as long as we KEEP UP WITH OUR REGULAR NORMAL LIFE.... we are killing ourselves....
maybe we should realize that hunter gatherers had it right.....


OH, the Empire is over, but that doesn't mean things will be pretty... or nice or fair... there will be those who will not let go and will do everything in their power to hang on .... and there will be vultures in the wait... to prey on the weak... oh no... it will not be pretty...


For about a half century or so, I have been a committed doom and gloom pain in the aft! I am now confronted by people like yourself who are evidently worse than myself. I have had little or no sympathy about scaring the bejeebus out of other people but I find it disconcerting to have someone scaring it out of me!!

Sigh! Too bad we are both right.

However, there are some encouraging signs. Scientists are working hard to find a cost effective efficient way to remove atmospheric carbon. That would remove greenhouse gases that have already been released. Countries all over the world are switching to alternatives in a big way and are doing it very quickly. There are technological substitutes for many of the things that need to be phased out and people are all becoming aware that we are all in this together.

Even though things may get bad for a time, it looks like we will just need to weather the bad weather and then some bad things for a few years and then things might improve to great degree. A carbon scrubber that reduced/stabilized carbon and kept it from accumulating in the atmosphere would do the trick. Scientists at MIT have developed an artificial crystal substance that is much more efficient than anything we have already and it is only in the initial development stages. If we can keep it at 2C long enough to develop these new materials then maybe we could actually reduce carbon and bring it down to 1C of heating.

It is too early to give up the ghost as yet... just give up that gas guzzler SUV instead. The world is waking up to the danger and humanity's worst hours may become our best hours later. It's a toss up as yet but the fight ain't over.


I'm voting for Bernie. He is the only candidate with a lick of sense. Sorry Hillary supporters but it's true.


Media lies and propaganda - Never seen anything like it


and in screws up air and water circulations, which can cause freezing, at least in parts of the world. not sure about the whole world. perhaps eventually?


Except that occurs over thousands of years in either direction. We are engaged in a rapid climate change that has never been experienced before. The North Pole's ice cap has melted before (taking a thousand years to do it) but we are doing it over a span of about 30 years.

At present global warming has been detected in the deep water ocean basins. This is not a good sign and will take a very long time to readjust. We are turning up the heat on stove in effect. Too much heat and too fast. It will only get worse (happen even faster) as the heat robs the oceans of their cooling effect. This 'sudden' hurricane about to hit Mexico was only a regular storm yesterday and now it is the largest hurricane ever recorded. We are taking the planet into uncharted territory as far as climate predictions are concerned.