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'Never Seen Anything Like It': Economists Say 6.6 Million New Jobless Claims Portend Unparalleled Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/02/never-seen-anything-it-economists-say-66-million-new-jobless-claims-portend

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I’ve never seen anything like the bulletin which just went out to NY EMT drivers: If you can’t find a pulse, too bad. Leave 'em there because there are no beds for heart-failure. Give up.


In early January I heard on NPR that hospitals in the COVID-19 affected areas of China were accepting only COVID cases…all others were sent to the group W bench to wait…time ran out for many.

A few of my associates started substituting elbow bumps for handshakes at that point while most Murkins pretended that nothing was happening.


Can our tsunami of outrage wash the monsters who “run the world” out to sea, and force a fundamental reorientation of “the economy” to serve humanity and the Earth, instead of the tiny looting class?


Unless Murkins stop embracing the kleptocracy they enabled during the past four decades, we will simply move closer to the neofeudal paradise the 1% have been working toward.

It will be a neofeudal hell for the 99%.


Fixed this…

That’s now 10 million EXTRA people who have no income and no [health] insurance at the beginning of a pandemic


Although 10 million have filed, many have tried and failed.

As we write these posts I am listening to people on the radio who tried to file unemployment insurance claims but have not yet been able to get into the overloaded systems and file a claim.


Up here in Canada people are feeling the hurt as well with many fearing they will not be able to pay their bills. Those carrying a debt load due to credit cards or mortgages are in the poorest shape.

This speaks to the need to transform our economies from ones focused spending and consumption. A UBI is required along with massive wealth re-distribution. Economies have to abandon the consumption model and move to one of sustainability.


Hey, what’s to worry? Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says that these numbers are “irrelevant.” So. That takes care of that. Now Wall Street Stevie can start dishing out billions to his buddies from the half trillion dollar slush fund he is in charge of. And surely, surely this time some of the crumbs will trickle down to the peasants. (“I promise Charlie Brown, I will not pull the football away this time. I promise!”) Now, that’s relevant.


olly olly oxen free! where are all the capitalist and corporatist now? where is all of their magical buffoonery and treachery to save all our supposed free society now? ALL of the republican and democrats who blindly and faithfully treat this fraudulent economic system like it was created by god itself. americans, open your eyes. your system is your ruin. if this is not the wake up call that every person will heed, everyone may as well walk into the abyss and no longer delay the blatantly evident eventual outcome. the overbearing shame of humans is their inability to rise to the occasion to save themselves as a species from their own demise perpetrated upon them by their fellow humans.


Yes. It is time to change our society radically. Take and hire all those unemployed workers from all over the country and all the failing businesses and institute a national work program in the green energy and infrastructure areas and farming and pay them immediately, instead of band-aiding together a failed capitalist system that is killing us and the Earth.


Exactly. What an amazing opportunity we have to shift gears. Far too many taking about a “return to normal.” THERE WILL BE NO RETURN TO NORMAL. We need to abolish the greed-based economy and build an economy that prioritizes the Earth and the people, not the tiny looting class.


To put it simply: PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS!


Fish Lips Munchkin is only good at destroying, as we all shall soon see,


On the news that millions of hapless and helpless Americans are being conditioned for an era in which they’ll gladly work for even lower wages, the stock market moves upward.

Meanwhile, Trump puts the Navy on notice that they need to get out of their sick beds and blockade Venezuela to keep the drugs out. Shit, my pusher man stopped dealing on credit long ago.


" What we have here, is a failure to communicate. " The warden is suffering from a cold sweat, standing in the heat of a Georgia summer day.
The Bull Connors of the world are overtasked.
Please don’t dominate the rap, Jack
If you got nothing new to say…
Spent a little time on the mountain, spent a little on the hill…I don’t know but I been told, in the heat of tbe sun a man died of cold…One way or another, one way or another…"
We’re all going to learn the steps to the New Speedway Boogie. Like the man says, " If you’re already skating on thin ice, you might as well dance. " It beats the hell out of standing still and ending up way over your head.
You don’t get what you don’t ask for. Asking for help, demanding it at this time, is not weakness, it’s heroic.


But somehow it wasn’t a “crisis” when 25 million Americans were unemployed –

LONG TERM – and without unemployment benefits because the right wing knocked

out Unemployment Insurance guaranteed under the Social Security Act???

The limit now of 2 years is ridiculous – If there were any limit, it should be more like
10-15 years given the huge unemployment over the last decades – and in fact going
back even to the 1960’s where those over 54 were being let go.
Downsizing has ruled the day – but no problem when only citizens suffered.


And i can imagine an article such as this will not be on faux news:



Should we emerge from this, things are going to have to be very different. As stated in the editorial of the new Blue Collar Review:

“Given the reality of this moment, we are either witnessing the economic and social collapse of civilization and the rise of brutal fascism inherent in disaster capitalism or the beginning of a new era of progressive fightback as so many find ourselves with no other realistic choice.”

Beyond Medicare for All, our entire medical and pharmaceutical industries need to be nationalized. Period. We need a guaranteed minimum income and, a Green new Deal must include basic food production and distribution with guaranteed minimum nutrition as a right.


What would Robespierre do?