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"Never Seen Anything Like This": The Gaping Holes in Trump's Foreign Policy Team


"Never Seen Anything Like This": The Gaping Holes in Trump's Foreign Policy Team

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Many aspects of President-elect Donald Trump's transition have been described as disorganized (at best), but his administration's approach to foreign policy appears particularly rudderless, raising concerns among domestic experts and international allies


That is because there are gaping holes in T-dump and ALL his anointees' heads and chests where brains and hearts should be respectively.


So basically you, and Max Boot, are complaining that Trump won't be continuing the neo con policies that Clinton, Bush and Obama have followed for the past twenty four years. That's great. Nothing could be worse for anyone, Humanity, the American People included, than for a rest from the criminal follies of the past seventy years.


Not so much the lack of neo-con dogma but much more seems focussed on the risk for a Keystone Cops type of reaction should a foreign policy crisis or worse arise in the early weeks and months.


This carny con-man's house of cards will collapse at the first light breeze of conflict - bluster, bullying, and penchant for endless pathological lies will not work in the real world of governance......................


Instead of hitting the ground running, the Trump team emerged from the election ill-prepared for the daunting task of assembling a new administration

Because for all his bluster, he did not think he would win.
Thank you Hillary/snark


We can only hope!


Why blame HRC when the campaign was completely undermined/corrupted by Russian hacking and our very own FBI director, Comey and handed over to this mad man? Blame the ignorant voters who set aside their morality, integrity, and personal dignity; were too lazy to vet the orange-faced demon with a comb-over; too dazed from watching TV (Duck Dynasty, etc.) and easily swayed by BS and bombast... then cast a vote for the devil incarnate who would not even be welcome in Hell. Blame the fake news sites everywhere and on Facebook...the likes of Breitbart News gobbled up by idiots sitting home besotted with their guns while festering in their own stupidity. Blame the self-serving cads whose concept of the Universe is that they are the center and all others simply spin in it.


"ill prepared"? Then they had better not start a crisis!


Truly, declaring that the election was hacked by the Russian government, at this juncture is disseminating fake news. Please leave that to the US media. They are great at it.


Living in a world of delusion full of post-truths and populated with devils-incarnate like T-dump and Putin must be very dark indeed.

Oh, it was NOT the U S Media that disseminated the proven information of hacking by Russia. The information was provided by the U S agencies and other nations' security agencies after ongoing, intensive investigation of the reprehensible activities. Wikileaks being the purveyor of the false and specious news, for which I am sure it/they/Assange were handsomely rewarded. Rats run in packs.


Yes... blame everybody else.


I worked very hard for Sanders' campaign and when he was not chosen as our candidate, I voted for HRC...a far better choice than the flaming orange Satan regardless of all the propagandist smearing campaign against her. I place blame where I know it must be placed and know all too well of what I speak living in a rural area rife with gun-lovers, climate deniers, immigrant-hating, xenophobic, racist and raging far right Repugnicants who will be very surprised when they lose their access to affordable health care or their social security/Medicare/Medicaid benefits. But, they got their chosen messianic monster to thank for their imminent deprivation.


O for Heaven's sake. Everyone knows it was New Zealand wot did it.


Aside from the fact that Clinton and the DNC took the nomination away from Sanders, she:

  • Destroyed the most prosperous African nation and later laughed at the death of its sovereign leader via sodomy with a knife.
  • Supported the 2009 Honduran coup, turning the country into a hell hole where environmentalists are being assassinated.
  • Supported a no-fly zone in Syria, a brazen war crime on a sovereign country in which the United States is already in violation of international law. This action would most certainly have brought the US in direct confrontation with Russia and the very real possibility of nuclear war.

And this is just a short list off the top of my head and only involving her foreign policy. I am baffled by the fact that people refuse to see the many reasons not to vote her.


From a long life, the only international crises that I have been aware of since the end of the Korean war have been those caused primarily by the ineptitude of the USA to get on with the rest of the world. Okay, the USSR bullied a couple eastern European countries, but otherwise????????????

Ah yes; Granada! I had forgotten Reagan's masterful solution to that crisis.


It worked fine for Hitler and Mussolini


Bullied? You mean like Hungary 1956, Czechoslovakia 1968, among other incidents? We won't bring Ukraine into it.

It's Grenada, not Granada (which will live again the glories of yesterday).


"Why blame HRC...?"

  1. Representing the 'status quo' was idiocy given all the evidence that We the People have had it with the status quo.

  2. She was dismissive, if not contemptuous of Bernie supporters.

  3. She chose a running mate that progressives hate.

  4. Her air of 'entitlement' was ugly and reprehensible.

  5. Thinking people don't vote based upon gender identity.

  6. She's a despicable war-monger.

I blame no-one for voting for Trump. HRC was itching for war and/or cold war with Russia. What 'leadership' she has exhibited has been to the detriment of anyone not white and American. She is a MONSTER, and deserves a huge amount of the blame for both the status quo and the incoming Trump presidency.


Commenters here have repeated the total BS spread by Assange that Clinton proposed to drone kill him in 2010. That stuff gets believed.