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'Never Seen This Many People Voting So Far Ahead': Despite GOP Suppression Ploys, Early Voting Setting Records

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/never-seen-many-people-voting-so-far-ahead-despite-gop-suppression-ploys-early


Vote early, vote angry!


I voted in-person early here in MN.
About 2/3 of the people in line were dropping off mail in ballots.


Expecting 65% turn out.
Terrific democracy within each state to select delegates to the
electoral college mid December.

However, if that .4 does not hold up or gets challenged in courts, there
may be a delay in knowing who wins.

The midwest:
Minnesota, Wixconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are the questions.

Expect Texas and Florida to go Trump. For some reason, most spanish
speaking families prefer Trump.

We should remember Don Rumsfeld when voting. You only get the candidates you have, not the ones you want.


And also Alaska!

Last Friday my wife and I received our mail-in ballots in the mail. Yesterday we dropped those ballots into the stainless steel ballot box at the county commissioner’s office.

Then, we were given a “I Voted” sticker.

What a country.

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My sense is that Biden is going to obliterate Trump. But even if Trump concedes, there will still be some 40 million Trump supporters amped up for right wing authoritarianism. Biden’s neoliberalism is likely to make increase the determination of this group. Those of us who push for progressive change should think about how to get more of these 40 million to see how the right does not act in their best interests and how their lives would be better With progressive change.

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