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"Never Trump' Republican Operative Known for Anti-Semitic Attacks on George Soros Now Working to Defeat Sanders in Democratic Primary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/13/never-trump-republican-operative-known-anti-semitic-attacks-george-soros-now-working

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Just in case people thought there a difference between Democrat and Republican.

Wake up. Just because Republicans might be opposed to Trump , it does not mean they are allies and or are not Republicans. If these guys get their way and the Democrats continue to persist in advancing “Centrists” like Buttigieg and Bloomberg (Read Republicans) you might as well be a one party state down there.


Ties to Harvard - facebook - clinton…

This is mayor Pete’s baby.


Seems like there’s one thing never Trump Republicans and moderate (i.e. right-leaning) Democrat’s agree on: Never Trump, unless the alternative is Sanders.


Excrement will work for any price.


As I said yesterday, Bernie needs to nail the Socialism benefits and M4A cost questions now. He’s got the money to create a public information campaign on the benefits of socialism, as well as exactly how (billionaire taxes, raising ss lid, dramatic cuts in defense–each with accruing revenue sources itemized) so that pundits and competing candidates can’t get away with this stuff anymore. He has left himself open, and all will pile on as we move forward–unless he addresses these with a persuasive, educational campaign. This damn Nevada union thing is one small illustration of what is to come, and he’s had more than four years to think about doing this.


“GOP voters want to switch sides so they can poison the Democratic Party too?”

Does that include the Republican…I mean…Independent…I mean Damnocrap, Bloom Turd?


Miller used to be a shill for Rick Berman’s union busting corporate toilet bowl the Center for Union Facts. So, objectively speaking, the Stop Bernie freaks like the Culinary Workers leadership and Neera Tanden are now in the same bed grinding away.


I doubt he’s ever had a real job except trying to screw things up for everyone else.

The Plantation Owners are getting nervous that the People working for Slave Wages have found a Rebel Leader to Fight against these Greedy Corporate Monsters who want to keep the Working Class in barely survival Mode.

Bernie Sanders is a Threat to Corporate Greed in every Industry and this Rebel must be Crushed no matter what.

We Fought a Civil War to combat Americans that wanted to keep Free Cheap Labor at any Cost, even if it meant Enslaving our Fellow Human Beings.

Now we have Far Right Wing Republicans with the same mentality as Slave Holders that do not care if their Fellow Americans are working several jobs to stay above the Poverty Line.

Any Rebel that tries to improve the Economic Conditions for ALL Americans will be politically assassinated with Lies and Fear Mongering.

It is not enough that these Ruthless Greedy Corporations shipped our decent paying jobs overseas in search of near Slave Wages, now they want to stifle any attempt to Improve Health Care For All or from stopping the Fossil Fuel Industry from Exploiting and Destroying Our Planet.

Progressives Finally have a Leader that refuses to take Bribes from the Fascists that have been Running our Country for Decades, we must not allow them to deceive the Voting Public with obnoxious Lies about the undaunted fearless Head of this Progressive Revolution.



From my perspective, that is exactly why Bloomberg was allowed ILLEGALLY! To enter the democratic race for POTUS…TO CRUSH BERNIE!


“The voters we’re talking to, they’re not happy with the state of the Republican Party,” said Miller. “They’re not happy with the president. So we’re educating them to get involved in the Democratic process so they can back a candidate they can be happy about and that they can support.”

The only candidate running on the Dem ticket that Republicans wouldn’t be happy with is Sanders, in other words. :joy:


Well to be more accurate Sanders is also the only person running on the Dem ticket that the DNC is unhappy with.

Corporate minds think alike.


Well, Soros has admitted funding “color revolutions”. He has crashed economies for speculative gains. Look up the 60 minutes whitewash on him.

Look up Mint Press News and Soros.

Why do people defend billionaires whether Jew or Gentile?


I reread the article, searching in vain for any defense of Soros, or indeed any billionaire.

Why do people who just joined CD 3 days ago always seem to want to muddy the water?


“Attacking” Soros is not “anti-semitic” (and I’m not a Trump fan)


Attacking Bernie only works if the movement he’s a part of turns into a cult of personality.

Only in Cold War Washington weaponized and institutionalized Mighty Wurlitzer propaganda was Communism the same as Socialism. When in fact governments ruled by any doctrine do turn into Cults of Personality.

Look closely at the Nordic state policies of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark where you won’t find Socialist systems or Capitalist systems. You find policies crafted to make their economies work for the Public Interest. As opposed to the Neo-Liberal E-CON revolution that privileged Private Interests in policy making under the hypnotic invitation to mass corruption meme that Hollywood and corporate-captured U.S. News broadcasting fetishized into GREED IS GOOD.

Credit federal contract propagandist and E-CONomist at U. of Chicago Milton Friedman with the lyrics to that popular tune. It has become the Zombie E-CON-o-mic anthem of all time. Shoot for the head, cuz failed policies and the return of feudal concentrations of wealth and spreading impoverishment can’t kill it.

Corruption in those states hasn’t yet reached critical mass proportions. That can happen and did happen in another Nordic state, Iceland, whose banking regulatory system was captured by global capital and was the small collapse that triggered the U.S., UK and Anglo-Saxon Banking System collapse of 2007.

We have yet to recover. We have been misled and heavy-leaded to tax-payer bail out #2 after the Savings & Loan collapse under Voo Doo Economics critic of his Presidential ticket partner Ronald Reagan, namely under George HW Bush, bailed out by Lewis William Seidman tax-payer funded Resolution Trust Corp between 1989 and 1996.

Obama Biden and the Federal Reserve eclipsed all previous tax-payer bail-outs with their Quantitative Easing #1 and #2 of their second Presidential term. If you can find any hard numbers or rational explanation for those transfers of Private Debt into Public Pools of Written Off debt do get back to U.S.

Don’t believe non-accredited hacks like me. Check out Stanford U. professor via U. of Tube by searching these key words in the title of her talk: Anat Admati: “What’s Wrong with Banking and What to Do About It” | Talks at Google


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The same goes for addressing the unions, and other workers about the employer assisted healthcare.
It sounds strange to say,
“You will be able to keep the doctor and hospital or clinic you have now or you may get your care anywhere else you choose.”
Righty will say, “and how did that work for you with Obamacare?”
We have to convince people of the virtues, few will search for the truth on their own.

I never suggested it was.

It’s interesting that you felt it necessary to add that.

People make insinuations like you.

We need to get over this fear of being called antisemitic for criticizing Zionist crimes and criminals. It just allows the bigots to control that narrative.